Testers needed!

As you might already know, we are working hard in order to switch to POL100 and a new client as well. We are looking for testers to help us find bugs, a great number of which are definitely always present in such a difficult process.

There are no specific requirements to become a tester. You just have to play on a test-server as you usually do and report to us about anything that doesn’t work or doesn’t work the way it should.

To get all the necessary files to access the test-server send a message to @OccidereVultus in Telegram.


Hey guys!
We keep working on maintaining game balance and removing bugs 🙂

1) We got Lamas back that you can ride again.

2) The healing effect from using bandages starts sooner for healing poisoning and resurrection. Although, the intervals between the uses of bandages remain the same.

3) The delay between meditation sessions is 10 sec now. Stay still to meditate, otherwise, it won’t bring any result.

4) Casts:
-Rising Fire hit with one more powerful pole of fire instead of two (the power of it is equal to 2 poles). Thus, the bonus from books won’t be doubled during each fire pole.
-Depending on the level of poison, Cure / Arch Cure requires different Magery levels. Poison of 7th level won’t be cured easily and you’ll need to put on items additionally to Magery.
-Earthquake’s radius is decreased to 12 tiles around the mage.

5) Blackrock weapon
-burns 100 mana points when hitting
-impossible to poison new Blackrock weapons (only old ones are left poisoned)
-doesn’t burn the attacker’s mana (!)

6) Damage from Assassin weapon is increased. Previously x1.25, now x1.30.

7) Amount of Bard’s and Mage’s mana has been changed:
– Mages – 25
– Bards – 20

8) The drop chances of bows and crossbows among all the weapons are increased.

9) When skills are added upon items are now fixed (we mean 2 skills simultaneously).

10) Items + int give magic efficiency bonus. 1 int = 0.3 efficiency.

11) Max dodge on a character is lowered to 10. When having no race is 20, with a race picked 30.

12) Hunters have no level penalties. Now a character receives bonuses only for mobs, but nothing positive or negative for players.

13) Mages have -4% of physical protection per level, but the old penalties are removed.

Transfer hunting points between players

Hey all!

If you remember, you can transfer your hunting points from one player to another using this command .deedhuntpoints amount .

The command works for the ones who have a premium account. This means you can sell hunting experience!

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