Updates from 30 Dec, 2021

Dear players,
Here are the updates that started from 30 Dec, 2021:
1. We’ve changed the effect of strength on additional damage by 0.2% per unit of strength. Previously, it was 0.3% damage per strength. Strength affects close-up damage.
2. Hitting accuracy has changed: damage from the back is inflicted with an accuracy of +20%. If the character stands with his back to the enemy, then the accuracy is reduced by 20%.
3. Also, there are some changes made to the creatures that appear from “statue” mounts and can be found in the loot. Now they obey commands and may stop loving you as a master.
4. A chance of statues mounts drop has been increased.
5. The following sets are removed from loot: Ryous, Elven, Darkness, Drakon, Infernal, Sylvian, Woonders, Zephyr, Sargon, Plasma, Rock, Fairy Blood, Templar, Fortune, Sacred Star, Damned, except for the following items: Shield of Rock, Shield of Templar, Shield of Fortune, Shield of Damned.
6. The following items have been added to the game: Enchanted Meteorite ( legendary meteorite ore, after smelting which you can forge your armor).
7. The following items have been added to the game: Enchanted Dye Tub (paint for legendary armor). Enchanted Rune (a rune for creating armor bonuses).
8. A new NPC merchant has been added to the game, that sells items for creating legendary armor.
9. A chance of the Elemental Lord of Pentagram drop has increased.
10. Elemental Lord has been moved to other safer locations.

New Year is time for gifts!

New Year is time for gifts!

The main Zulu Christmas tree has been installed on the main square. Santa Claus left presents for everyone under the tree.
There you can find everything you need: treats and GM weapons or armors 🙂
But in addition to items, in the presents, you will find a set of perks for a week: looter and premium. Additionally, if the character is a crafter, then the perks are miner /missersmith /lumberjack. If the character belongs to another class, he/she will receive a looter perk.

Besides, Santa Claus forgot his bag. By clicking on Santa’s sack each player will receive several GDs as a gift.

Also, Lord British asked the mages to enchant one of the small Christmas trees, which can also give you gifts from the king.

From Dec 25, 2021 to Jan 10, 2022 the respawns are doubled.
Happy holidays and have a fun game!


Given the fact that the cool-down of lifestream lasts 60 seconds, the effect of this enchantment won’t spread on friendly creatures in a way of healing, stamina and mana. You can still resurrect your friends though.

Have a great game!

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