Skill giveaway

What’s a skill giveaway?
Every day we give away 2 skills 110 in the game and 1 skill 110 in Discord (you get to choose any skill you want). If for some reason there were no skill giveaways, 6 skills will be presented to players the next day. Long story short, no matter what 21 skills are given away per week. There are no requirements for participation except for being online and reply to GM’s message to see that you are really online at the moment of drawing. The system randomly picks a character and if the player is not by the computer another character is picked until all the scheduled skills are given away to the players. To win in Discord it’s enough to be on the ”Online” list. In Discord, we choose a winner randomly among all the users online at the moment of drawing and notify the player that he/she can receive the prize at a suitable for him/her time.
Join our DISCORD:

The winners of the skill giveaway in DISCORD:
Scoss – Nickname: Scoss, skill Mining 110
Encold – Nickname: Brelok, skill Archery 110
BAZOOKO – skill isn’t chosen yet.

In the game:
Ahnenerbe – Alchemy 110
Cornor – Blacksmith 110
Duracell – Taming 110
Ouch – Cartography 110
Leben – Poisoning 110
Tuxarus – ItemId 110

Could have won but weren’t by the computer at the moment of drawing:
LILI, roarmand, Eva, SupaDupa, Hunterus, Calypso, Gogol, KITO, Numawolf, Malaysia, Parry, Griswold, Streikbrecher, Leben, Rabies, Damax, Tom, BoTaHuK, Shade, Bill, Redman, Stresh, Archont.

The counselor Swood has left our project.

The counselor Swood has left our project. We are grateful for all the work and wish good luck in the future. Further on, this nickname doesn’t impact the staff’s work on the server whatsoever.

Update. New cool stuff for Power Player

Everyone should update their client files. Follow the instructions. Unpack zip-file before updating.

To update, download ServerConfig.xml to the Orion Launcher folder (if you haven’t done that before). The Orion Launcher folder is located in the folder to which the game was set up. We’ve updated the function of upgrading the client’s files in Orion, so that you wouldn’t have to download the client after each update. Just launch the Orion Client and update the files with one click of a button. So, after you’ve downloaded the file to Orion Launcher folder, reboot the client. There you will see a new tab Uo Files Updates. Click Check updates to search for updates and apply them. To make the process successful, please close all the windows having to do anything with Ultima Online (stealth, injection etc.).

We have some cool things for PowerPlayer class:
1) PP now can be 7 lvl. The total amount of the skills must be 7000 to reach it.
2) Previously PP received 2.5% of physical protection per each level. Now the character additionally receives +5% on 6 lvl and +10% on 7 lvl. In other words, PowerPlayer has 32.5% of physical protection on 7 lvl.
3) From now on PP receives Magic Efficiency +5 per level +10 on 6 lvl + 15 on 7 lvl, therefore on the 7th level Magic Efficiency will be 60.
4) Physical Damage ( Archery and short-range combat ) +12.5% on 6 lvl and +12.5% on 7 lvl. therefore, on 6 lvl receives +1 lvl Warrior\Ranger, on 7 lvl like 2 lvl Warrior\Ranger.
5) HitChance – 6 lvl +3%, 7 lvl +5% ( Total +8% on 7 lvl)
6) DodgeChance – 6 lvl +3%, 7 lvl +5% ( Total +8% on 7 lvl), although DodgeChance limited to 30 no race.
7) CritChance +1% per level. Total +7% on 7 lvl.

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