Friday 13th.

Friday the 13th What to say? Whether you believe it or not, stay aware of troubles on this day!

Barely having recovered from the pumpkin invasion, an unpleasant surprise shook the Royal Guard. Recently imprisoned troublemaker turned out to be a follower of an ancient cult of Sargon. During the search, a message was discovered. It says about a conspiracy between the cult and the filthiest creatures of two worlds: living and dead. In the message, it was also mentioned that an attack on a fair city of Skara Brae was being prepared on Friday. For that reason, the Lord of Britain encourages all heroic warriors, mages, and even always drunk bards to defend the city from the foe!

The mages of the kingdom will protect the city with an invisible dome that won’t let looters and greedy assassins steal your goods during the battle. Its powers should last for about 2 hours. The battle begins at 7 p.m CET. To get there, use a blue Moongate in the Market.