• Updates and improvements

    1. Thief can no longer perform a surprise attack using external concealment factors (any other method of character’s stealth, except for the Hiding skill, and Stealth items).
    2. Damage to monsters with the “Slayer” weapon was decreased from 2 to 1.25. Weapons targeting people (Assasins) and armor (Bounty Hunter) now work against players. Increase 15%, decrease 25%.
    3. Every day at 10:00 +3 UTC there will be a restart of the shard.
    4. Critical Strike now hits a little differently. Previously, it gave a bonus of 40%, now there will be 3 types of bonuses:
    Power Strike +20%
    Critical Strike +40% (same as before)
    Deadly Strike +60%
    5. We’ve added lvl 8 characters!
    To reach a class character, all skills must be 170 + 80 skills. Thus, you can gain +30 from the focus skill plus another+50 can be equipped with items.
    For PP you need the total skill of 7500.
    6. We added additional damage for hitting the same character again with the same character. Max bonus +50 damage. For each repeated strike, you’ll inflict +1 damage if the strike was made no later than 20 seconds after the previous strike.
    If a character is attacked by another player, the counter is reset to zero.
    7. All dungeons are open. Additionally, the “Path of Death” (an area with a lot of monsters) and a portal in the square are open.

  • Updates: spells, weapons and pension plan

    Dear players,
    All events and anti-loot zones will be returned to normal. Thus war broke out again in the British territories.
    1. The Wraith Form spell from Codex now deals more damage and does not pierce players and monsters through walls. (Soon it will also receive a separate increase in its properties, just like the polymorph).
    2. The timer for a sudden attack of the Thief is back from 1 second to 1.5 seconds. Now only 1 hit should be dealt. (Whoever checks and notices anything weird regarding this, please let us know).
    3. All staves: Black Staff, Quarterstaff, Shepherds Crook, and Gnarled Staff changed their damage properties and attack speed.
    4. Newly created ropes like Rope with Hook will have a number of uses of 100 instead of 10.
    5. It is forbidden to set houses and boats in Ilshenar PVP.
    6. Throwing knives (Thief’s knives) changed their standard speed from 50 to 40.
    7. All items will now additionally display which part of the body this item belongs to (Layer).
    8. As you know, from the previous server all players level 5 and higher received a pension in Zulu coins per day online. We raised the amount for players. Previously it was like this: 5 lvl 15 ZuluCoins, 6 lvl = 20 ZuluCoins, 7 lvl = 25 ZuluCoins.
    Now it is like this: 5 lvl = 30 ZuluCoins, 6 lvl = 50 ZuluCoins, 7 lvl = 80 ZuluCoins.

  • Updates and improvements

    Updates and improvements:
    Rope with Hook’s movement time changed from 1.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds.
    Mana Vampire Spell can now extract a maximum of 150 mana. (Previously it was about 400).
    Thief can now cast Wall of Stone and Energy Field spells.
    We fixed a bug where a disassembling table could not be created by a crafter.
    A sudden strike from a Thief and Adventurer must now be carried out within 1 second (previously 1.5 seconds).
    Piercing weapons have an increased damage multiplier of 1.5 (previously all damage was multiplied by 1.3). This weapon will be further modified for a more convenient level increase.
    Leech weapon draws a max of 30 mana (previously it was 50).
    Void weapon no longer deal additional damage.
    Thief has a longer time to cast the teleport spell.

    In the near future, the “Fierce Lion” armor will be added to the game like on a previous server but it will be significantly changed. All information about this armor will be provided on the game website in the Wiki section.
    A new location will be opened in which this armor can be upgraded.
    This location will have new monsters and will be a permanent loot zone.
    Soon, players will also have access to new artifacts, so-called GM weapons.
    New bosses and monsters will be added too.

    We will change the attack speed and damage of all magic staffs.
    Besides, we will reconsider the damage of all weapons with Piercing effects and other weapons that change the damage of weapons.

  • Winter holidays update

    Dear players,
    Check out the winter holidays updates that we’ve prepared for you:

    1. There is a Christmas tree and Santa with gifts at the square.

    2. Each player who has been online for more than 15 days can receive the following small prizes:
    a) A Christmas tree that you can place in the house.
    b) a set of all available perks: Premium, PH, Looter, Miser, Miner, Lumberjack, and a New Image with which you can change your race, gender and name.
    c) Players whose level is above 4 and do not belong to the Crafter class, will receive 250 New Year’s scrolls. This is to make up for those days when farming was impossible the next day.

    3. Slayer weapons now only work against monsters. This weapon does not harm the other players.

    4. AngelicAura magic is holy book magic, and should not treat the undead. Now this type of magic deals damage to the undead, including the player in the form of Leech.

    5. Santa scrolls were added to the ZulUSD store at the price of 2 ZulUSD = 40 scrolls.

    6. All crafting skills have been added to the ZulUSD store. You can purchase skills up to 150. (In case a player needs to upgrade skills above 150, it is necessary to use scrolls for each skill from 130 to 150) Thus, the player can buy skills and will not be able to upgrade them further until he finds skill unlock scrolls. The cost of acquiring skills has been reduced from $13 to $10.

    7. You can also purchase crafting skills via the pole and pay with Zulu Coins.

    8. ZulUSD hasn’t dropped from monsters for a long time. The odds became a little higher, to make it easier for you.

    A truce has been declared during all holidays in Britain. Until January 10, 2024 there will be no-loot in all zones.

    In the future, we will create special areas where no restrictions will apply, which means there will be no no-loot.

    We’ve forgiven all the naughty ones and whoever was on a chat’s blacklist is no longer banned.

    From the 1st to the 10th of January the chances to loot ZulUSD is increased x 3!
    Skills can be trained x3 faster too!

  • Tonight’s event schedule

    Dear players,
    Today at 9:00 p.m.+3 UTC, we are holding a TVT event. Participate, combat, and earn coins.
    After that, at 10:00 p.m. +3 UTC, there will be an FFA event.

    The events mentioned above are meant for combat characters and, therefore are not suitable for Crafters and Hunters.

    TVT – team vs. team battles. Characters must be unequipped and prepared (only your class skills without extra skills). The equipment you will receive at the event will boost all the class skills to level 7 (except Adventurer).

    FFA – every man fights for himself. There will be 3 winners, but players tend to form teams so it won’t be easy. The offered equipment is the same as in the TVT event.

  • The Insurance Perk was changed

    The Insurance Perk has been slightly changed.
    Previously it could be purchased only for ZulUsd.

    The cost of this insurance is 6 USD Zulu or 750 Zulu Coin.
    This insurance is only spent in loot zones where you can lose items.
    By purchasing this insurance for ZulUSD, the character who killed receives 3 Zulu USD, and the monster who killed receives 1 USD, which can be looted and is not Blessed.

    By purchasing this perk for ZULU COIN, the character who killed receives 450 Zulu Coin, and the monster receives nothing.

    This insurance protects your belongings and your mount 1 time.
    No-Loot events won’t be held soon.
    To earn Zulu Coin you need to take part in the events or hunt mutants. (Use Wiki to see the Mutant zone search map)

  • Updates and improvements

    Dear players,
    After the restart, the following game changes took effect:

    1. The Square (former Market Square) has changed. We ask you to update the game files to apply a new look to it.

    2. The color selection menu has a more convenient interface (Help – Colors).

    3. All magic scrolls work correctly and do not require reagents or mana.

    4. A bug was fixed where it was possible to melt and remake crafted items far from the required item.

    5. A new item has been added to the game: Repair Table. This item can be used to repair things, but it would cost 50% more to other classes than to a Crafter. This table, just like the Crafter, can break items. Created by a Crafter and set in a house.

  • Updates and improvements

    Dear players, after the restart the following changes were applied.

    1. The MiserSmith perk now affects alchemy.

    2. Registration of game accounts has been changed. Now, in addition, you can simply enter a non-existent login and password in the game. After re-entering the game you will be offered to enter your email.

    3. WarHammer weapons now have an attack range of 1 tile.

    4. The number of hides obtained with the Forensic Evaluation skill has been increased.

    5. We added a new mount “Zulu Raptor”. You can get it in the New Year’s event.

    6. Bug fixed: Changed the required amount of protection from paralysis from 25% to 100%.

    7. Paralysis now works separately. If magic can cause paralysis, protection against paralysis is required.

    8. Bow damage for the Adventurer game class has been reduced by 30% (PVP only).

  • Kill monsters and get scrolls!

    New Year does not come in the world of ZuluHotel, the reason for all this is monsters.
    As usual, we offer activities to destroy monsters and invite you to continue this tradition.
    Each monster can drop a New Year’s scroll, when used you can get a nice gift.

    You can receive extra scrolls by killing monsters: 200 per day without any perks and 300 per day with a Premium perk.

    Look for monsters with 1 loot level and higher.
    The smallest chance is 1% and the highest is 65%.
    The chance is calculated depending on the monster’s hp: health / 45. Thus, if a monster has 450 hp, the chance to get scrolls is 10%.

    When used, you can get the following items with a certain chance:
    1) a Tamla Heal potion
    2) Taint’s Major Transmutation
    3) Grand Mage Refresh Elixir
    4) Magic Fish [Heal]
    5) Magic Fish [Cure]
    6) Scrolls of item improvement (Cast, Damage, Armor).
    7) Zulu Coins from 1 to 1000
    8) New Zulu Ingots from 1 to 500.
    9) Zulu Logs from 1 to 500.
    10) Wyrm Hide from 1 to 250.
    11) Balron Hide from 1 to 100.
    12) Celestial Scale from 1 to 100.
    13) Golden Dragon Scale from 1 to 100
    14) Paint with a random color for the animal.
    15) Paint with a random color for the item.
    16) Skill Unlock Book.
    17) New mount that adds 25 stats. [a Zulu Raptor]

    Chances of obtaining have been added to all specified items. The highest numbers have very low odds.
    So for example, 1000 Zulu Coins has a 0.5% chance of being received.

    The count of scrolls sets back to zero at midnight server time.

    Only the one who killed the monster and picked up the looted scroll will be able to use the scroll.

    Hurry up to get your scrolls!

  • NoLoot weekend until Dec,18

    The Zulu world is in NoLoot mode until 8:00 a.m. Dec, 18.
    This means if your character dies from any cause, all your belongings are automatically returned to your bank. Mobs don’t loot in dungeons.
    Make sure there is enough space in the bank, otherwise you will lose your equipment.

  • Minor fixes and updates

    1. We fixed a way of depicting Weapon Damage Upgrade scrolls in Home Case.

    2. Adventurer has a casting speed bonus +1 per level.

    3. Adventurer can cast spells while moving.

    4. Items that vary in their effects will be displayed with the help of a specific color. For example, poisoning armor is green.

    5. The quantity of the Mutant monsters was increased from 15% to 20%.

    6. The arena looks much different now! Update your files to see the changes.

    7. The Wondering Vendor has dropped his prices on books. (located between the rocks at the cemetery). 8. Improved Quest tab in the character’s menu.

    9. In all locations of the events, e.g. Arena, poisons have more charges.

    10. Earth Blessing’s temporary effect on the armor is the same as the Arch Protection spell.

    11. We corrected the Abyssal Flame. The damage element is Fire instead of Necro.

    12. We adjusted the damage properties in Wraith Breath spell when damaging with the Lower element.

    13. The damage that depends on stats is different. Previously, short-range damage was affected by the strength stats. Damage in long-range battle was affected by Dexterity stat that didn’t match with the additional bonuses that would have been received.
    Now if a player wants to increase the damage, he has to increase his strength. And for a higher hitting speed – dexterity.

    14. Adventurer has higher physical damage in PvP.

    15. Damage that Elemental Fury weapon inflicts changed.

    16. The time of scrolls respawn that Wondering Vendor offers (located in between the rocks) is random from 150 minutes to 300 minutes.

    17. The increase of all stats is now boosted by x3 (strength, dexterity, and intellect).

    18. Adventurer now can hit while hiding.

  • TeamVsTeam on December 12 at 10:00 p.m. +3 UTC

    December, 12 at 10:00 p.m. +3 UTC we are holding an automatic event TeamVsTeam.

    No need to bring any of your equipment, all the necessary items will be provided to you.
    Anyone higher than level 3 can participate and all your skills (except for stats) will be boosted to a maximum.

    The winning team will receive 450 Zulu Coins, 4 Arena Coins and 10 buff items.

    The losing team will receive 200 Zulu Coins, 1 Arena Coin and 5 buff items.

    The new Arena is ready for you. Update your game files!

  • Updates

    1. The Elemental Fury weapon has a slightly higher chance to drop and has different damage when performed with.

    2. All new items add a specific bonus and an increased chance to set these bonuses off.

    3. Adventurer has more steps available when in stealth.

    4. Higher chance for Moonstone, Blackrock, Poison, and Physical protection to be found in loot.

    5. Meditation works fine with the Legendary Shield.

    6. The Carpentry skill had some adjustments regarding training properties and skill increase.

    7. The Tinkering skill requires less time to craft an item.

    The weekend No-loot is turned off. Regular war mode is on. Watch your belongings.

  • Congratulations to the FFA winners!

  • Check out new wiki pages!

    Check out the new wiki pages that have the information about all the monsters, like:

    1) Properties.
    2) Location.
    3) Loot.
    4) Mutants’ location.

  • FFA event Dec, 10 at 9 p.m. +3 UTC

    Don’t miss the FFA event on Dec, 10 at 9:00 p.m. +3 UTC. Whoever kills the most – wins!
    The portal will be open only for 5 minutes at the market square.
    The top 3 prizes: 450, 225 and 125 Zulu Coins, Arena Coins and Buff items.
    None of your equipment is allowed, you will be provided with the same equipment as for the TeamVsTeam event.
    It is essential to update the game files if you still haven’t done that.

  • The results of TeamVsTeam automatic event

    We thank everyone for participating. There will be some minor adjustments made in the future regarding the TvsT event.

    The winning team received 400 Zulu Coins. 4 arena points (that you can trade in the future) and 10 buff items.
    The losing team received 200 Zulu Coins, 1 arena point and 5 buff items.

  • New TeamVsTeam arena

    Dear players, please update the game files to have access to a new TeamVsTeam arena.

    To check if you have up-to-date game files, open your map and input the coordinates of the object: 5067 585

    To successfully update the files, close all windows related to the game, e.g. Stealth, Orion, Client.

  • Auto event – team on team Dec, 9

    On December 9, 2023 there will be a first test start of an automatic team battle mode.
    The portal will be opened on the square at 9:55 p.m. + 3 UTC.
    The event will automatically start at 10:00 p.m. +3 UTC.
    Anyone above level 3 (except crafters) can participate.

    Equipment offered:
    Weapons (Stygian Devastation).
    Armor (all protection is maximum, reduction is maximum)

    All legendary shields no longer block spell casting.

  • Dec 8 – Monday 11 – NO-LOOT WEEKEND!

    It’s time to get out of your basements!!!
    From Dec, 8 Friday to Monday 11, Dec there is No-Loot in on Zulu lands!

    After the restart, the following updates and fixes were applied:

    1. We updated the map and now you can find a new location for different events. Update files via Orion to see the update.
    2. The chances for a Crafter to create exceptional items are increased x2.
    3. You can now dye the hair on your head, beard and backpack in the hairdresser’s menu.
    4. Spells used via scrolls no longer require reagents.
    5. We changed loot too, making the difference between maximum and minimum less visible. For example, level 5 loot included things from +1 to +4. Now from +3 to +4.
    6. We fixed a bug when treasure chests were empty.
    7. The chances of obtaining good items in a loot were increased.
    8. The characteristics of summoned creatures now depend on the Spirit Speak skill. Thus, the characteristics of the summoned creature will be multiplied by the amount of skill by 100.
    9. The damage of all magic cannons was corrected.
    10. There is a new perk (basically returning an old one) was added to the game to reduce the cost of resources spent.
    11. Stats can be trained up to 170.
    12. There is a table that can show you the location of monsters and mutants.
    13. Now there is a bigger amount of archery weapons.
    14. Gems are found in loot again.
    15. The recall spell is allowed during PvP mode. The casting time of the spell is increased by 2 times during PvP mode.
    16. You can use rope in any mode of the game.
    17. Red status characters can now move freely via Recall.

    We encourage the players to let the administration know ASAP if there is any bug or in-game inconvenience.

  • Lot # 8 (auction) is sold!

    Large Tower belongs to Тапок.
    Castle Lords belongs to Alina Kabaeva.

  • New hairstyle menu

    Check out the new hair styling menu!

  • Auction. Lot # 8

    Dear players,
    We’d like to draw to your attention new lots at the auction.
    #1 Castle Lords is a huge castle where you can keep your ass safe. There are lots of rooms for the servants, so they clean 24/7. The total square footage is 31×31. The price of the immediate sale of the lot is 50 ZulUSD.

    #2 Large Tower has a smaller footage of 26×28 but is as cozy and spacious as the one mentioned above with the same immediate sale cost of 50 ZulUsd.

    Also, you can be rewarded for yesterday’s event at the market.




    Yoshimitsu 50 ZulUsd
    JanJak 50 ZulUsd

    kyky-epta 25 ZulUsd
    Sviloga 25 ZulUsd
    ВОР 25 ZulUsd
    Chegivaru 25 ZulUsd
    Tanok 25 ZulUsd

    Murzik 20 ZulUsd
    abc 20 ZulUsd
    Evolution 20 ZulUsd

    Bizon 15 ZulUsd
    Xapakternik 15 ZulUsd
    Pushok 15 ZulUsd


    Lucky Luck 25 ZulUsd

    GUSSY 13 ZulUsd
    unity 13 ZulUsd
    Hellblazer 13 ZulUsd
    OxoTHUK 13 ZulUsd
    Togor 13 ZulUsd

    Im Sorry 8 ZulUsd
    Ihana 8 ZulUsd
    Fatality 8 ZulUsd
    Uns 8 ZulUsd
    Prigozhin 8 ZulUsd
    Blesser 8 ZulUsd
    Imbaka 8 ZulUsd
    Savage 8 ZulUsd
    OOps 8 ZulUsd
    Abpek 8 ZulUsd

  • Updates and minor fixes
    1. Fixed a bug when armor made from Perfect and Legendary ore would take away magical effectiveness.
    2. Fixed a bug when jewelry wouldn’t be repaired.
    3. Weapons created with the Tinkering skill now have the same properties as those crafted from ore.
    4. The Premium Blesser cast was increased by 10 (80 max).
    5. Cast from Blesser NPC has been increased from 8 to 15 per one level (60 max).
    6. If you die in No Loot zone, you won’t lose your mount. If you die, you won’t lose Premium Guild Mount too.
    7. All spells no longer prohibit performing other actions (for example, drinking potions).
    8. The chances of successful armor enhancement have changed: 60, 40, 35,15,10 (%).
    9. Fixed a bug when a Thief 7 lvl could not deal damage with level 7 poison.

    Major changes: You can’t wear more than 100% protection. Even if you try to wear more, it won’t affect anything and won’t be depicted in Myinfo.

    The number of protection reductions is limited to 50%. Even if you try to wear more, it won’t affect anything and won’t be depicted in Myinfo.

    Mages can lower protection only to 50%.

    With this update, there will be no opportunity to protect yourself from a certain magical element.

  • Hunting all weekend

    We remind you that this weekend has been announced of intense hunting and complete chaos. Time is limited starting from now and until Monday, December, 4 at 08:00 a.m. +3 UTC. NoLoot mode is enabled all over the world, which means that if you die from hunger, alcoholism, mushroom poisoning, heart failure, and even from mobs, other players, or simply from suicide, all your things are automatically moved to your bank after the corpse decomposes. Do not die in the house as your items will stay there. Make sure that you have plenty of space for them in the bank. Otherwise, you might lose them.

    And yes – during this event, mobs also do not loot, but you can get what they looted earlier 🙂

    P.S. Dungeon Hytloth is open.

  • Team-on-team this Sunday, Dec 3

    We remind you that this Sunday, December 3 at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC there will be a fierce team-on-team match with quest tasks and a drawing of 500 ZulUSD among the participants after the event.
    Teams are matched randomly. The winning team will receive double the amount of ZulUSD in the drawing than the losing team. All the participants will receive prizes.
    Even newbies and crafters can take part. We will set up the defensive guns for them.

    This weekend is announced to be without any loss of equipment.
    Starts on December, 1 from 18:00 +3 UTC until December, 4 at 08:00 +3 UTC.
    Guards from all cities except Minoc are busy participating in the Winter Olympics.

  • Updates

    1. LifeStream doesn’t restore health anymore.
    2. Scrolls that increase your skills work as follows:
    0-75 = +15;
    75-95 = +10;
    95 -110= + 5;
    110 – 120 = +2;
    120 -160 = +1;
    160 – 175 = +0,5;
    175 – 200 = 0.1;
    These scrolls can be obtained for quest items or purchased from the Books vendor (in between the mountains higher than the city of Britain)
    3. Adventurer (PP) inflicts a much lower damage to monsters.
    4. Hunter received +5 to Magic Efficiency per level.
    5. Bard and Thief have a bug fixed (damage would sum up instead of multiplying).
    6. No more accuracy decrease if attacked from the back.
    7. Menu .options has a tick button with no description. It allows the player to use the old walls mode if ticked.
    8. The quest feathers can be traded for other items.

  • Tournament at 9:30 p.m. +3 UTC on Tuesday, Nov 28th

    Dear players,
    Soon a tournament will be held to improve the quality of battles between the game classes and against monsters
    The most appropriate equipment will be provided to you.
    The time of the tournament is around 9:30 p.m. +3 UTC on Tuesday, Nov 28th.
    The tournament against monsters will be held later. More details will be announced soon.

    Prizes like skill books, gold or other items will depend on the time spent in the tournament.

  • New event Dec, 3 at 8:00 P.M. +3 UTC

    December, 3 at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC we invite you to participate in a new event with valuable prizes. After it there will be another lottery with 500 ZulUSD total prize.

    Just as usual, let’s meet at the market!

    The details of the event will be announced before the start!

  • “The Fallen Angel” event was prolonged until Wednesday 29, Nov

    Dear citizens of ZuluHotel!

    We can’t seem to defeat the spirits and definitely need more spirit dust.
    Great crafters attempt to create a new material that is capable of protecting us.

    The event is prolonged until the 29th of November, Wednesday.

  • Lot #7 (auction) is sold!

    The house auction is over.

    The new owners are:
    Farm Residence – XapaKTepHuk
    Marble Castle – Sevetstal

  • Rewards for the “Fallen Angel” quest

    All quest items can be traded.
    1 item for 1 protection enhancement scroll.
    Thank you for staying with us.

    A total of 415 ZulUSD will be split among the participants of the quest.
    10 people will receive 20 ZulUSD reward each.
    15 people will receive 10 ZulUSD reward each.
    13 people will receive 5 ZulUSD reward each.

  • “The Fallen Angel” event at 8 p.m. Nov, 26

    During the interrogation, we found out the coordinates of the location of the fallen angel’s lair.
    On November 26, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC Lord British gathers his army.
    The Mages will open a portal at the square.
    Take into consideration, that the portal works only one way. There is no return with the teleport.

    Nobody knows what will await you there, but there will definitely be something major. Deaths are inevitable.
    (No PvP, No Loot. Bring your own equipment.)

    And, according to good tradition, all participants will receive lottery tickets, and after the end of the event, we will hold a ZulUSD drawing!

  • Auction. Lot #7

    Dear players!
    New 2 lots have been offered at the auction:

    1. Marble Castle is an exquisite snow-white cottage with 360° view.
    Available at the max price of 100 ZulUSD. The starting bid is 10 ZulUSD.

    2. Farm Residence is a secluded fenced farm with beautiful houses for you and your friends.
    Available at the max price of 120 ZulUSD. The starting bid is 10 ZulUSD.

    The auction will end when the max price is reached or on Sunday at 8:00 +3 UTC.

    Game updates:

    Loot files were uploaded to the server.
    Now there should be less useless stuff like Meteoric Earrings.

  • Minor updates

    The following updates and minor improvements will be applied after the next restart of the shard on Nov, 22 at around 7 – 8 a.m. +3 UTC.

    1. Rather reduced speed of casting all spells.
    2. With each level, Bard increases his spell-casting speed. Mages have the same bonus effect with X 3
    3. Golden Dragon hide had a minor protection defect that used to be 3 instead of 2.
    4. The Magic Reflect spell is limited to 8th magic circle. While evaluating the magic circle, your Magery skill and magic efficiency will be taken into consideration.
    5. More vegetables and fruit are brought to the sellers.
    6. New Zulu Ore can be obtained in the same quantity as regular ore.

  • New quest Nov, 22 – Nov, 26

    Announcement to the people of Britain!
    Urgent news!
    The cursed souls of killed monsters can’t leave this world. They enter and pocess the bodies of other dead beasts. Be careful!
    All Mages are to follow my order: prepare a spell to expel all remaining souls.
    All residents who are capable of holding weapons in their hands must gather and face their battle.
    Kill all the monsters and exorcise their damned souls!

    Grab your weapons and equipment. On November, 22 it is time to fight the monsters.
    Kill them to loot exquisite items.

    Fading SparkBuffProvides full buff to the character when used. 2 powder1 charge
    Angel ShineHealHeals the character when used. 1 powder3 charges
    Magic Summoning ScrollMountBy purchasing this item, you receive a scroll. With a 100% chance you recieve a new rare mount Zulu Kookabara that gives +20 to all stats when riding it. 250 powderN/A
    Magic Summoning ScrollReagentsBy purchasing this item, you receive a scroll. With a 100% chance you recieve a backpack full of all kinds of reagents. 50 pcs in total. 80 powderN/A
    Magic Summoning ScrollGemsBy purchasing this item, you receive a scroll. With a 100% chance you recieve a backpack full of all kinds of gems. 50 pcs in total.100 powderN/A
    Ghost Robe With this item you can change your robe into Ghost Robe. All newbies have it but you could have it forever. N/A
    Hair ColorWith this function you can dye your character’s hair into any desirable color. Enter color in the game. 700 powderN/A
    Mount Color With this function you can color your character’s mount into any desirable color. Enter color in the game.100 powderN/A
    Item ColorWith this function you can color any item in the character’s backpack. Enter color in the game.100 powderN/A

    This quest will last from November, 22 at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC until November, 26 to 10:00 p.m. + 3 UTC.
    This is a continuation of the previous event, so all pumpkins can be exchanged for powder.

  • Improvements and minor fixes

    After the restart, the following changes will be applied:

    1. SpellBookSalesMan from now on will sell a small amount of necro reagents.
    2. There is a small increase in the chance to find Upgrade Scroll.
    3. Monsters like Great Wyrm, Balron, Behemoth, Celestial Dragon, Golden Dragon, and Flaming Wyrm have a slight change as per the damage they inflict.
    4. Dispel potion is back. The time of the following use is increased to 40 seconds.
    5. Magic Efficiency is added to the books and shields that are crafted with Carpentry.
    6. A bug where pants wouldn’t disappear is fixed.
    7. The Magery skill lowers when set so.
    8. The Looter Perk affects the first 10 treasure chests. Increases the loot level +1. There is an increased number of treasure chest guards.
    9. The price of the Scholar Perk is reduced to 25 Zulu Coins.

    We have been checking non-magic damage inflicted by the players in short-range and long-range battles and have come up to this: Damage inflicted to a character with 70% physical protection is too low, therefore we have decreased it to 50%. As this high damage severely affected the players who forgot to put on their physical protection.

    Besides, the Deceit dungeon is open with new inhabitants. It is forbidden to use mounts in all the dungeons. Also, the fans of PvP will have an opportunity to use teleports as a fast way to get to the city. Don’t forget, the teleports are unavailable in PvP battle mode.
    For now, there is only one dungeon open until we check how re-inhabiting it affects the loot.
    In this dungeon, we will hold a search quest soon (you will have to find a specific item in the monsters’ loot).

    Another thing is that we are going to reduce the spawning time of monsters.

    We are working on the class improvements for mages, rangers, and PP, as well as the reconstruction of the quests and creating events.

  • The winners of the lottery November, 18

    The numbers of the lottery tickets of the quest participants:
    Tyo 1
    kyky epta 2
    yxo 3
    bac9 4
    uns 5
    abc 6
    chegivara 7
    dedpazdey 8
    savage 9
    tormaz 10
    janjak 11
    Land cabbage 12
    gussy 13
    Oops 14
    oxota 15
    prigojin 16
    centurion 17
    im sorry 18
    imbaka 19
    sviloga 20
    exclusive 21
    shadow 22
    kokun 23
    karluk 24
    Bop 25
    taiiok 26
    cerber 27
    phantasy star 28
    dolby 29
    the end 30
    vidar 31
    Billy 32
    symphony 33
    xapaktephuk 34
    hellblazer 35
    murzik 36
    kingsize 37
    abpek 38

    After the event, the following prizes were given to the participants:
    5 prizes 15 USD each
    13 prizes 10 USD each
    20 prizes 5 USD еach
    Total of 305 USD.

    Тhe results of the quest’s lottery:

    1 10 37 33 16 win 15 ZulUSD each.

    2 11 19 25 27 18 34 32 9 23 win 10 ZulUSD each.

    6 15 26 3 13 8 17 4 28 31 20 29 24 38 35 21 22 7 14 36 5 12 30 win 5 ZulUSD each.

    All the winners please come to the Market to get your prize.

  • Auction. Lot #6

    New lots are offered in the auction: “Large Dragon Boat” ship (retail price is 1 685 000)

    and a beautiful 2-storey Sand Stone Patio House.

    The auction lasts until November, 19 at 10:00 p.m. +3 UTC. The starting bid is 2 ZulUSD the final sold-out price is 35 ZulUSD.

  • Participate for prizes November, 18 @ 9:00 p.m. + 3 UTC


    Tomorrow (November, 18) at 9:00 p.m. + 3 UTC we invite you to participate in a cool event, during which every player will receive a lottery ticket.
    After the event, there will be a lottery draw with lots of valuable prizes, including ZulUSD.

    The meeting point is at the market square.

  • Pushok found the last treasure chest

    Pushok found the last treasure chest with 50 ZulUSD and other presents inside.

    P.S.: The hints to the location of the chests were on the ground, doors and signs of the city houses. All you had to do was click on them.

  • Updates and minor improvements

    Dear players,

    The shard will be restarted on November, 17 approximately at 10:00 a.m. + 3 UTC. The following updates will be applied after the restart.

    1. There is a little higher of loot in treasure chests. Magic chance is increased too.

    2. Monsters: Celestial Drake has lower strength. Some monsters are immune to Paralyze.

    3. Lockpicking now requires a regular amount of skill. Previously it would require less skill.

    4. Skills that haven’t reached 130 yet, can be purchased via the skills pole at the square.

    5. The Despell bottle is removed from Alchemy.

    6. Crafter’s skills will change:
    The protection bonus on all armor was increased in Blacksmithy, Bowcraft and Carpentry. Weapons of exceptional and legendary quality have damage and chance based on damage speed. The higher the speed, the lower the chance of inflicting magic damage.

    Increased protection bonus on all magical fabrics in Tailoring.

    Increased bonus on jewelry in Tinkering. Weapons of exceptional and legendary quality have damage and chance based on damage speed. The higher the speed, the lower the chance of inflicting magic.

    7. Daggers: throwing knives, only worn by Thieves and Power Players. One-handed crossbows can only be equipped by Bards and Power Players.

    8. Armor and weapons obtained from loot (which have magic damage) now work separately and not all at once, and damage inflicted on people has been reduced.

    9. All magic walls will be placed more conveniently (depending on the direction of the character).

    10. The damage of all short-range characters has been slightly increased.

    11. Weapons can be used with spells to spend reagents and mana. Armor is with a mana only spell.

    12. Higher loot of protection.

    13. Because the server used to crash sometimes, the auto-save was changed from 60 minutes to 30. The developers promised to fix the error.

    14. We added an additional depiction of short-range damage and magic to Myinfo.

    15. The bug when there were no fish in some water areas has been fixed.

    16. Now you have twice as long time to search monster corpses.

    17. Vendors will no longer throw things on the floor, but will first place items in the backpack. Things that don’t fit will have a confirmation message: (Put the thing on the floor?).

    18. Hunter received a bonus from the level: +3% to the Magic item. (For example, the Looter Perk offers 10%).

    19. Hunter received a bonus to physical defense against monsters of 3% per level. (this bonus only applies when WARMODE is active on the monster).

    20. The Looter perk received a special property: increasing the level of loot by 1 (there is a 50% chance when killing a monster).

    21. Crystall Ball (misc) and Upgrade Weapon Damage were added to the clothes options.

    22. A ship without an owner sinks and returns to the bank to the owner. Time increased from 9000 seconds to 90000.

    23. Long Bows have higher shot speed. One-Handed Crossbow (ALL TYPES) reduced shot speed.

    24. Magic Absorb protects against magic only below the 9th circle.

  • New event 18 Nov @ 9 p.m. + 3 UTC

    Dear players,

    A new event with cool prizes takes place this Saturday at 9:00 p.m. + 3 UTC. The portal will be opened at Zulu Square (former Market Square) at the specified time.
    Don’t bring anything, even your mounts have to stay at home.
    The event starts exactly at 9:00 p.m., and the portal will be open in advance.
    Follow for more detailed info.

    NB: Second windows or twin accounts are forbidden during the event.
    Killing or attacking other characters is prohibited, or the player is kicked out.

    All the participants will have a chance to try their luck in an additional lottery with valuable prizes and ZulUSD.

  • Lot # 5 (auction) is sold!

    Presto becomes the happy owner of a beautiful castle with a landscape overlooking a sea of corpses! 🙂

    All participants will receive their deposit back soon.

  • Auction. Lot # 5

    Did you ask for it? Here you go!

    Free from tenants, a small cottage built in a medieval style.
    There is a barbeque zone on the roof where you can host parties. The size of the house is 25×10.

    The starting bid is 10 ZulUSD
    The sold out price is 50 ZulUSD

    The auction will last until November 14, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC or will end earlier if someone offers the maximum price.

    The auction is located at the square (formerly Market).

    P.S. To participate in the auction, you must have 1 ZulUSD on your balance as a deposit until the end of the auction and then you’ll get it back.

  • Improvements and fixes

    Here is the list of improvements that were applied after the latest restart:

    1. Ranger catches more fish after 5th level (5 level +1, 6 level +2, 7 level + 3).
    2. Crafter digs more ore and wood (5 level +1, 6 level + 2, 7 level +3). Perks like Miner and Lumber also provide additional material.
    3. Some spells from the Codex and Holly Book deal less damage now (they used to deal double damage before).
    4. Bard’s spell Song of Life restores less health.
    5. Leech and Polymorph work correctly.
    6. You can call guards for free now.
    7. PvP mode regarding the walls and dragons is also fixed.
    8. Some files in the Orion updates like Stealth were removed, so that they wouldn’t interfere with the configurations.
    9. Mages deal less damage in short-range combat in PvP. No stamina can be drained.
    10. A bug when Georgettes weren’t visible is fixed, please update the game files.
    11. The loot level is increased to 8. Items +6 can be found in the game.

  • IRONZULU – 1st winner

    The first treasure is found by Uns.
    He receives 50 ZulUSD and tons of different stuff just like we promised.

    There are 2 other treasures left. Look for a clue to find it.

  • Latest improvements and fixes

    1. Bard’s spells and Songbook: Faster cast and less mana required. (Previously, more mana was used than a mage would have to with Codex). The duration of Musical Shield, Song of Defense, and Song of Protection is longer.
    2. All the chests have new weight.
    3. The number of gems delivered to the Jeweller vendor is increased from 15 to 30.
    4. All the treasure chests drop gems and Bard’s reagents.
    Treasure chests levels: 1 = 1, 2 = 2, 3 = 3, 4 = 6, 5 = 7, 6 = 8. (The 4th level of treasure chests has higher loot than in the spellbook).
    5. The color of the VIP guild can color the stone too.
    6. Dragon’s and Ostard’s eggs do not work in cities anymore.
    7. New clothes can be dyed into the VIP guild’s color.
    8. The Musicianship skill restores the stats correctly.
    9. The Poisoning skill used to save charges on the weapons with the help of any poison and would improve it with the strongest one. Now if the level of poison doesn’t match the previous one, the charges won’t be upgraded.
    10. New rules for the owners who left their pets without supervision. If the untamed animal kills somebody within 10 min, the owner loses his karma.
    11. Jewelry crafted with the Tinkering skill became a little stronger.
    12. A corpse can’t be resurrected with Animate Dead if it has already come to life before. The maximum duration of the living dead is 240 seconds.
    13. The Unlock spell requires 2 x more magery to open the treasure chests. If a chest requires 35 Lockpicking skill to open the treasure chest, then it would require 70 Magery.
    14. The damage of an Animated Dead is reduced to 0.65 while combatting with monsters.
    15. Weapons crafted from wood and ore now should work with reduced armor.
    16. All the houses will have secured chests back.
    17. During the PvP combat the following will be unavailable: Teleport home, teleport to a tile (local farming), and house building.
    18. In the options, we added a choice of no notification of karma decrease while looting a corpse.
    19. Meet a completely new mount Zulu Kookabara that provides all 20 stats while riding it. There will be only 1 respawn with a random time of appearance (up to 24 hours). The respawn location will be announced later.
    20. Crafter’s items require fewer resources to fix them when broken. Any looted item can be fixed for Zulu Coins.
    21. We assume, there is no longer an issue with Your True form (A mage would turn back to a human before the polymorph runs out. Please let us know if this problem still exists.)
    22. The properties of Leech no longer freeze. (Again, let us know if you encounter this issue).
    23. The security of the treasure chest depends on the loot’s level.
    24. Corpses by the treasure chest guards don’t disappear anymore.
    25. The coordinates of all the treasure chests have completely changed. Whoever has open chests, can trade them to new ones. Ask the administration about this.
    26. The difficulty of unlocking the treasure chest is 35 x (level). The lockpicking skill is required.
    27. The color of the main chat has changed.
    28. The .guards command requires 50 gold from the character’s backpack only.
    29. It costs 25,000 gold to switch your race.
    30. It will be allowed to place vendors inside the buildings at the market square.
    31. The poisoning bomb is added to the game. Use the poisoning skill on a poison bottle and the explosive bottle, and you will receive a super cool bomb.

  • Win 100 ZulUSD in IRONZULU!

    Attention everyone!

    We announce the IRONZULU!

    Participate in the run to win 100 ZulUSD.

    The rules are simple: There are 2 locations in the world where 50 ZulUSD is hidden along with all kinds of crappy stuff. And there is one place with just crappy things.
    Look for hints.

    Task: Find the money and buy your wife a treat. Or at least a Premium Perk with this money =)

    Start right now and hurry up! Don’t forget to take a selfie!

  • Lot # 4 (auction) is sold!

    The winner of the auction is “OxoTHuK” who offered a maximum bid of 150 ZulUSD!

  • Mega-quest November 10th, at 8 p.m. +3 UTC

    This Friday, November 10th, 2023 at 8 p.m. +3 UTC we are holding a mega-quest that requires all your ingenuity and speed. Even a character with zero IQ skills will be able to hit the jackpot.

    Follow the news for further updates.

  • Auction. Lot #4

    Due to numerous requests, a new auction is launching!

    A magnificent 31×31 square tiles three-floor mansion in the English. There is a magnificent lawn by the entrance area for walking your Spitz puppies.
    The mansion can accommodate up to 20 guests and unlimited servants.

    The starting bid is 10 ZulUSD.
    The max (sold out) price is 150 ZulUSD.

    The auction will last until November 11, 2023, until 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC, or will end sooner if someone offers the maximum price of 150 ZulUSD.

    The auction is located at the square (former Market).

    P.S. To participate in the auction, you must have 1 ZulUSD on your balance, which is taken as a deposit during the auction and will be returned after its completion.

  • Lot #3 (auction) is sold!

    The auction is finished ahead of time. The max bid of 120 ZulUSD was offered by Janjak! We thank everyone for their participation.

  • Auction. Lot #3

    Here we go again!

    A new lot is placed at the auction!
    Royal Windsor Castle for sale, 20×25, 2 floors, a residential roof and a patio. 20 comfortable beds located within the castle walls let the landlord host 20 royals on full board and an unlimited number of servants.
    The auction will last until Thursday, Nov 11 2023 at 8:00 p.m. + 3 UTC.
    The starting bid is 10 ZulUSD.
    Max price is 120 ZulUSD which allows you to buy the lot right away with an automatic finish of the auction.

    P.S. To participate, you have to have 1 ZulUSD in your account which will be returned to you after the auction is finished.

  • Lot #2 (auction) is sold!

    Lot #2 is sold!
    The castle now belongs to Ihana Soturi who offered the maximum bid of 200 ZulUSD and thus, stopped the auction.
    Congratulations to the winner!

    Thanks to all the participants of the auction.
    It was awesome!

  • The Auction is still in progress!

    We kindly remind you that the auction for Lot # 2 (big castle) is continuing!
    The current bid is only 45 ZulUSD!
    The auction lasts until Tuesday, Nov 7 2023 at 8:00 p.m. + 3 UTC.
    The biggest bid at the end of the auction wins the lot and the player receives the deed for the castle!

    The Auction stone is located at the square (former market square).

  • Auction. Lot # 2

    Another auction has started!

    A new lot is placed at the Auction Pole at the Market Square:

    A Gothic-style castle with no inner walls, no interior decorations or furniture but spacious with a full bathroom and sewerage lined to the city garden.
    The starting price is 10 ZulUSD and the final price is 200 ZulUSD, which immediately stops the auction once the price is reached and the winner of the auction receives the deed for the castle.
    Participation in the auction costs 1 ZulUSD and is paid once, with no need to pay extra when you make your bid.
    Do not place your offer if you have no money to pay the lot off!

    The auction will last until Tuesday, Nov 7 at 8:00 +3 UTC.

    There are two possible ways for the auction to be finished:

    1. Once the lot reaches its final cost.
    2. Once the auction time runs out, even if the cost is less than the final one, let’s say 15 ZulUSD.

    P.S. We do help with the arrangements and placement of the lot, like removing objects that are on the way of placing the deed on the map.

  • Lot #1 (auction) is sold!

    The first lot has reached its final cost and now the castle belongs to Ihana Soturi. This auction is complete.
    Congratulations to the winner!

  • Auction. Lot # 1

    Now let’s take a closer look at the Auction.

    There is a lot of “A Castle no walls” at the market square. The starting bid is 10 ZulUSD. The final price is 200 ZulUSD which means once the bid reaches 200, the auction stops automatically and the lot has found its owner.
    The charge to participate in the auction is 1 ZulUSD which is paid only once per auction and doesn’t require additional cost to place your bid.
    Please do not bid if you have no money to pay the lot off.

    The Auction will last until Monday, 8:00 p.m. or sooner if the bid reaches its final price (200 ZulUSD specifically for this lot).
    Click on the Auction Pole to start participating and enter the price you want to offer.

  • Latest updates

    1. Items break depending on magic too.
    2. Items like Orc Mask and Skull are no longer received when skinning hides.
    3. The scroll that increases skills (purchased for gold or quest points) is temporarily out of service until fixed
    4. Items like Crossbow Bolt, Throwing Daggers, Gunpowder, Arrow, Ice Arrow, Fire Arrow, Feather, and Blank Scroll have lower prices.
    5. There is a new item that improves a weapon or an item carried in the other hand (shield or carpentry book). The description of the item itself is incorrect and will be corrected soon.
    6. Fewer reagents are found in loot now.
    7. Balron can no longer teleport.
    8. The Archery and Fishing skills gradually and more persistently increase strength.
    9. Tree seeds weigh 1 stone instead of 5.
    10. Security guards are back starting from Saturday at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC.
    11. The charge for calling guards (use .guards command) is 50 gold if you have gold in your backpack and 100 gold if taken from the bank. The delay between the following guards’ call is 10 seconds.
    12. Temporarily you have an opportunity to see the loot that can be received from the monsters when you point your mouse arrow at them.
    13. We fixed the color change of the character (becomes grey when killing monsters). We encourage you to report this problem whenever you encounter it.
    14. The corpse icon no longer freezes when it’s being looted.
    15. The Auction Pole is added to the game world.
    16. The Leech spell adds 25 health instead of 125.
    17. The Poisonous Bomb is added to the game world. More details will be published later.
    18. The duration of magic buffs now depends on the Evaluation skill and is increased x 2.
    19. Loot level is increased + 5.

  • Halloween Event lasts until Monday, 6th of November

    Dear players,
    We have decided to prolong the Halloween event until Monday, 6th of November at 8 p.m. +3 UTC. Use this time to change your style with colored hair.

  • USD bank has reached 2000 ZulUSD!

    Meanwhile, the USD bank has reached 2000 ZulUSD!

    USD bank is the ZulUSD coins available in mobs’ loot and can be transferred into real money!

    Enjoy your hunting!

  • Current and upcoming changes

    Dear players,
    The sooner you report on any issues, the sooner we fix them.
    Thank you for staying with us.

    This is what is going to be done shortly:

    1. The amount of loot (such as reagents and arrows) from the monsters will decrease.
    This is due to the lack of demand that vendors have.

    2. The treasures system in general will change too, e.g.:
    – coordinates (limited treasure farming from the ships),
    – jewels will be added to the loot,
    – loot will be available from the treasure guardians,
    – different treasure guarding.

    The Halloween event will last until the 2nd of November 2023 8 p.m. +3 UTC.

    Hurry up and collect 700 pumpkins to die hair of your character.
    The pumpkins will remain after the event and can be traded for something else but the items they provide now will be gone.
    You still have some time to farm arrows, reagents, and pumpkins.

    Thank you for your attention and good luck!

  • Additional Halloween items updated

    We’ve changed some of the requirements for the Halloween Pimkins.

    Use “Halloween Pumpkins” to get the following rewards:

    2Anti Darkness FeyIt clears the missed hits off the character
    100Color Your PetTo color your or someone else’s pet, use the item, enter the text and point to the object (pet)
    1Energy DrinkRestores health when used. Works separately from all possible healing.
    700Hair ColorTo dye the character’s hair, enter the color you choose.
    5Loot Bonus PotionIncreases the chance of finding a magic item by 15%. The current potion is removed with Dispell or upon death. Works along with the Looter perk and Premium perk summing up all the bonuses.
    1MilkshakeRemoves poison when used.
    2YummyIncreases all of your stats when used.

    The above-mentioned items will work only during the event, so there is no point in saving something for later.

    The event takes place from the 28th of October 2023 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC until the 2nd of November 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC.

  • Karma and a new command

    Dear players,

    Since not everyone realized that killing other players is bad and almost everyone who was training Sparring had their karma negative, we have added a new single-use command to help clear it off.

    Type .cleankarma and quit bugging the administration with silly requests.
    We recommend logging out for about 5 min after the command is used.

    Further on, add your sparring partner to a “party” so that your karma won’t be affected.

  • Minor Updates


    1. New graphic image for “raw fish”, “fried fish”, “raw ribs” and “fried ribs”.
    2. Items that protect from paralysis “Free Action” became normal at 20% instead of 5% offered by a Vendor in Britain.
    3. Now planting vegetables and reagents provides 2 to 3 times more crops than you can buy from a Vendor for the equivalent price.
    4. Now “Strength”. “Dexterity” and “Intelligence” stats can be bought for ZulUSD.
    5. Loot items level is increased to 5 lvl. Chances to loot 4+ items are much higher now.
    6. All stats and skills up to 130 can be purchased for ZulUSD.
    7. Potions dropped from monsters have proper names.
    8. We fixed a bug where Crafter’s Torch didn’t check if it was on. Now to reveal, the torch must be on the character. Charging time is 25 sec.
    9. Veterinary skill works separately from Ranger’s pills.
    10. Teratan hide can be obtained from all types of spiders.
    11. In addition, players are allowed to rent land for construction below the tiles near the Britain city.

  • Quest “Halloween Pumpkins”

    A note was found in a burnt house. Almost all the text on it was ruined. The scribblers figured out only the following: “They are not people, they are beasts! They used magic unknown before to infect everything around them! A substance was sprayed in the air. Monsters summon upon their death.”

    Stop using macros for a while and kill those monsters. There is a chance to get a Halloween parasite out of them. Kill the parasite and save ZuluHotel. Collect quest items “Halloween pumpkins” and use them.

    Use “Halloween Pumpkins” to get the following rewards:

    2Anti Darkness FeyIt clears the missed hits off the character
    100Color Your PetTo color your or someone else’s pet, use the item, enter the text and point to the object (pet)
    1Energy DrinkRestores health when used. Works separately from all possible healing.
    700Hair ColorTo dye the character’s hair, enter the color you choose.
    15Loot Bonus PotionIncreases the chance of finding a magic item by 15%. The current potion is removed with Dispell or upon death. Works along with the Looter perk and Premium perk summing up all the bonuses.
    1MilkshakeRemoves poison when used.
    10YummyIncreases all of your stats when used.

    The above-mentioned items will work only during the event, so there is no point in saving something for later.

    The event takes place from the 28th of October 2023 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC until the 2nd of November 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC.

  • Recent Updates & Fixes

    1. When a character turns while hiding, it doesn’t count as a turn.
    2. “Sand” and “Clay” have corrected description (Tinkering Reagent).
    3. We fixed a long crafting of an item with the Carpentry skill.
    4. Piils for healing Ranger now correctly works with .eat rangheal command.
    5. Drink. command has Mind Refresh Potion among the list of potions that can be used with it.
    6. The Magic Fish effect now depends on the Taste Identification skill. The skill is additionally trained while eating this type of fish.
    7. Weapons with Stygian effect (Legendary) now damage as much as Swift with 2 points higher speed.
    8. Some corrections in PVE and PVP were made. The characters with the Parrying skill trained now block the damage better.
    Stats do not increase damage now. Casting spells and wearing items improve only main stats like health, stamina, speed and mana.
    9. The Inscription skill requires fewer scrolls: Spellbook – 1 scroll, Earth Book and Song Book – 2 and more, Necro Book and Holly Book – 3 and more.
    10. Lockpicking requirements have changed too: 25 for the 1 level treasure chest, 50 for the 2 level, etc.
    11. We corrected the criminal status for Ranger (with pets) and Thief (and poison). If there are any issues with the criminal status, feel free to send a private message to the administration of the shard.
    12. Skills purchased for ZulUSD are increased to 115.

  • First ZulUSD found!

    On the 23rd of October, the first ZulUSD was obtained from Blood Elemental!

    Kind reminder:
    ZulUSD is a special coin that can be cashed out as real-life money!
    50% of all the donations made are returned in ZulUSD and you can find them in monster loot.

    Currently, there are 1249 ZulUSD coins!

    We are not hinting or anything, but the Premium Account perk increases the chance of getting ZulUSD.

    Good luck hunting!

  • Hunger crisis

    Dear players,
    After the last restart, nearly half of the starving population died.
    Be kind and share some food for the poor. Place whatever you don’t need in the chest at the market square. Stop the hunger!

    FYI, we know about the issues regarding the damage during battles with monsters and PVP.
    Shortly, we will do our best to make it comfortable for any class to fight both against monsters and players.

  • Updates & Fixes
    1. Animals can now stop following your commands and even leave you. (You should feed animals to prevent this. For example, Pack Llama and Pack Horse eat fruits and vegetables).
    2. We have checked and corrected stamina decrease when the actual weight has not reached its maximum.
    3. The number of fishing rods sold by NPCs has been increased from 5 to 10.
    4. Tasks that are performed on training dummies should now be completed even if your skill is above 75.
    5. The character’s hunger has acquired new properties: now the character can die from starvation.
    6. Axes and Pickaxes break less often.
    7. The Snooping skill can now be trained on NPCs.
    8. Mage scrolls, which do not require mana to use now check the amount of mana for the spell. If your mana is 0, you won’t be able to cast the spell.
    9. Some items (for example clothes that were weightless before) have some weight. Some objects have become passable. Update your game files.
      (If some of you have a STEALTH update notification, save the stealth files separately, update the files and then place the saved stealth files back in the folder. Update only if it is required to update some other files).
    10. Vampiric weapons reduce mana by 25% per hit.
    11. The Mind Blast spell had a bug that increased damage. A 5th circle spell worked like an 8th.
    12. The effect of poison from the Thief’s Poisoning skill has been changed. It now is based more on the level.
    13. The error in growing plants has been fixed. Now the crops are obtained in a smaller amount.
    14. All lanterns have 5 charges from now on and work only for 1 lvl Crafters. With their help, you can find any hiding character within the radius of 2 tiles.
    15. Loot level increased to 4. (Of Power).
    16. All skills purchased for ZulUSD are increased to 110.
    17. Crafter weapons (Exceptional, Perfect and Legendary) can be fixed again if needed.
    18. Premium Blesser cas is increased. Level 0 = 35 and with each character level +5 will be added to each stat.
    19. We fixed a bug where weapons could depict incorrect parameters (+6, +12). All weapons will now add not +1 to the skill, but +2. (For example, it was +1 to Fensing, it will become +2 to Fensing).
    20. Thief now ignores protection from poison starting from level 1.

    We are aware of some issues with physical damage in PVP.
    Step by step we will check and correct it.

    Very soon, there will be a restart to implement the updates. Some of them are active already and there are some that require the restart, which will take place around midnight (12 p.m.) +3 UTC and won’t last long.

  • Latest updates and fixes

    Here are the updates and fixes that haven’t been published before.

    1. Lesser Mind Potion is added to monster loot.
    2. Archers monsters now shoot on the run and don’t run like warriors do and then hit.
    3. The charge for the skill switch at the pole is 5 Zulu coins now.
    4. Monsters drop more gold.
    5. A bug, during which fish would be cut into 4 pieces with an equipped knife, was fixed. (Without a knife you could cut it in 1 piece as it is supposed to).
    6. You might encounter some difficulties while looting off your corpse and this will be fixed shortly. Soon you will be able to loot corpses with no delay if the killer is on your friends list.
    7. Hunger significantly lowers your stats.
    8. Musical instruments restore a small amount of the stats properties of the listeners.
    9. A bug when a thief could steal from a logged-out character is fixed. 🙂
    10. Previously, some magic staffs would incorrectly affect the stats on the matter of damage and attack speed, so we fixed that too.
    11. The more difficult it is to kill a monster, the faster you will level your character. For example, training your skill on a Balron occurs 3 times faster.
    12. Mutants do weaker damage reflection.
    13. Since almost all players have been playing for more than 3 days now, the .rescue command from now on sends you to Buc Den (Buccaneer’s Den). Moreover, all NPCs in Newbie Land send you out into the world, as the playing time is more than 3 days.
    14. Killing monsters provides you with more karma points.
    15. We have returned the items’ ability to break when used with Mining or Lumberjacking skills because when they didn’t break, they would remain in the backpack.
    16. All purchased skills are limited to 103 increase.
    17. Now you need 1 frying pan, 1 bottle of wine, and 1 green fish to create pills.

  • Lifehack of the day

    Lifehack of the day

    So that your character won’t turn red while sparring or training stealing skills, add all the characters you train to a party.

    Also, all red characters will have their kills and karma cleared.

    Besides, the skill-changing pole now requires a smaller charge. And purchased skills limits are increased to 95. Log out so that the skills will increase automatically.

    Training your battle skills on monsters became 2X faster.

  • Minor fixes

    Hi everyone!

    1. We’ve adjusted the text on the scrolls that upgrade skills and stats 1-75.
    2. Also, we fixed the depiction of poisoning after you cure it with the antidote potion.
    3. From now on you can’t heal monsters with bandages.
    4. Mining and Lumberjacking don’t break the tools completely now.
    5. We’ve added a list of tasks under the “Quests” panel to the character’s menu. There you can check all the tasks you have.
    6. You have more time to fulfill the tasks.
    7. Any character can switch his/her race for free for 5 days from the moment of the creation. Use the pole on the Market square.
    8. If you buy skills for ZulUSD, your initial skill level is 90 instead of 75.
    9. You may now use small bombs in the Newbie dungeon.
    10. We changed the depiction of the timer from 14 to 12 as it was supposed to be when healing with bandages.
    11. The .sleep command no longer restores stats.
    12. Some mobs didn’t inflict any damage, so we fixed that too.
    13. Crafting arrows now depends on your parameter set in .options (change the number of the items)
    14. If a killer and the killed character are in a group at the moment of murder, the killer’s karma does not decrease.
    15. The books of skill unlock are always 100% now.
    16. Your bank cell correctly depicts max weight.
    17. You can find more arrows and reagents in monsters loot now.
    18. The 4th spell circle provides a decent increase.

    Some fixes will be activated after the restart, which is planned for Monday, 16th of October at approximately 7:10 a.m. +3 UTC. (Time or date might change).

  • Lifehack of the day

    Lifehack of the day to make your leveling easier:

    Upon adding funds to your personal account on the website, you can enter the in-game perks and purchases menu.
    In the profile of your character click Help –> USD –> choose what you’d like to buy.

    Regarding purchasing the skills, you should keep in mind that when you buy any skill and any number of skills in the menu, they are set to 75 at the beginning. Automatically, with no extra charge applied further on, they are trained until 130 as soon as the purchased limits of the skill training are increased. The limits are set according to the skills trained by other characters and the whole process is done this way, so as not to give supreme benefits to the ones who bought the skills.

    Let us kindly remind you, that 50% of the total donations are put back in ZulUSD coins that can be found in mobs’ loot. Any player can gain ZulUSD coins and cash them out as REAL MONEY or spend them on Perks.

    Also, note that all perks have a free demo period for everyone to try them out.

  • The shard is up and running!

    The shard is up and running!
    Welcome on board!

    Don’t forget to log in in the upper right corner of the website to activate a new account.

    And the winners of today’s raffle are the characters who have entered the game #38, 14, 79.
    14 = Lucifer,
    38 = Mookie,
    79 = Komance.

    The reward will be added shortly to the character’s bank.

    A favor:
    So that the new players can cope with the possible issues they might encounter due to the lack of experience here and so that the shard remains busy, we kindly ask you to help whoever is in need.

    Enjoy your night and macros, you guys.

  • 13th of October 2023 the updated Zuluhotel is launching!

    Dear players,

    Tomorrow, on the 13th of October 2023 at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC we are launching the updated Zuluhotel!

    We’ve improved and updated lots of stuff.
    Click here to find out more: Game Updates

    The main course of this feast is an opportunity to cash out the in-game currency! ZulUSD Coin is on board, you can find it in your loot and withdraw it as REAL MONEY! The exchange rate is 1 coin = $1 USD!
    50% of all donations from the players will return to the game as ZulUSD Coins in mobs’ loot!
    The starting bank found in the loot is $1000 USD!!!

    We will also hold a giveaway for all registered accounts. Simply create a character and receive a raffle token. The results will be published just an hour after the server’s starting time.
    Prizes for 3 lucky players:
    25 000 Gold Coins, Premium Perk for 7 days, PH Perk.
    Don’t forget to join our community in Discord and Telegram channels.

    Follow our advice:
    No. 0. Choose your in-game character name wisely, offensive names will be changed.
    No. 1. Acknowledge the rules of the game: RULES
    No. 2. Read the tasks: TASKS
    No. 3. Check out the new currency ZulUSD, which can be cashed out from the game with the help of the administration. (1 ZulUSD = $1 USD): USD
    No. 4. Complete tasks: killing monsters, skinning hides and getting items TASKS
    No. 5. Kill monsters in the Newbie Dungeon and loot scrolls, clothes/ armor. Try to sell everything possible to receive gold.
    No. 6. Don’t rush to upgrade your main character right away, try out the game changes and only settle with your main character and the main features.
    No. 7. Use free bonuses like Premium Perk and others.
    No. 8. Don’t kill your opponents as it will be more difficult for a player with bad karma.
    No. 9. Be polite and do not break the rules of the game.

  • The start is postponed to the 13th of October 2023.

    Dear players!

    Based on the testing results, a number of bugs and incompletions were identified that require additional time to fix them.
    So that we do not disturb you with updates during the game, we are forced to postpone the start to the 13th of October 2023.

    By the way, it’s Friday the 13th, which is believed to have all the devilry summoned.

    Moreover, as a starting bonus, the Administration will add 1000 USD to the bank of ZulUSD Coins that you can withdraw as REAL MONEY which immediately can be found in the mobs’ loot.

  • Meet the new type of coin – Zulusd!

    Besides lots of new stuff and updates that we have prepared for you, there is a special surprise for the players waiting for them in the new season.

    Meet the new type of coin Zulusd!

    This is a coin that can be found in loot and can be withdrawn as REAL MONEY!
    50% of the gathered donations will be returned to the Zuluhotel players in Zulusd! Zulusd can be withdrawn or used to purchase perks. On the website, there will be an additional bank count.

    The Bank depicts the number of Zulusd coins that haven’t yet been found by the players.
    Every time the Zulusd coin is obtained, the name of the lucky player is announced in a common message throughout the server as well as the mob it was found in.

    … And yes, the Looter perk and Premium perk increase your chances for the “cashback”. How do you like it, Elon Musk?

  • The server opens 29th of September 2023 at 8 p.m. +3 UTC

    Zuluhotel announces the date of the new server’s opening!

    29th of September 2023 at 8 p.m. +3 UTC

    Get ready for some treats dedicated to the event…

    An hour after the server’s opening, we will randomly choose three players who will get a Premium perk for a week, a PH perk for a week, and 25 000 gold.

    The test server is on.

    You can create new accounts that will be used on the new server. You will be able to check the game, prepare scripts, and help us find out if there are any bugs we should know about and fix them for you😊

    You can read about all the new stuff and updates here:
    To install the game, you need to download Orion Launcher:

  • The server moved to another port on 13th August 2023

    Dear players,

    Today August 13th, 2023 the server with the address:,2593
    was moved to another port:,2598.

    Here:,2593 a new testing server will be located prior to a significant update.

    The creation of new accounts is temporarily unavailable. Statistics on the website will not be updated for some time.

  • Update game files to access new Arena

    Dear players,

    Kindly update the game files to have access to a new arena.

    There you can have 1 x 1 combats, 1 x 1 with a stake, 2 x 2, and 2 x 2 with a stake. (No Loot) To place a stake you should have Zulu Coins in your backpack.
    We are working on the final version of the Arena.

  • Updates

    Dear players,
    Here are the updates that were implemented after the last restart.

    1. The Thief’s skills like Snooping and Stealing work according to the same timing as before.
    2. PvP damage is increased by 10%. Now the total damage is 40%
    3. Damage caused by poisoning is increased by 10%. The total poison damage compared to the previous level is 84% now.
    4. Ranger’s damage has increased by 15%.
  • The found treasure

    The treasure has been found.

    The reward goes to УТРО. The encrypted coordinates were 1852 1625.

    Since only one coordinate number was correct, 40 locations had to be checked. We thank everyone for your participation and your patience. The next event will be more effortless 🙂

    P.S. Dear players, We’d appreciate you sharing your ideas about the following events. The plan for the event is usually like this:

    1. The background story (encrypted message or a history).
    2. The plan of the event from the beginning until the end.
    3. Rewards and prizes.
  • The Alchemist event has started.

    Dear players,
    The event has started.

    The Alchemist states that the remains of the Great Mage can be found on the territory of the Minoc city. A greedy miner said that his remains were found by his friends (he calls them brothers) and collected in various miners’ chests like trash. Although they forgot about them some time after and put them at their homes along with their loot.
    It is reported that the traps will be activated if any of the brother miners are gone missing.

    Get the remains of the Great Mage and bring them to the Alchemist in Newbie Town.

    P.S. In every chest, you will find an impressive reward.

    The territory of the Minoc City has No loot, No Guards, and No Gate.
    You’ll find teleports to the Minoc City at the Market Square and in Newbie Town.

  • The Alchemist’s Quest May, 19

    The Alchemist requires the help of all Britain’s citizens this Friday the 19th of May at 10:30 p.m. +3 UTC.
    The Alchemist has decyphered the previously found pages. They tell about a great Mage who is long gone. The Alchemist decided to resurrect the Mage. However, there was no corpse in the discovered grave. What was left is a lot of miners’ equipment. The Alchemist suspects miners to be blamed for having moved the body.
    The task is to find the Mage’s remains and bring them to the Alchemist.

    After the official announcement of the start of the event, the location of the quest will be protected (No loot, No Steal, No Pvp, No Guard Zone). Look for the updates here in Discord or in the Telegram channel.

    Besides the abovementioned details, the Alchemist warns that the search will be very difficult.

  • Updates

    Dear players,
    After the server’s restart, the following updates have been applied:

    1. Angelic Aura spell for mass healing now works for monsters too.
    2. Stealing and Snooping are currently switched off until fixed.
    3. Ostard dragons’ eggs have 2 sec cooldown before the subsequent use.
    4. All PvP physical damage was decreased by 50%.
    5. All PvP magic damage was decreased by 50%.
    6. PvP attack with poison was decreased by 0.79 (in other words by 21%)
    7. Ranger has a new healing way by using alcohol pills. Recipe: Frying Pan, a bottle of Liquor, a bottle of Ale, a bottle of Wine, and Green Fish.
      These pills can be used only by Rangers.
    8. New bows are added to the game world and we are waiting for a perfect monster to drop them in the future. (Pending)

    Items 4,5,6 are in testing mode for PvP

    We also worked a lot on a quest, in which you can die from monsters or traps, on May, 19th at 10:00 p.m. + 3 UTC.
    Keep alert for upcoming information.

  • The winners of the weekend tournaments

    On Saturday 15 people came to the explosive tournament on Saturday, but there were no winners. Everybody died 🙁

    Thanks to those who came to the 2×2 tournament with their own equipment on Sunday. All evaluating skills.
    1st place: YTPO, non ebuona
    2nd place: APTEMKA, End
    3rd place: Shawarma, Ernesto

    There were 12 participants and 1 spectator in total.

  • The tournaments scheduled for this weekend

    The tournaments scheduled for this weekend:

    1. This Saturday, May, 6th 2023 at 10:30 p.m. +3 UTC there will be an explosive tournament with provided equipment.

    The participants’ prizes are 1250 Zulu Coins and 15 Arena Coins.
    The finalist’s reward (only one winner) is 50 Arena Coins и 1250 Zulu Coins.

    1. On Sunday, May, 7th 2023 at 10:30 p.m. +3 UTC there will be a 2×2 tournament with your alley. (Your equipment and your choice of a partner) Players without an alley won’t be allowed to participate.

    The reward for all participants is 1250 Zulu Coins and 15 Arena Coins.
    The reward for the 1st place is 50 Arena Coins и 1250 Zulu Coins to each.
    The reward for the 2 place is 35 Arena Coins и 850 Zulu Coins to each.
    The reward for the 3 place is 25 Arena Coins и 650 Zulu Coins to each.

  • The Alchemist Shop May, 26 at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC

    I work at an alchemist shop in Newbie Town. Many different travelers come to me to get various items. One ordinary day I decided to finish up earlier, as I wasn’t that young anymore and just couldn’t sit by my desk with all the flasks.

    I spent my days in the shop. I was everything I had. After locking the doors I sat down to rest when my eyes caught a view of a peculiar book. It was a present from a strange wanderer wearing a cape. The book was about dragons. I was aware that most dragons inhabit Destard but the book enlightened me about their kinds and helped me find out more about these majestic and cruel creatures. Having read half of the book I noticed the pages had been torn.

    Several weeks later I realized that somebody was watching me. It was that same wanderer. I just had to ask him about the book so I invited him over.

    – I was intrigued by your book. Would you like to tell me more about it?

    -I had been studying this book for many years. When I found it in a burnt house between Britain and Minoc it was lying in the center of the fire but remained absolutely untouched, as if it had a protective shield from the fire, as if it couldn’t harm the book. When I picked it up it wasn’t even warm. Working over it I couldn’t figure out what kind of magic it had, though it looked like a plain book. My research came to a dead end and I had nothing else to do except to give it to you hoping you could have some fresh thoughts about it.

    We had been talking for a while but hadn’t reached a conclusion.

    I don’t remember how much time has passed since then. The book was always on my table and having lost sharp interest in it, I started to use it as a burner stand. I had lots of customers who asked to enchant their armor with the alchemist’s symbols. That one time I had to apply for dragon protection on a shield. I created a chemical reaction from a dragon’s flame and the enchantment potion which went out of my control. I spilled a drop of the potion on the book and suddenly it grew wings and a tail that made it look like a small dragon. The book dropped down on the table and the pages started flipping until they reached its middle. Mystic shining was glowing from the center of the book. I knew for sure there was a living soul in it. I tried to touch the shine flowing from it and saw where the missing pages were.

    Later on the 26th of April at 8:00 +3 UTC, the Alchemist will share some information about where to look for the missing pages.

  • April,15th 1×1 tournament (provided equipment)

    Dear players,
    On the 15th of April 2023 at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC, there will be a 1×1 tournament with provided equipment.

    1st place: 70 Arena Coin, Prem + Looter.
    2nd place: 50 Arena Coin, Prem + Looter.
    3rd place: 30 Arena Coin, Prem + Looter.

    All the participants will receive 10 Arena Coins and 750 Zulu Coins.

  • Quest April, 7th

    On the 18th of March, an Oklo vessel with precious metals, fabrics, and gems was supposed to enter the port of Britain. It never arrived on the expected date. The Lord of Britain ordered to start searching for the vessel. Here is the report of a British ship’s captain Sir Wiysiz from April. 6th:
    “I was instructed to organize the search. I have chosen the fastest ship on the property of the Lord of Britain. We set off as soon as the crew was equipped. Wandering through the empty waters we encountered different ship racks. None of them was proved to be under the Oklo’s flag. Near the shores of Trinsic, we noticed a pirate’s flag. Later we saved a man overboard who turned out to be a pirate. Nevertheless, we fed him and gave him water, and interrogated him after. From what he told us we understood that the vessel we were looking for was captured and taken to the settlement of Buk (a settlement of pirates, robbers, and murderers) Returning to the city of Britannia we brought the found pirate to the city guards.
    A month later the ship’s crew was discovered in the swamp area near the Destard dungeon.
    We fought the pilates but had no chance. Although we were able to drown one of their ships. When they captured our vessel we stayed in its hold all the time. we were almost never visited all by ourselves. Occasionally we would hear the yelling and sinning of the drunken pirates. It all changed after one time. They sailed to some island and let us go not even giving a damn about like. Like we’ve always lived there. Many strong men were among us. Some of them started fishing, some went hunting. We were just trying to survive and later we managed to swim across the waters to the nearest island. The goods remained with the pirates. It is no secret that they were the Rotten Leg Pirates. . “

    Announcement of the Lord of Britain:
    Find the pirates and return the goods.

    The quest starts on 7, April at 9:00 p.m. +3 UTC
    You should search the whole world and find the Rotten Leg Pirates, their house, or anything else related to them. There is no point in starting your search before the beginning of the quest.

  • Updates

    Dear players,
    We’ve prepared something new for you.

    1. The armor that drops from Bosses has been changed. Some detailed information will be later added to the Wiki pages as well as a description of Zulu Shop items.
      Unfortunately, you can’t modify your old armor, so go ahead and sell it 😉
    2. All bosses became smarter – their intellect increased.
  • 2×2 tournament on April, 8th

    This Saturday, 8th April at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC there will be a 2×2 couples tournament with your equipment.

    NO LOOT!

    Dear players, if you have no friend to participate with you can always try finding it during the tournament.

    The prizes (10 Arena Coins and 750 Zulu Coins) will be given to all the participants.

    For the 1st place taken: 50 Arena Coins, 1000 Zulu coins, Premium and Looter perks to each one in a pair.
    For the 2nd place taken: 30 Arena Coins, 1000 Zulu coins, Premium and Looter perks to each one in a pair.
    For the 1st place taken: 15 Arena Coins, 1000 Zulu coins, Premium and Looter perks to each one in a pair.
    You can also resurrect the allies.

  • The winner of Sunday’s event

    The event is over.
    The winner is Распутин Гриша.
    Everyone has received their prizes.

  • The evil was defeated

    The evil was defeated. All the participants who were in the area near the boss received 1000 Zulu Coins and 150 Arena Points.

    Today (Sunday, April 2nd) at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC a Bomber event will be held.

    The items that will be provided include 2 explosion bottles and 2 healing bottles., as well as a protective armor set.
    All players will be placed in a special area. The main goal is to survive.
    All players who die will be teleported to the waiting area.

    All participants of the tournament will receive prizes:
    20 Arena Coins
    900 Zulu Coins

    The last survivor will receive Premium Account and Looter perks, 1500 Zulu Coins, and 50 Arena Coins.

    Twinks are forbidden at this event. If violated a 14 days punishment will be enforced.

  • A mysterious letter

    May, 17th

    The way from Britain to Kov took me almost 4 days. That damn detour through the desert… I wonder when the swamps will be cleared of the ugly creatures that live there. My mare isn’t the same anymore, she’s old and weak. Although I must say I appreciate her serving me even longer than I remember myself. Once I reached the city, the guards detained me. Those dumb smelly wussies made me pay to pass. The parcel I was carrying was way too important to argue about it. I had no time to waste. Those morons didn’t even realize that I was carrying potions and resources for their equipment. Later I handed it over and left my mount in some paddock to rest. I am too old for this shit, I guess it’s time for me to spend the rest of the nights quietly in some hut… Outside was calm and quiet. A light breeze was blowing the smell of horse manure in my face. Passing by the tavern I heard some noise from the crowd. The tavern had lots of empty tables, as most of the visitors gathered around a dirty one-handed man with a huge black beard. He looked wounded as if he’d fought at the Arena on daily basis. I saw a gun on his table and an enormous wooden mug with a drink unknown to me. While waiting for my drink, I lit my pipe, sat quietly by the table, and tried to listen carefully to the things the man was telling. He talked about his adventures, accomplishments, and victories.

    I was an attentive listener, and it seemed to me that I could repeat word for word what he was saying then. Later, I found out that this man devoted his entire life to protecting the lands of Britain from demons and the undead. He was a head hunter – one of those who hunted assassins. Then it realized why his appearance was so disfigured. He mentioned that his name was Natar from the village of Ilshenara. The noises in the tavern became louder and louder, almost unbearable…the drinks kicked in and I felt very sleepy.
    Suddenly, a distinguishing sound was heard from the street. Apparently, passers-by saw something. This cry frightened me so much that it seems I became sober. All visitors of the tavern fell silent and it became very quiet. Some kind of bloody black dust was visible in the windows in the middle of the street, no one understood what was happening after all. At one point, Natar shouted, — “Back! Move away!”, I thought he seemed to know what it was. I remember how grabbing a gun, he ran out into the street and disappeared into a clot of dark energy. I could not move, as if my body did not obey me, I remember that I could only look. All the people around also stood and did not move. The deathly silence was broken only by the sound of pistol shells and the whistle of dust coming from the street. The last thing I remember is that everything in front of me started falling to the floor. Waking up a little later, I went outside and saw a black mark, an element of a pentagram burned on the ground, and a burnt pistol lay near it in a pile of ashes. All visitors to the tavern, except for me, were killed. I am the only and last who is still alive and can and will tell everyone about my letter.

    Everyone except me died. I am the only one and the last one of those who are still alive and can share this story through the memories in the book.

    November, 4th

    It’s been two years since that horrible day. I quit traveling and settled in the center of Ilshenar.

    November, 10

    I was dreaming of my death last night. Abbadon came for me.

    December, 9th

    The weather is awful. A storm is coming. It seems I hear the whistling just like that day. I guess, this might be my last day.

    The last scroll has been deciphered:

    He spoke to me. I am doomed…The ritual was initiated. Everyone must kill him. The bones of the damned will show the way to find him.

  • Updates and fixes

    Dear players,
    On the 31st of March, the server will be updated and restarted.

    1. Shady Stranger has more intellect and protection now.
    2. A bug concerning the dye for animals was fixed.
    3. You now have an opportunity to automatically search the corpses in No-Loot areas. Just open your prey and all items will be automatically transferred to your backpack.
  • New events this weekend

    Dear players,
    This Saturday at 9:00 p.m. +3 UTC a mysterious letter will be decrypted.

    We encourage you to find some time to participate in this event. Search, killing, and fun are included.

    On Sunday at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC a Bomber event will be held.

    The items that will be provided include 2 explosion bottles and 2 healing bottles., as well as a protective armor set.
    All players will be placed in a special area. The main goal is to survive.
    All players who die will be teleported to the waiting area.

    All participants of the tournament will receive prizes:
    20 Arena Coins
    900 Zulu Coins

    The last survivor will receive Premium Account and Looter perks, 1500 Zulu Coins, and 50 Arena Coins.

    Twinks are forbidden at this event. If violated a 14 days punishment will be enforced.