x2 mobs event will take place every Sunday!

On popular demand and since the event with x2 mobs re-spawn was a success, we’ve taken the decision to make it weekly!
So every Sunday, starting from tomorrow there will be a wave of high mobs. x2 number of mobs and x2 their re-spawn speed.

Also, the shard’s reboot will take place every 72 hours, not 42.

Snooping and Stealing skills adjustments

Dear players,
The world of Zuluhotel is wonderful and diverse because of its various unique features. However, it can’t withstand the global automatization present in everyday life.
Given the fact, that many players use greatly-developed scripts to automatically steal the opponent’s items, we’ve decided to adjust the mechanics of Snooping and Stealing. That way there would be a certain chance or a bit of luck during Stealing and Snooping, on the other hand, it should make it impossible to have a major advantage in PvP battles with just using scripts.

1. While Snooping the items that appear will have a different id, name, and image.
2. When using the Stealing skill, a character must be “hidden” to steal.

We really want to believe that making these changes will be enough to stop thefts during combats and there will be no need to remove these two skills completely.
Enjoy the game!

It’s time for some news!

It’s time for some news!

The following updates will be applied after the reboot. Some of them you’ll notice right away, some things will change after some time. So, here they are:

  1. Warriors will no longer have a protection penalty (-0.2 per level)
  2. Adamant Dragons, Adamant Drakes and Mage Hunters Mutants will no longer re-spawn in the world.
  3. Higher mobs like Wyrms, Barlons, and Dragons have partially lost their necro protection. So, now it will be so much easier for mages to inflict damage by casting spells on them, especially with Kill cast.
  4. Wyvernstrike cast will inflict damage with Earth magic instead of Necro magic. Therefore, mages will have access to all the spells of Elementals (earth, air, water. fire) in the Earth Book and Codex Damnorum. Mages can use them with the Secret Book.
  5. When fixing an item there was a 2% chance to break it completely and a 2% chance to improve it. Now the chance of a successful enhancement is equal to 5% (to enhance means to increase the item’s quality by 0.05). For non-craft items, it’s +5%.
  6. This one wasn’t simple, but we’ve decided to return the properties of damage reflection the way it has been before.
    Now the effect of it can’t be topped with damage absorption. If a character is wearing 20 damage reflection, the opponent receives 20 damage points back during each hit.
  7. The damage from the heavy crossbow is slightly lowered.

Good luck in future combats!

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