New server’s launch!

You might be tired of us, but we don’t feel the same about you.
So, we’ve decided to make a final present to Zulu fans.
We all realize that Ultima doesn’t become popular and every year can be the last one.

In September we’ll launch a second non-commercial shard. No donations and purchases. Just you and your skill.
The shard will start from scratch so that nothing will distract you from the wind of change that’s coming.
The leveling speed will be X2 from the current.

Only consulting positions among our staff to help out the players.
Quests and Tournaments will be held.
We are pretty sure that Perks will remain in the game although they will be purchased only for ZuluCoins that you can obtain while playing only. Zuluconis drop will be increased.

To make it even better, occasionally we will offer money giveaways. Try your golddigger’s luck!
The number of players participating depends only on you! Share this news with your friends. Let’s make this event unforgettable!

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Latest updates and fixes

Dear players,
Some changes and fixes have been applied to the game world as follows:

1. Spells of the bosses Margena, Miradna (fire snake) as well as the frost spell of the boss Sargon’s minions have been fixed.

2. The depiction of the weight of most items has been fixed too.

3. The champion altars have been reconsidered. More detailed info will be specified in the wiki later.

4. The Heating Stand for the Alchemy skill has been returned to the Tinkering skill.

5. From now on gaining levels in Animal Taming skill has become easier.

6. Items Omeros Pickaxe and Xarafaxs Axe have no charges now as they used to be. Also, they give a bonus to the skill and increase the chance of obtaining higher ore and wood.

7. We have also fixed Spell Book in the Inscription skill, which previously showed all spells, whether you have them or not.

Recent main game changes

The server is launched.
Main game changes:

  1. “Spell Book” Scrolls now provide an increase to the “Magery” skill.
  2. Shovel can now be put in hand with appropriate animation and the item stacking has been removed.
  3. The amount of sheared wool from sheep has been reduced.
  4. A new NPC “Shepherd” has been added.
  5. A new NPC “Logger”, a lumberjack, has been added.
  6. There are some changes regarding trees in Grand Castle. It is forbidden to plant any trees inside the premises. It is allowed to plant trees in open areas following the game rules. Planted trees have some charges for looting. After the destruction of the tree, there is some chance to get the seeds of this tree.
  7. All types of knives have lost the ability to cut the hide from prey. A new item “Skinning Knife” has been added to the game, which is sold by NPCs “Butcher”, “Tinker”, “Provisioner”. From now on “Reaper” has charges.
  8. Teleports in houses can only be used by the players who are allowed to live in the house.
  9. To transfer the house to another player, you must delete the created teleports.
  10. A shovel for treasure isn’t created after deciphering anymore. NPC “Mapmaker” has it as a charged item permanently.
  11. Game command .options has been slightly improved. Now you can change the number of items created at a time from 1 to 20. This function only works on those items that can be created in batches like “empty bottle, blank scrolls….”.
  12. NPC “Animal Trainer” no longer buys animals.
  13. A large number of skills have been improved and changed. Tools with charges, new menus and features have been added.

Skill changes:

  1. Alchemy skill:
    “Mortar” and “Heating Stand” are the tools used in the skill and now have charge usage.
  2. Blacksmithy skill:
    “Smithy’s Hammer” and “Tongs” have charge usage.
  3. Bowcraft skill:
    “Fletching Tools”, “Chisel” have charge usage.
  4. Carpentry skill:
    A new crafting menu has been added. All tools used with the skill have charge usage.
  5. Cartography skill:
    A new tool with chargeable usage “Pen and Ink” has been added to the skill with the description “It Is Needed For Writing Maps” and is sold by an NPC “Mapmaker”.
  6. Cooking skill:
    A new tool with charge usage “Frypan” has been added to implement the skill.
  7. Fishing skill:
    “Fishing Pole” has charge usage.
  8. Herding skill:
    “Shepherd’s Crook” has charge usage.
  9. Inscription skill:
    A new menu has been added to “Spell Book”. A new “Pen and Ink” tool has been added with the description “It Is Needed For Scribing Scrolls” and is sold by NPC “Scribe”. The tool has chargeable use.
  10. Lumberjacking tool:
    The amount of received resources has been significantly reduced. To use the skill there are only “Hatchet” and “Xarafax” left. The mentioned items now have charges. “Xarafax” has a x3 resource gain and 6000 charges and now provides with +40 skill increase.
  11. Mining skill:
    The amount of the received resources has been significantly reduced. Only “Shovel”, “Pickaxe”, and “Omero’s Pickaxe” are left to use the skill. These items now have charges. “Omero’s Pickaxe” increases resources gain by x3 except for Paradise, Hell, and Void gems. It also has 6000 charges and provides with +40 skill increase.
  12. Musicianship skill:
    All musical instruments have charges now.
  13. Peacemaking skill:
    Now the skill uses a charge of the game tool.
  14. Provocation skill:
    Now the skill uses a charge of the game tool.
  15. Tailoring skill:
    A new crafting menu has been added to the game. All tools in this skill consume charges.
  16. Tinkering skill:
    A new crafting menu has been added to the game. All tools in this skill consume charges.
  17. Fishing, Mining, and Lumberjacking skills have a limited number of uses in the beginner area.

There is a video with some changes and updates.

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