About Us

Zuluhotel is one on the most popular world-famous shard. Its main unique features are MMORPG focus and exceptional system of classes and races with smart game balance. In the world of Zuluhotel every player will find his way to enjoy it.

Zuluhotel is the one and only shard where players can exchange game currency into REAL MONEY.
50% of all donations from the players will return to the game as ZulUSD Coins in mobs’ loot. Players can easily withdraw ZulUSD coins as REAL MONEY! 

Zuluhotel is not about life-time macroing! Skills grow very fast, TOP character can be trained up just in 1 week!

A perfected for years PvP system won’t losen even the greatest villain’s attention. At the same time regular adventurous quests, tournaments and exciting PvM battles will help you entertain yourself during the days of routine life.

All of this is created for you by a team of professionals who have gained  many years of experience.


The homeland of the project Zuluhotel is considered to be Canada where in the year of 1999 a team of developers led by a talented programmer Dean “Zulu” Parker launched the first shard. They named it Zuluhotel, a name which was unknown to anyone at that time. Originally the game server was launched being operated by a popular at that time TUS emulator. Although it was decided to switch to a newer and more flexible POL emulator shortly after.

Zuluhotel was the first shard to successfully implement race-and-class system into the Ultima Online world. In 2001 Zulu Empire was launched which gave the project’s progress a new impulse. Zuluhotel servers have started in various countries, such as Australia, Italy, Sweden, Russia, China and even South Africa.