It’s time for some news!

It’s time for some news!

The following updates will be applied after the reboot. Some of them you’ll notice right away, some things will change after some time. So, here they are:

  1. Warriors will no longer have a protection penalty (-0.2 per level)
  2. Adamant Dragons, Adamant Drakes and Mage Hunters Mutants will no longer re-spawn in the world.
  3. Higher mobs like Wyrms, Barlons, and Dragons have partially lost their necro protection. So, now it will be so much easier for mages to inflict damage by casting spells on them, especially with Kill cast.
  4. Wyvernstrike cast will inflict damage with Earth magic instead of Necro magic. Therefore, mages will have access to all the spells of Elementals (earth, air, water. fire) in the Earth Book and Codex Damnorum. Mages can use them with the Secret Book.
  5. When fixing an item there was a 2% chance to break it completely and a 2% chance to improve it. Now the chance of a successful enhancement is equal to 5% (to enhance means to increase the item’s quality by 0.05). For non-craft items, it’s +5%.
  6. This one wasn’t simple, but we’ve decided to return the properties of damage reflection the way it has been before.
    Now the effect of it can’t be topped with damage absorption. If a character is wearing 20 damage reflection, the opponent receives 20 damage points back during each hit.
  7. The damage from the heavy crossbow is slightly lowered.

Good luck in future combats!

Perk “Christmas Pack” is removed from the shop Jan, 25

Winter holidays are over, so that means that the perks “Christmas Pack” will be removed from the Perk shop on Jan, 25.
Hurry up those, who haven’t taken advantage of it yet! By the way, if you currently have an active Christmas Pack of perks, then you may activate many more, the time of activated perks in the Christmas pack will be summed up.

Christmas Pack consists of 35 days of Premium perk, 35 days of Looter perk, 14 days of Power Hour perk, 30 days of Ghost Rider perk + 3000 Zulu coins.

The winners of the skill giveaway (13.01.21)

What’s a skill giveaway?
Every day we give away 2 skills 115 in the game and 1 skill 115 in Discord (you get to choose any skill you want). If for some reason there were no skill giveaways, 6 skills will be presented to players the next day. Long story short, no matter what 21 skills are given away per week. There are no requirements for participation except for being online and reply to GM’s message to see that you are really online at the moment of drawing. The system randomly picks a character and if the player is not by the computer another character is picked until all the scheduled skills are given away to the players. To win in Discord it’s enough to be on the ”Online” list. In Discord, we choose a winner randomly among all the users online at the moment of drawing and notify the player that he/she can receive the prize at a suitable for him/her time.
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The winners of the skill giveaway:
maxine (Niniath) – Meditation 115
Vash (Baxter Stockman) – Poisoning115
CescMess – skill isn’t chosen yet.
Mos – skill isn’t chosen yet.
Herland – skill isn’t chosen yet.
pacho – skill isn’t chosen yet.

Hugo Boss – Tailoring 115
System – Stealth 115
Ghellordo – Healing 115
Trance – Healing 115
Bonnie – Lockpicking 115
Buciodiculo – Anatomy 115
Jade – Mining 115
Spike – Resist 115
Noodles – Veterinary 115
Sade – Healing 115
Sergo – Healing 115
Rihanna – Veterinary 115

Could have won but weren’t by the computer at the moment of drawing:
Gandalf, Usama, Baxter Stockman, Choookz, AngelaDevis, Dona Zuleide, Barmaley, Mystic Archangel, Mars, BywerTos, Seppiah, Uma.

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