• The start is postponed to the 13th of October 2023.

    Dear players!

    Based on the testing results, a number of bugs and incompletions were identified that require additional time to fix them.
    So that we do not disturb you with updates during the game, we are forced to postpone the start to the 13th of October 2023.

    By the way, it’s Friday the 13th, which is believed to have all the devilry summoned.

    Moreover, as a starting bonus, the Administration will add 1000 USD to the bank of ZulUSD Coins that you can withdraw as REAL MONEY which immediately can be found in the mobs’ loot.

  • Meet the new type of coin – Zulusd!

    Besides lots of new stuff and updates that we have prepared for you, there is a special surprise for the players waiting for them in the new season.

    Meet the new type of coin Zulusd!

    This is a coin that can be found in loot and can be withdrawn as REAL MONEY!
    50% of the gathered donations will be returned to the Zuluhotel players in Zulusd! Zulusd can be withdrawn or used to purchase perks. On the website, there will be an additional bank count.

    The Bank depicts the number of Zulusd coins that haven’t yet been found by the players.
    Every time the Zulusd coin is obtained, the name of the lucky player is announced in a common message throughout the server as well as the mob it was found in.

    … And yes, the Looter perk and Premium perk increase your chances for the “cashback”. How do you like it, Elon Musk?

  • The server opens 29th of September 2023 at 8 p.m. +3 UTC

    Zuluhotel announces the date of the new server’s opening!

    29th of September 2023 at 8 p.m. +3 UTC

    Get ready for some treats dedicated to the event…

    An hour after the server’s opening, we will randomly choose three players who will get a Premium perk for a week, a PH perk for a week, and 25 000 gold.

    The test server is on.

    You can create new accounts that will be used on the new server. You will be able to check the game, prepare scripts, and help us find out if there are any bugs we should know about and fix them for you😊

    You can read about all the new stuff and updates here:
    To install the game, you need to download Orion Launcher:

  • The server moved to another port on 13th August 2023

    Dear players,

    Today August 13th, 2023 the server with the address:,2593
    was moved to another port:,2598.

    Here:,2593 a new testing server will be located prior to a significant update.

    The creation of new accounts is temporarily unavailable. Statistics on the website will not be updated for some time.

  • Update game files to access new Arena

    Dear players,

    Kindly update the game files to have access to a new arena.

    There you can have 1 x 1 combats, 1 x 1 with a stake, 2 x 2, and 2 x 2 with a stake. (No Loot) To place a stake you should have Zulu Coins in your backpack.
    We are working on the final version of the Arena.

  • Updates

    Dear players,
    Here are the updates that were implemented after the last restart.

    1. The Thief’s skills like Snooping and Stealing work according to the same timing as before.
    2. PvP damage is increased by 10%. Now the total damage is 40%
    3. Damage caused by poisoning is increased by 10%. The total poison damage compared to the previous level is 84% now.
    4. Ranger’s damage has increased by 15%.
  • The found treasure

    The treasure has been found.

    The reward goes to УТРО. The encrypted coordinates were 1852 1625.

    Since only one coordinate number was correct, 40 locations had to be checked. We thank everyone for your participation and your patience. The next event will be more effortless 🙂

    P.S. Dear players, We’d appreciate you sharing your ideas about the following events. The plan for the event is usually like this:

    1. The background story (encrypted message or a history).
    2. The plan of the event from the beginning until the end.
    3. Rewards and prizes.
  • The Alchemist event has started.

    Dear players,
    The event has started.

    The Alchemist states that the remains of the Great Mage can be found on the territory of the Minoc city. A greedy miner said that his remains were found by his friends (he calls them brothers) and collected in various miners’ chests like trash. Although they forgot about them some time after and put them at their homes along with their loot.
    It is reported that the traps will be activated if any of the brother miners are gone missing.

    Get the remains of the Great Mage and bring them to the Alchemist in Newbie Town.

    P.S. In every chest, you will find an impressive reward.

    The territory of the Minoc City has No loot, No Guards, and No Gate.
    You’ll find teleports to the Minoc City at the Market Square and in Newbie Town.

  • The Alchemist’s Quest May, 19

    The Alchemist requires the help of all Britain’s citizens this Friday the 19th of May at 10:30 p.m. +3 UTC.
    The Alchemist has decyphered the previously found pages. They tell about a great Mage who is long gone. The Alchemist decided to resurrect the Mage. However, there was no corpse in the discovered grave. What was left is a lot of miners’ equipment. The Alchemist suspects miners to be blamed for having moved the body.
    The task is to find the Mage’s remains and bring them to the Alchemist.

    After the official announcement of the start of the event, the location of the quest will be protected (No loot, No Steal, No Pvp, No Guard Zone). Look for the updates here in Discord or in the Telegram channel.

    Besides the abovementioned details, the Alchemist warns that the search will be very difficult.

  • Updates

    Dear players,
    After the server’s restart, the following updates have been applied:

    1. Angelic Aura spell for mass healing now works for monsters too.
    2. Stealing and Snooping are currently switched off until fixed.
    3. Ostard dragons’ eggs have 2 sec cooldown before the subsequent use.
    4. All PvP physical damage was decreased by 50%.
    5. All PvP magic damage was decreased by 50%.
    6. PvP attack with poison was decreased by 0.79 (in other words by 21%)
    7. Ranger has a new healing way by using alcohol pills. Recipe: Frying Pan, a bottle of Liquor, a bottle of Ale, a bottle of Wine, and Green Fish.
      These pills can be used only by Rangers.
    8. New bows are added to the game world and we are waiting for a perfect monster to drop them in the future. (Pending)

    Items 4,5,6 are in testing mode for PvP

    We also worked a lot on a quest, in which you can die from monsters or traps, on May, 19th at 10:00 p.m. + 3 UTC.
    Keep alert for upcoming information.

  • The winners of the weekend tournaments

    On Saturday 15 people came to the explosive tournament on Saturday, but there were no winners. Everybody died 🙁

    Thanks to those who came to the 2×2 tournament with their own equipment on Sunday. All evaluating skills.
    1st place: YTPO, non ebuona
    2nd place: APTEMKA, End
    3rd place: Shawarma, Ernesto

    There were 12 participants and 1 spectator in total.

  • The tournaments scheduled for this weekend

    The tournaments scheduled for this weekend:

    1. This Saturday, May, 6th 2023 at 10:30 p.m. +3 UTC there will be an explosive tournament with provided equipment.

    The participants’ prizes are 1250 Zulu Coins and 15 Arena Coins.
    The finalist’s reward (only one winner) is 50 Arena Coins и 1250 Zulu Coins.

    1. On Sunday, May, 7th 2023 at 10:30 p.m. +3 UTC there will be a 2×2 tournament with your alley. (Your equipment and your choice of a partner) Players without an alley won’t be allowed to participate.

    The reward for all participants is 1250 Zulu Coins and 15 Arena Coins.
    The reward for the 1st place is 50 Arena Coins и 1250 Zulu Coins to each.
    The reward for the 2 place is 35 Arena Coins и 850 Zulu Coins to each.
    The reward for the 3 place is 25 Arena Coins и 650 Zulu Coins to each.

  • The Alchemist Shop May, 26 at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC

    I work at an alchemist shop in Newbie Town. Many different travelers come to me to get various items. One ordinary day I decided to finish up earlier, as I wasn’t that young anymore and just couldn’t sit by my desk with all the flasks.

    I spent my days in the shop. I was everything I had. After locking the doors I sat down to rest when my eyes caught a view of a peculiar book. It was a present from a strange wanderer wearing a cape. The book was about dragons. I was aware that most dragons inhabit Destard but the book enlightened me about their kinds and helped me find out more about these majestic and cruel creatures. Having read half of the book I noticed the pages had been torn.

    Several weeks later I realized that somebody was watching me. It was that same wanderer. I just had to ask him about the book so I invited him over.

    – I was intrigued by your book. Would you like to tell me more about it?

    -I had been studying this book for many years. When I found it in a burnt house between Britain and Minoc it was lying in the center of the fire but remained absolutely untouched, as if it had a protective shield from the fire, as if it couldn’t harm the book. When I picked it up it wasn’t even warm. Working over it I couldn’t figure out what kind of magic it had, though it looked like a plain book. My research came to a dead end and I had nothing else to do except to give it to you hoping you could have some fresh thoughts about it.

    We had been talking for a while but hadn’t reached a conclusion.

    I don’t remember how much time has passed since then. The book was always on my table and having lost sharp interest in it, I started to use it as a burner stand. I had lots of customers who asked to enchant their armor with the alchemist’s symbols. That one time I had to apply for dragon protection on a shield. I created a chemical reaction from a dragon’s flame and the enchantment potion which went out of my control. I spilled a drop of the potion on the book and suddenly it grew wings and a tail that made it look like a small dragon. The book dropped down on the table and the pages started flipping until they reached its middle. Mystic shining was glowing from the center of the book. I knew for sure there was a living soul in it. I tried to touch the shine flowing from it and saw where the missing pages were.

    Later on the 26th of April at 8:00 +3 UTC, the Alchemist will share some information about where to look for the missing pages.

  • April,15th 1×1 tournament (provided equipment)

    Dear players,
    On the 15th of April 2023 at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC, there will be a 1×1 tournament with provided equipment.

    1st place: 70 Arena Coin, Prem + Looter.
    2nd place: 50 Arena Coin, Prem + Looter.
    3rd place: 30 Arena Coin, Prem + Looter.

    All the participants will receive 10 Arena Coins and 750 Zulu Coins.

  • Quest April, 7th

    On the 18th of March, an Oklo vessel with precious metals, fabrics, and gems was supposed to enter the port of Britain. It never arrived on the expected date. The Lord of Britain ordered to start searching for the vessel. Here is the report of a British ship’s captain Sir Wiysiz from April. 6th:
    “I was instructed to organize the search. I have chosen the fastest ship on the property of the Lord of Britain. We set off as soon as the crew was equipped. Wandering through the empty waters we encountered different ship racks. None of them was proved to be under the Oklo’s flag. Near the shores of Trinsic, we noticed a pirate’s flag. Later we saved a man overboard who turned out to be a pirate. Nevertheless, we fed him and gave him water, and interrogated him after. From what he told us we understood that the vessel we were looking for was captured and taken to the settlement of Buk (a settlement of pirates, robbers, and murderers) Returning to the city of Britannia we brought the found pirate to the city guards.
    A month later the ship’s crew was discovered in the swamp area near the Destard dungeon.
    We fought the pilates but had no chance. Although we were able to drown one of their ships. When they captured our vessel we stayed in its hold all the time. we were almost never visited all by ourselves. Occasionally we would hear the yelling and sinning of the drunken pirates. It all changed after one time. They sailed to some island and let us go not even giving a damn about like. Like we’ve always lived there. Many strong men were among us. Some of them started fishing, some went hunting. We were just trying to survive and later we managed to swim across the waters to the nearest island. The goods remained with the pirates. It is no secret that they were the Rotten Leg Pirates. . “

    Announcement of the Lord of Britain:
    Find the pirates and return the goods.

    The quest starts on 7, April at 9:00 p.m. +3 UTC
    You should search the whole world and find the Rotten Leg Pirates, their house, or anything else related to them. There is no point in starting your search before the beginning of the quest.

  • Updates

    Dear players,
    We’ve prepared something new for you.

    1. The armor that drops from Bosses has been changed. Some detailed information will be later added to the Wiki pages as well as a description of Zulu Shop items.
      Unfortunately, you can’t modify your old armor, so go ahead and sell it 😉
    2. All bosses became smarter – their intellect increased.
  • 2×2 tournament on April, 8th

    This Saturday, 8th April at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC there will be a 2×2 couples tournament with your equipment.

    NO LOOT!

    Dear players, if you have no friend to participate with you can always try finding it during the tournament.

    The prizes (10 Arena Coins and 750 Zulu Coins) will be given to all the participants.

    For the 1st place taken: 50 Arena Coins, 1000 Zulu coins, Premium and Looter perks to each one in a pair.
    For the 2nd place taken: 30 Arena Coins, 1000 Zulu coins, Premium and Looter perks to each one in a pair.
    For the 1st place taken: 15 Arena Coins, 1000 Zulu coins, Premium and Looter perks to each one in a pair.
    You can also resurrect the allies.

  • The winner of Sunday’s event

    The event is over.
    The winner is Распутин Гриша.
    Everyone has received their prizes.

  • The evil was defeated

    The evil was defeated. All the participants who were in the area near the boss received 1000 Zulu Coins and 150 Arena Points.

    Today (Sunday, April 2nd) at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC a Bomber event will be held.

    The items that will be provided include 2 explosion bottles and 2 healing bottles., as well as a protective armor set.
    All players will be placed in a special area. The main goal is to survive.
    All players who die will be teleported to the waiting area.

    All participants of the tournament will receive prizes:
    20 Arena Coins
    900 Zulu Coins

    The last survivor will receive Premium Account and Looter perks, 1500 Zulu Coins, and 50 Arena Coins.

    Twinks are forbidden at this event. If violated a 14 days punishment will be enforced.

  • A mysterious letter

    May, 17th

    The way from Britain to Kov took me almost 4 days. That damn detour through the desert… I wonder when the swamps will be cleared of the ugly creatures that live there. My mare isn’t the same anymore, she’s old and weak. Although I must say I appreciate her serving me even longer than I remember myself. Once I reached the city, the guards detained me. Those dumb smelly wussies made me pay to pass. The parcel I was carrying was way too important to argue about it. I had no time to waste. Those morons didn’t even realize that I was carrying potions and resources for their equipment. Later I handed it over and left my mount in some paddock to rest. I am too old for this shit, I guess it’s time for me to spend the rest of the nights quietly in some hut… Outside was calm and quiet. A light breeze was blowing the smell of horse manure in my face. Passing by the tavern I heard some noise from the crowd. The tavern had lots of empty tables, as most of the visitors gathered around a dirty one-handed man with a huge black beard. He looked wounded as if he’d fought at the Arena on daily basis. I saw a gun on his table and an enormous wooden mug with a drink unknown to me. While waiting for my drink, I lit my pipe, sat quietly by the table, and tried to listen carefully to the things the man was telling. He talked about his adventures, accomplishments, and victories.

    I was an attentive listener, and it seemed to me that I could repeat word for word what he was saying then. Later, I found out that this man devoted his entire life to protecting the lands of Britain from demons and the undead. He was a head hunter – one of those who hunted assassins. Then it realized why his appearance was so disfigured. He mentioned that his name was Natar from the village of Ilshenara. The noises in the tavern became louder and louder, almost unbearable…the drinks kicked in and I felt very sleepy.
    Suddenly, a distinguishing sound was heard from the street. Apparently, passers-by saw something. This cry frightened me so much that it seems I became sober. All visitors of the tavern fell silent and it became very quiet. Some kind of bloody black dust was visible in the windows in the middle of the street, no one understood what was happening after all. At one point, Natar shouted, — “Back! Move away!”, I thought he seemed to know what it was. I remember how grabbing a gun, he ran out into the street and disappeared into a clot of dark energy. I could not move, as if my body did not obey me, I remember that I could only look. All the people around also stood and did not move. The deathly silence was broken only by the sound of pistol shells and the whistle of dust coming from the street. The last thing I remember is that everything in front of me started falling to the floor. Waking up a little later, I went outside and saw a black mark, an element of a pentagram burned on the ground, and a burnt pistol lay near it in a pile of ashes. All visitors to the tavern, except for me, were killed. I am the only and last who is still alive and can and will tell everyone about my letter.

    Everyone except me died. I am the only one and the last one of those who are still alive and can share this story through the memories in the book.

    November, 4th

    It’s been two years since that horrible day. I quit traveling and settled in the center of Ilshenar.

    November, 10

    I was dreaming of my death last night. Abbadon came for me.

    December, 9th

    The weather is awful. A storm is coming. It seems I hear the whistling just like that day. I guess, this might be my last day.

    The last scroll has been deciphered:

    He spoke to me. I am doomed…The ritual was initiated. Everyone must kill him. The bones of the damned will show the way to find him.

  • Updates and fixes

    Dear players,
    On the 31st of March, the server will be updated and restarted.

    1. Shady Stranger has more intellect and protection now.
    2. A bug concerning the dye for animals was fixed.
    3. You now have an opportunity to automatically search the corpses in No-Loot areas. Just open your prey and all items will be automatically transferred to your backpack.
  • New events this weekend

    Dear players,
    This Saturday at 9:00 p.m. +3 UTC a mysterious letter will be decrypted.

    We encourage you to find some time to participate in this event. Search, killing, and fun are included.

    On Sunday at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC a Bomber event will be held.

    The items that will be provided include 2 explosion bottles and 2 healing bottles., as well as a protective armor set.
    All players will be placed in a special area. The main goal is to survive.
    All players who die will be teleported to the waiting area.

    All participants of the tournament will receive prizes:
    20 Arena Coins
    900 Zulu Coins

    The last survivor will receive Premium Account and Looter perks, 1500 Zulu Coins, and 50 Arena Coins.

    Twinks are forbidden at this event. If violated a 14 days punishment will be enforced.

  • Updates

    Dear players,
    There have been some changes applied to the game server.

    1. A new “Arena Coin” currency was added to the game. You can get it in Tournaments, trade Zulu Coin or Quest point for it in the shop.

    2. You can purchase a variety of items for Arena Coin. You may learn about the whole range of items in Zulu shop on Market square. (More information will be added to the Wiki pages further on).

    3. A new item has been added to the loot—dye for living creatures (the same we offered during the winter holidays).

    4. Killers and intruders (players with a red nickname) will not be able to use the stone tiles of teleporters in the market square (except for BucDen and Arena).

    Let me remind you that previously all killers couldn’t use bankers and casters. (The whole category now can use all services, including banker’s and caster’s services in the BucDen zone).

    5. The armor graphics (that was bought in the transmogrification shop) was fixed.

    6. The damage of magical explosive potions in the territory of the automatic FFA and the Arena was Increased.

    7. Now you have x3 higher chance of obtaining scrolls for skills and stats.

    8. In the “Fight to Death” automatic event the players will be rewarded with arena points

    1st place: 5 arena points
    2nd place: 3 arena points
    3rd place: 1 arena point
  • The results of the 2×2 tournament

    The results of the tournament

    1st place: GazProm & non e’buona.
    2nd place: Centurion & Gamlet.
    3rd place: Утро & Bolsonaru.

    There were 11 participants in the Tournament.

    To the attention of the players who didn’t win. Due to the confusion of the host of the tournament, everyone who didn’t win the main prizes will receive a reward equivalent to the 3rd place.

  • 2×2 Tournament with provided equipment

    Dear players,
    There will be a 2×2 Tournament with provided equipment on the 5th of March, 2023 at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC. Random couples of players will be selected for each round.

    We’ve made some adjustments to the equipment. The Demon Poker spear was retracted from Warrior, Thief, and Wonderer classes.

    All the participants of the tournament receive 900 Zulu Coins.

    Top prizes:
    1st place – 30 Arena points and Premium and Looter Perks for a week
    2nd place – 20 Arena points and Premium and Looter Perks for a week
    3rd place – 10 Arena points and Premium and Looter Perks for a week

    It is strictly forbidden to bring a second game character to the Tournament.
    Both characters that belong to the same player will receive a detention for a couple of weeks if noticed.

  • The results of the Tournament

    We thank everyone for participating in the Tournament. There were 16 participants who received their well-deserved prizes.

    The winners are:
    1st place – GazProm
    2nd place – Утро
    3rd place – Yellow

    The Arena is available for training at any time.

  • Tournament March, 18th

    Dear players,
    Let us kindly remind you about today’s tournament (18, March 2023) at 11 p.m +3 UTC

    We suggest you configure the necessary binds to have the weapon within your reach.

    What’s allowed to use?
    Stealth, explosion poisons, any spells, summon, and anything that is found among the provided equipment and helps you win the battle.

    You can also enter the Arena to practice.
    1. Come to the Arena with your alias with no equipment.
    2. Your character should die and enter the portal in the Arena.
    3. One of you should choose the person in the opponent’s column and yourself.
    4. Practise.
    For example, in the picture, you can see how many items the Wanderer might have.

  • Updates and fixes

    Dear players,
    Yesterday after the automatic events the server was restarted.


    1. Bard’s musical shield doesn’t falsely depict the stats with a minus.
    2. All characters without the Magery skill now have an opportunity to lower the opponent’s stats for 50 seconds (who don’t have protection from the current type of weapon).

    Winter is gone, and the snow has melted. Update your game files.

  • Tournament (provided equipment) March, 18th

    Dear players,
    This Saturday (March 18, 2023) at 11 p.m. +3 UTC there will be a testing round of the Tournament with provided equipment. The equipment will be similar to the FFA one, though a bit strengthened.

    1 place – 50 Arena points
    2 place – 25 Arena points
    3 place – 10 Arena points

    The winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will also get Premium + Looter perks for a week.

    In the future, you will be able to purchase exceptional items for Arena points. The items can not be obtained elsewhere (except for New Year’s presents).

    All the participants of the Tournament will receive 900 Zulu coins.

    The main rules for the tournaments are legit. By the way, since it’s the first tournament this season there may be several adjustments in the future. We ask you to be patient. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this event.
    In case the number of players taking part in the Tournament will be smaller than required, the event will be postponed to the next day.

    As soon as the final options for the equipment are figured out, the Arena points for the tournament will be increased X2.

    Soon we will update our Wiki pages with a list of items that you can trade for your Arena points.

  • 1×1 Tournament today!

    Dear players,
    The 1×1 tournament (with your own equipment) will be held today at 10:35 p.m. + 3 UTC at the Arena.
    It is required to have a minimum of 6 participants.

    1 place – 50 Arena points
    2 place – 25 Arena points
    3 place – 10 Arena points

    The winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will also get Premium + Looter perks for a week.

    In the future, you will be able to purchase exceptional items for Arena points. The items can not be obtained elsewhere (except for New Year’s presents).

    All the participants of the Tournament will receive 700 Zulu coins.

    RULES of the Tournament:

    The main rules for the tournaments are legit. By the way, since it’s the first tournament this season there may be several adjustments in the future. We ask you to be patient. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this event.
    In case the number of players taking part in the Tournament will be smaller than required, the event will be postponed to the next day.

  • Minor updates

    Dear players,
    The following changes have been applied after the server reboot:

    1. Something’s different regarding the way characters move through teleports to dungeons. Now all obstacles are removed.

    2. Most GM shields and armor looted from bosses have been fixed and now show the correct numbers after using essences. Try this update by looting new items to see up-to-date item info.

  • Auction 12 Feb 6 p.m. +3 UTC

    Dear players,
    The violators of the game rules decided to offer their game items to the auction.

    Today at 18:00 +3 UTC, an auction will be held in the auction house, which is located to the left of the marketplace. (Large stairs by the tiles to No-Loot Dungeons).

    Auction Rules:
    1. Do not swear and do not interfere with unnecessary chat messages.

    For the auction, you’ll need only gold, so you shouldn’t bring any other items with you.

  • Remove No Loot Dungeons?

    Dear players,
    We would greatly appreciate it if you participated in our vote
    “Remove No Loot Dungeons?”
    Please, click on the link below to leave your opinion. It is very important to us.

  • Bosses update

    Dear players,
    It was required to restart the server earlier.

    After the restart Margrena, Miradna, Apocalypse bosses will provide you with more items compared to what you could loot from them before.

  • Updates

    Dear players,
    the following changes have been applied after the restart:

    1. Skill and stats scrolls have been fixed and now perform properly.

    2. The overall image and colour of the stats and skill scrolls have been changed, as previously they would visually blend with other scrolls.

    3. We’ve launched a test server to check all the upcoming updates.
    IP address:,2598

    Game characters were saved there at the 01/27/2023 – 01/28/2023 time period.
    Further on, all the changes might be transferred to the main server after the tester’s approval.

  • Important note

    Dear players,
    Please take some time to read this post.

    Regarding the previous updates:

    January 17, 2023 Update #7 (CHANGES REGARDING POISON) will be reset to default soon due to an issue with monsters that deal low-level poison damage (skill leveling issues appear).

    About the upcoming changes and updates:

    All changes and updates, including suggestions or additions, will be posted in our Discord channel, the link to which is available on our website.

    All changes will be subject to player voting excluding critical bug fixes.

    All critical changes and bug fixes will be reported to players.

    There will be no more changes on the main server without prior testing on the “Test Server” that will be launched shortly and announced.

    Before updating the main server files, players will be given the opportunity to check and test all changes on the test server during the week after the announcement of these changes. In the future, if no one finds errors, all changes will be transferred to the main server.

    Thus, we will give the opportunity to players to test these changes and decide whether they are necessary separately from the main server. (Before applying any updates all game records will be transferred from the main server. This means that all players will be able to log in with the character that is on the main server).

  • Updates and bug fixes

    Dear players,
    Later today there will be a restart of the server. It is scheduled for 11 p.m. +3 UTC or a bit later after all the events come to the end. Here are some changes to be applied:

    1. The number of Dark Sister boss items is increased according to the difficulty of the boss.
    2. New items are added to the game: Skill Scroll 0-90, Skill Scroll 0-150. Stats Scroll 0-90, Stats Scroll 0-150. The specified scrolls have been added so that it would be easier to train the characters with skills and stats from 0 to 150. These scrolls can be found only in monster loot.

    More detailed info about the scrolls is below.

    Scrolls from 0 to 90:

    Attribute = or < 50, adds + 30 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute = or < 85, adds +5 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute = 86, adds +4 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute = 87, adds +3 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute = 88, adds +2 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute = 89, adds +1 Skill or Stats.

    You can find this type of scroll in monster corpses in Newbie Dungeon with a 5% chance. (You can also sell them for 300 gold at the shop).

    Scrolls from 0 to 150:

    Attribute 80 и = or lower than 110, adds 10 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute > or = 111 and lower or equals 135, adds +5 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute > or = 136 and lower 147, adds +3 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute > or = 148 and lower or equals 149, adds +1 Skill or Stats.

    These scrolls can be found in monster corpses with a 1% chance or HITS / 300 (but not higher than 15 % in Deceit Dungeon and Fire Dungeon.

    1. We fixed a bug that allowed MaceFighting weapons to steal stamina from monsters. Now the stamina can be stolen from monsters (except for bosses) only with GM Artifact Eric Big Basher.
    2. Heroes Blesser NPC that allows buffing a character has been increased to 100.
    3. Home Case collection can not be used from outside the house or by a character that has no access to the house.
    4. You can not teleport on a ship from somebody else’s house.

    All the information listed will be applied after the restart of the server.

  • Lottery winners clarification

    Dear players,
    Please, be attentive!

    In the previous post, you probably have seen the news about the lottery winners. Take a close look at the line “Don’t worry if you see a mistake in your name, the most important is that you have your token number right.”

    We are sorry if your name was listed among the winners by mistake. Since every player received the token number, which was attached to the account and saved in the game logs, the prizes were given out according to this number. Thus, all the players have received their gifts.

    To sum up, we’d like to emphasize, it’s not the name of the character that matters, but the token number that guarantees you receive your prize. Take a look at the picture for an example.

  • Winners of the lottery draw

    1 – 9 Next
    2 – 12 Groot
    3 – 28 Elezara
    4 – 39 Young PussyJuice
    5 – 83 ASDu
    6 – 88 Mag
    7 – 94 ZigmunD
    8 – 96 Yellow
    9 – 103 polTosik
    10 – 119 bYlboH
    11- 131 Jaz
    12 – 136 KarabaZanGa
    13 – 150 Grimis
    14 – 156 Azot
    15 – 167 Palus Tor
    16 – 169 Primal Rage
    17 – 179 OCTPOYX
    18 – 186 IMPERATOR
    19 – 222 Damage
    20 -224 Catacraft
    21 – 237 ChloeArmstrong
    22 -257 Michonne
    23 -260 WeAreRussian
    24 -269 Borgawarda

    Don’t worry if you see a mistake in your name, the most important is that you have your token number right.

    The winners on the list will have the opportunity to get their presents from Santa Claus at the market soon. More detailed information will be posted later.

  • Lottery draw

    Dear players,
    All the players who received New Year’s presents also have a token with the number of their lottery ticket.
    Yesterday prizes were drawn, which will soon be available from Santa Claus at the Market.

    The prizes are:
    1. Moon Secateurs – a fast and powerful one-handed weapon that damages the surrounding characters.
    2. Glowing Double-edged Blade – a mighty one-handed weapon that destroys the monsters around you.
    3. Dark Blades – throwing knives that damage with explosions (can not be protected from).
    4. God’s Axe – chopping axe that increases your log obtain by 4 times.
    5. Moon One-Handed Storm Crossbow – one-handed crossbow that is suitable for everyone and damages with magic (Call Lightning)
    6. Wolf Jaw – intensified demon poker.
    7. Fire Spirit Staff – a magical fiery staff that deals damage to others with magic.
    8. Moon Secret of Fire – enhanced secret book.
    9. Moon Secret of Water – enhanced secret book.
    10. Moon Secret of Air – enhanced secret book.
    11. Moon Secret of Earth – enhanced secret book.
    12, Moon Secret of Holy -enhanced secret book.
    13. Moon Reaper – skinning knife with obtaining X4.
    14. Bloody Snake Long Bow – a bow with Anubis weapon properties that drains all stats one by one.
    15. Bloody Snake Short Dagger – one-handed dagger with Anubis properties.
    16. Blessed Monster Slayer Short Bow – reinforced monster-killing bow.
    17. Fallen Star Stone Shield – a shield that lowers the magical defense of opponents (fire and water)
    18. Moon Ring – a ring that protects you from all kinds of magic.
    19. Moon Bracelet – a bracelet that protects you from all kinds of magic.
    20. Moon Necklace – a necklace that protects you from all kinds of magic.
    21. Moon Earrings – earrings that protect you from all kinds of magic.
    22. Moon Talisman – a ring that protects you from all kinds of magic.
    23. God’s Shovel – a shovel with ore obtain x4.
    24. Paralysis of the Dead – one-handed weapon, enhanced Night Dweller.

    Whoever is not included in the winner’s list will be given the opportunity to receive a consolation prize of 1000 Zulu Coins per game account.

    More detailed information about the items will be posted on the wiki later (don’t expect it to be very soon). Or the players themselves will share the info online. There are 270 game accounts that received the tokens in total. Prizes will be awarded in the order listed above. A video of the draw will be recorded and posted here.

    Thus, the order of the character appearing in the draw means the order of receiving prizes.

  • Upcoming updates

    Dear players,
    So as not to cause any harsh feelings toward the server’s developers and scripters, we’d like to leave this message as a notification and to ask you for a favor.

    The following will be reconsidered and changed:

    1. Creation of lottery tickets and presents. We’ll be glad to hear your suggestions on gifts.
    2. Bosses will match the character’s level and stats.
    3. Creation of new monsters and dungeons.
    4. Wiki pages will contain updated information.
    5. Better armor and weapons of GM artifacts.
    6. Updated meteor, creation of essences, and other improvements that won’t affect the game radically.
    7. Detailed work on Bard, Ranger, and PP.
    8. Constant bug fixes and overall improvement of the game.

    Everything listed will be completed in the nearest free time. No major changes will be applied without players’ votes.

    We would deeply appreciate each of the players’ opinions, advice, or suggestion. Usually, the discussion is held in the main chat channels, but for specific suggestions, discovered bugs, and other issues, DM “Lur” on Telegram
    или дискорд 🅼🅸🆁:o2:🅽

    It’s a cruel and unexpected world of Ultima. So buckle up and keep on playing.

  • The latest changes

    Dear players,
    We are sorry about the unscheduled restart of the server. Recently we have applied some of the updates and yet haven’t notified you. Accept our apologies for that too.
    So, here is a list of the updates:

    1. There was a bug that allowed Skull Cap to provide a 25% bonus to magery, whilst the rest of the hats offered much less. Nobody let us know of that bug but took advantage of that. After the fix, we had complaints that the sets were broken exactly because of that fix but they’re not.

    2. Also, the timer in Thief’s poison was broken as well, so we fixed that too. So now thieves won’t be able to damage with the same timer (while it should be less due to the Thief’s level).

    3. New Year’s presents giveaway is fixed according to the character’s level and time spent online. We haven’t specified the restrictions, such as creating a new character just to take presents. Our bad.

    4. We also fixed some Blackrock weapons, Piercing, and Void. They inflicted much more damage than the most powerful guns.

    5. Some time ago we held voting in Telegram asking your opinion on whether we should make the higher mobs stronger. The answers to the poll resulted in making them stronger because most of the participants said they were too weak. Still, there were players not happy with the changes.

    6. Taking into consideration of items and clothes we improved Bosses and their abilities. For example, some Balron mobs adopted their skills and could inflict a huge amount of damage. We’ll change that back soon and we are sorry for the inconvenience. This was made so as to provide a proper reaction to the players’ complaints.

    We’d like to remind you that celebrating New Year is not a good excuse to create quarrels on political topics. Especially on Zulu. All participants have been unbanned, though you should really watch yourself. Santa Claus’s patience may run out.

  • Minor updates

    Due to the huge damage of the Bard character, the Secret Book that lowers the opponent’s protection has been increased to 75% for the Bard class. Decreases all types of protection to 75. For the rest of the classes, it remains the same – up to 50%.

    Training your Veterinary skill became easier. Now you can heal Home Dummies placed in houses. Note that poison kills them.

  • Winter holidays fun

    Dear players,
    In preparation for the winter holidays, yesterday the server had a quick restart to apply the following updates:

    1. During all winter holidays from 25, Dec to 10, Jan 2023 there will be a double spawn of monsters.
    2. The strongest monster became even more powerful as well as the loot from them was increased. Also, treasure chests have more value inside.
    3. The “Fight to the Death” event has different bombs effect. Activation of the bomb takes only a second. Have fun blowing each other’s heads off. (The activation timer in the rest of the world remains the same).
    4. For your convenience, the Blackrock weapons now have description notes about cast removing and mana draining. The visual effect of the hit is different now too.
    5. Soon you will be able to receive various presents at the market. The requirements for the characters are to spend over a week playing the game and to have reached the character’s level by now.

    Take a look at the list of presents that you might get with just a little luck:

    – Zulu Coins;
    – Home Christmas tree decoration;
    -Higher level resources;
    – Grave Behemoth, Balron, Golden Dragon;
    – Skill raising stone;-Stats raising stone;
    – Dark Sister statue;
    – Rune of the Boss’s Altar activation;
    – Random colour hair dye;
    – Random colour item dye;
    – 80 unique decorative items that will never be found in further gifts unwrapping;
    – Golden Dragon loot items. The number of items you may receive depends on your level (one time only).

    All the characters will get FREE game perks for two weeks when a present is opened. The gifts can be opened during the entire holidays.

    Santa decided to hold a draw and additionally reward all participants with special prizes. During the New Year holidays, we will find out what they are exactly. Though we do know that it is going to be cool weapons, items, and other prizes). Go to Santa and claim your winning ticket. (You must play for at least 15 days to enter this draw. The draw ends on January 06, 2022)

    In addition, while Santa was getting to the market, travelling around the world, his elves hid some of the gifts. You can keep looking for them until the new year, as they were disguised as all sorts of items nearby. There are about 8 gifts in total. (All the hidden objects are in the safe world).

  • Items in no-loot zones

    Kind reminder:

    When a character dies in a no-loot zone, the items are sent back to the bank after a certain time. But there is something you should remember. If in the bank there is no free space to fit them all (according to the quantity and weight), then they will be dropped as usual loot on a corpse.

    Stay aware and keep your bank tidy and neat.
    Enjoy your game!

  • Newest updates

    Dear players,
    Today there will be the server’s maintenance to apply some updates. We will announce the approximate time when the server will be unavailable later in the evening.

    The following updates will be applied after the reboot:

    1. The prices for sold Artifacts have been reduced (for gold only).
    2. The cost of activating the altars in Zulu Shop (for hunting points) has dropped to 50% of the initial price.
    3. The Peacemaking skill will not have an effect on yourself or Bards.
    4. We’ve changed the effect of Bard’s songs in the “Fight to the Death” event. From now on the allies will be ignored.
    5. The Mind Blast spell doesn’t depend on the Mage class. Starting today, the work of the spell depends only on the difference in the intelligence of the characters. If an attacker has less intelligence than the opponent, the inflicted damage will return back to the attacker.
    6. New types of spell weapons are added to the game world:
      call lighting, gust, rising fire, specters touch, darkness, sorcerers bane, wyvern strike, kill.
    7. Some weapons like Void and Blackrock will have an opportunity to be improved according to the damage they inflict.
    8. The antidote potions are now used separately.
    9. Mage’s accuracy with Mace weapons is decreased by 20%.
  • Blackrock weapon cooldown

    Dear players,
    Blackrock weapon has 25 seconds cooldown before the next use. Drains mana without any cooldown whatsoever.
    This means you have to wait 25 sec to de-buff or break a spell. You don’t have to wait to drain mana.

  • New updates

    Dear players,
    A number of changes have been uploaded to the server. Some are already applied and others will be applied after reboot.

    1. To make hunting more interesting for you and to increase the value of the jewelry obtained while hunting, it is allowed to apply essences (skills, stats, protections) to the following things:
      ⁃ GM items (not weapons)
      ⁃ Jewelry (not crafted and that can be enhanced only while wearing it).

    Now it makes sense to loot some awesome jewelry and enhance it later.

    1. Damage of a number of mobs has changed too.
      ⁃ Tainted archers will pierce armor but do little damage. Previously, without physical protection they damaged severely and caused almost no damage while wearing it. This update requires a shard reboot.
      ⁃ All casting mobs will deal the minimum damage casting (5 damage).
    2. The maximum bonus from enchantments for each parameter has been raised to 30 (previously it was 20). Now it makes sense to improve all your items to the maximum value.

    Monsters don’t loot anymore 🙂

    The preparation for the New Year continues 😉

  • Winter is coming to the Market

    Winter is coming to the Market. Please, update your game files.

  • No more enhancement troubles

    Dear players,
    We kindly thank you for your feedback and help with some of the tests.
    Apparently, some of the enhancements against mobs didn’t work correctly, as well as some enhancement properties against mutant mobs. We’ve removed this unpleasant inconvenience from the shard.
    Enjoy your game, everyone!

  • News about the last event

    During the “Fight to the Death” event, there has been a critical error in the location check. Errors happen and sometimes they have a bigger impact than we would expect. To cut the long story short, the function that was responsible for clearing the equipment offered for the event didn’t work well, thus all the players remained with the items they had previously received.

    The winners of the event:

    1. Exclusive.
    2. WeAreRussian.
    3. JanJak

    In total, we had 10 participants and 2 of them, after the error had occurred, sold the equipment they received to the vendors, obtaining the following in return:

    1. Lord Vader 865 Zulu Coin.
    2. Dracula 525 Zulu Coin.

    The punishment for their greed and dishonesty would be deducting 5 times as much of their “Zulu Coins profit”.

  • Here is a list of different updates

    Dear players,
    Here is a list of different updates that were applied yesterday.

    1. Great Wyrm, Flaming Wyrm, and Golden Dragon have higher speed now.

    2. Secret of Element lowers the element protection of the characters by 50%.

    3. “Fight to the Death” event has been radically changed. Now it has a totally different system of arrangements, additional items for offered equipment and more prizes. For more detailed information take a look at our Wiki pages:

    4. Jewellery that has durability can lose it sometime.

    5. Some Artifacts that were previously present in the game have returned, like One-handed Dekeron, One-handed Winds, and One-handed Shadow Maw. For the moment, they are available only to Bards and can be already found in your loot.

    6. Tainted Monster turns into a zombie after death.

    7. By spending some gold you can buy Bosses’ Altars in Zulu Shop at the Market.

    8. A bug that affected Flaming Wyrm and Great Wyrm dragons’ spawn has been fixed as well.

    9. The Begging skill doesn’t decrease the character’s karma.

    10. After reaching 6 or 7 level, Wanderer has a meditation bonus.

    11. Peacemaking doesn’t interrupt any of Bard’s actions.

    12. Bard can cast damaging spells on the move. Now only mana is required. Later on, mana and stamina will be needed for this.

    13. Dark sister inflicts more damage.

    14. Weapons with Blackrock properties can de-buff other characters every 25 seconds and not every hit.

    15. Some properties of the weapons were changed:
    a) All Katanas have 70 speed and the speed of Swift is 75;
    b) All Crisses have 75 speed and Swift is 85;
    c) Shadow Maw speed has increased from 47 to 55;
    d) Demon Poker has 3 tiles range;
    e) The speed of Scalpel has been increased to 70 from 60;
    f) The speed of Anubis has been increased to 55 from 45;
    g) The speed of Amroth has been increased to 52 from 40.

    16. Secret Book of Element is available to all the characters that wear items with Magery bonus.

    17. Close-range weapon has higher damage with the Anatomy skill. Previously, the coefficient was 3.3 and now it’s 3.4.

  • There is a couple of good news for you!

    There is a couple of good news for you!

    1) We’ve increased the number of enhancements to 5. The chance of a successful enhancement is 100% minus the number of enhancements x 20%
    2) Now you can’t dig from a boat.

    Enjoy your game!

  • Take a look at some bug fixes

    Hey you guys!
    Take a look at some bug fixes:
    1) Bowcraft skill now offers a bigger number of items you can craft that is equal to the Blacksmithy and Carpentry skills. Thus, the items created by a max Crafter have approximately the same damage bonus.
    2) You will require different resources to fix legendary items (just like you need them to fix Perfect items).
    Previously, resources were required for Perfect and Exceptional items, except for the Legendary ones.

  • Updates and news

    Dear players,
    Today we had a scheduled restart of the shard. This means that the updates and fixes have been applied as follows:

    1. There is a new automatic event “Death Fight”. You can find more information about it on our Wiki pages:
    The first launch of the event is today at 9.00 p.m. UTC +3. Please, check out the info about it so that not to have any further questions. Also, note that we’re still checking it all, so you could fully enjoy it.

    2. Exceptional and Legendary items of a Crafter.
    All the players now have a higher chance of crafting exceptional and legendary items. We hope this update will make it easier for you.

    3. New way of healing for a Thief.
    A Thief can restore his health with poison-soaked bandages. When using the Poisoning skill on a bandage they change its color and from that moment can be used only by a Thief. These bandages do not cure poison like the regular ones.

    4. Stealth mode
    The Invisibility potion and Magic Invisibility Fish now have a range of 4 meters.

    5. Assassin’s Slayer weapon.
    This type of weapon that inflicts higher damage to humans has become even more powerful. (From 1.3 to 1.5)

    6. Stone Wall and Energy Field
    The above-named walls have the durability that’s been lowered (200 and 300 now).

    7. Rare Dye.
    You can dye even your character’s backpack with this dye.8. Loot Stats ItemsAll the items that offer a bonus to your stats have been increased from 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 to 7 14 21 28 35 42 49 56 accordingly.

    Besides, today a Hunt Party takes place! Monsters spawn 2 times faster and twice as many!

  • Hunting event this weekend

    Dear players,
    The weekend is coming and that means it’s time for hunting!
    The hunter’s event is on: Monsters spawn faster and there are twice as many mobs.
    Good luck!

  • Items insurance for Zulu coins

    Dear players!
    We’ve been thinking about whether we should apply item insurance for zulu coins.
    We ask everybody to read this post carefully before judging too quickly.

    If most of the players vote for it, then the insurance will look this way:

    1) Only specific items picked by the owner will be protected by the insurance, not all the items.

    2) The insurance is valid for one death only. The next time the items have to be re-insured.

    3) The insurance cost (in zulu coins) will depend on the type of the item and how valuable it is. E.g. a piece of clothes will start from 50 Zulu coins, and +50 for each enhancement that gives a total sum of 200 zulu coins. Weapons start with 100 zulu coins and the insurance of a weapon enhanced 3 times will end in 400 zulu coins. This means protecting a whole set will be too expensive and there will be no empty corpses ever.

    4) Now to the most important part. After death, all the insured items will be returned to the owner’s bank, and the killer receives the rest of the uninsured loot and all the zulu coins the victim spent for the insurance costs.

    There will be a couple of days to think about it. After a few days, we’ll ask you to vote for or against. We appreciate your opinion.

  • No-loot dungeons

    Everybody get ready for great hunting! 🙂

    Now the dungeons Despice, Hythloth, Shame, Wrong, Deceit are no-loot, but PvP zones!

    The rest of the dungeons do not forbid looting, so stay cautious going in there…

    Good luck in your future battles! 🙂

    We’d like to draw your attention to the process of items returning to the bank. If your bank is full and has no free space or the items are too heavy, then they can’t be sent to your bank and the items will be lost! Please, don’t forget to clean up once in a while!

  • Updates and fixes

    The following updates and fixes have been applied:

    1. Ostard Egg fix.
    2. The skinning knife is fixed and doesn’t waste charges when used on an empty corpse.
    3. When skinning a hide your Forensic skill will rise. The stronger the monster the more skill points you get.
    4. Forensic skill now has a chance of getting additional hides from the monsters you’ve conquered. Thus, with 0 -119 skill you have a chance of getting one additional hide; with the skill 120 -199 you have a chance of two hides; with the Forensic 200 + you have a chance of getting 3 additional hides. This skill can be trained without the risk of losing your overall level.
    5. Light gun has lower speed and damage.
    6. Talma heal now restores your health regardless of the character’s strength, but according to the max hp. The amount of health cured is from 70% to 90%.
    7. Parried hit has reduced damage by at least 40%.
  • Warning for rules violators

    Dear players,
    Let us remind you that you play on a free server and the administration doesn’t interfere with the gaming process. That means that severe punishments will be applied in case of violation of the server rules.

    Specifically, we speak of any characters hiding near the dungeon entrances, portals, or any other common area not dressed for hunting or PvP. As well it can be a ghost character that doesn’t react to any kind of check interaction that is used in a second window or with separate proxy IP.

    People who act in this way cause negative consequences to the server.

    Characters who live together with the character whose bot was caught cheating will have their items confiscated and sold at the market. Also, they may lose their characters together with the violator. So, keep that in mind when you give access to your character to a friend.

    Before setting a bot think off this post or re-read the game rules. All your proxies will be figured out easily along with the main character. This is our last warning to the violators.

    To cut the long story short: Don’t use the bots to watch the spawns or other players and you’re safe. Use them and all your accounts will be banned.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Upgrades starting from Nov, 8

    Dear players,
    Today, on the 8th of November at 9:00 p.m. UTC +3 there will be a restart of the server after which, the following upgrades will be applied:

    1. The overall survival of the character will be improved:
      – Characters’ health is increased from 30 to 50 for each level;
      – The delay between the next use of LifeStream is decreased from 60 sec to 40 sec.
      -The delay between the next use of all MagicFish is decreased from 9 sec to 6 sec;
      – The delay between the next use of bandages is decreased from 10 sec to 6 sec;
      – The delay between the next use of healing potions, poison-curing potions, and mana potions is decreased from 10 sec to 6 sec;
      – The delay between the next use of Dispell, and stats bottles is decreased twice;
      – The delay between the next use of the stamina-restoring potion from 30 sec to 25 sec.
    2. Some spells are fixed:
      – Like Angelic Aura and Song of Life spells, that previously restored health incorrectly if a character was wearing items that gave an additional % to the healing bonus;
      – Bard’s spells that inflict damage now require a target just like any Mage’s spells;
      – Leech spell doesn’t provide physical protection anymore;
      – Casting the Gate Travel spell is now interrupted if the damage is received.
    3. The time required for a guild’s relocation is decreased from 7 days to 1 day.
    4. Damage from the Bosses’ skills is increased. For example, Margrena and Miradna summon much more powerful dragons.
    5. We’ve fixed a bug when no received damage was visible.
    6. Ore helmet Coif can now be combined with a cloth headdress.
    7. All the players in the guild are automatically added to the friend list of the house. We’ve fixed a bug, that didn’t allow adding a guildstone to the house’s friend list.
    8. Mage gaming class is stronger physically and has lost the negative effect of physical protection.
    9. The characters’ names become red after committing 3 murders. Bankers and Casters will no longer have any kind of business with such characters. There is only one place where they can receive the services – Bucanneer’s Den (if we speak of unsafe locations). There are two ways to clear the character of the PK status:
      a) Waiting for the timer to run up;
      b) Killing monsters to improve karma. If your karma is higher than 6500 then killing a monster will remove 1 PK and 4000 of karma.
    10. Change Class pole now removes all casts.
  • Newest version of POL – no more game seasons!

    Dear players,
    We would like to answer the question that bothers new and old players so much.
    Many players asked about the game seasons and server wipes, meaning what’s the point to train the game character (even if the training is fast) if you’re going to lose it anyways?
    Of course, there used to be wipes on the server and we tried our best to avoid them. The reason for this was an old version of POL emulator that just physically couldn’t work with more than 3 Gb of operative memory. Switching to a newer version of POL meant re-writing more than 20 k scripts. No one of the program coders would agree to complete such a huge task and automatic conversion was impossible due to many custom settings. Thus, the 3 Gb limit was enough for one year only.
    Entire last year we were switching the shard to the newest POL and spent lots of time and resources on that. Now, the shard has neither software nor hardware limits. This autumn we have an absolutely donation-free shard, the shard of our dream, the shard that we’ve been aiming for all these years.
    We’d like to announce this loud and clear. THERE ARE NO SEASONS ANYMORE.
    It’s fun here until you’re here!

  • Bug fixes and updates

    Dear players,
    Today from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. UTC +3 the server will be restarted to update some minor game issues.

    After the restart, the following updates will be applied:

    1. The Bard’s reagents are added to the loot.
    2. After using the Invisibility Potion, Magic Fish, and Invisibility cast, instead of 5 steps, the character will be able to make a number of steps according to the formula: Skill (Stealth) / 10 + 1.
      With 150 skill you will be offered 16 steps.
    3. A formula to calculate the number of charges while creating a Runebook has changed and the charges now are significantly increased.
    4. We’ve fixed the Sos Bottle bug that made the coordinates direct to Ilshenar.
    5. Stuck fish in the backpack is removed.
    6. You will now receive training points after taming the animal that was resurrected earlier. Besides, Ranger can resurrect any dead animal. After being revived, the animal won’t have any loot and hide, and no hunting points will be offered after killing it.
    7. Improved properties of Staves of Affliction.
    8. Improved properties of Voidmaker.
    9. Bard Book spells can be cast while moving, just as it was available before.
    10. We’ve also fixed a bug that caused the appearance of multiple mounts after getting off of it.
    11. There is no more bug whilst building a house (there was no refund for the building).
    12. You may specify the guild name when adding a friend to a house, and all the guild members will be added automatically.
    13. A new rule concerning the automatic gain of resources is added to the Wiki in the Rules article.
    14. All Magic staffs have 2 tiles of attack distance.
    15. We fixed a bug when PVP KILLS ran off sooner.

    And last, but not least. After the restart, this weekend there will be an event with increased monster spawn.
    Have a great hunting!

  • Deadman race!

    Today Oct, 30 at 21:00 (9 pm GMT+3)
    22 different chests with various Zulu Coins and other prizes will appear in random world locations. The treasure chests can be found in dungeons, forests, or even in cities! The participants of the race can kill, rob, or molest others in any preferred manner.
    The race starts at 9 p.m. Simply start your savage adventure from any part of the world and find your treasure!

  • Crafted weapons

    Dear players,
    For a long time, we have had a discussion about crafted weapons and how it compares to the ones found hunting. We have been looking for a way to keep hunting essential and at the same time to be rewarded for high-level crafting. Finally, we have found a balanced solution!

    After the restart, the following changes to the crafted weapon will be applied:

    1) The calculation of the damage bonus will change depending on the level of the crafter who made the weapon and the material from which it was made.

    2) Crafter’s max level (7 level and Armslore skill 250 ) will help you make Perfect weapon from New Zulu, which will be equal to Disintegrate!
    The higher the ore, the better.

    3) All the crafted weapons, even the ones crafted far before this update, will be affected by these changes. So, don’t worry about your old weapon.

    A reminder:
    1) Perfect weapon allows you to cast with different elements depending on the material you use.
    2) Weapons crafted by the character himself provide +20% damage due to the connection to the owner. 🙂

    Enjoy your game experience with Zuluhotel.

  • Updates

    We have applied the following updates:

    1. Use Dummy Pickpocket to train Snooping and Stealing skills. This item is crafted using the Carpentry skill. Use a tool on cloth and wood. It can be installed only in a house.
    2. The prices for NPC High Priest’s services have been significantly reduced. Services: “uncurse”, “purify” .
    3. When killing an enemy, the killer’s karma will be additionally reduced.
    4. We also fixed a bug when the Fishing skill allowed fishing in the house.
    5. Fish obtained by the Fishing skill now moves directly to the backpack.
    6. We fixed a bug where Bard’s spells required a tool but didn’t detect it in the backpack.
    7. Another bug is fixed. It let ordinary poisoned weapons deal double damage to monsters. Now, this feature is again available only to a Thief.
    8. A bug has been fixed when a character was stuck in between the walls or some immovable object, and after death, instead of a mount, a part of the ship appeared.
  • How to receive the allowance from Lord British

    To receive the maximum pension allowance possible you must show that you’ve really earned it! Set a maximum trained level in your character and log in again. (Use the skill pole to switch skills, set the one that has been trained the most and has the most skills.)

  • Latest updates

    1. The property rights for a house can be transferred keeping the information about the tenants.
    2. Essence can be sold for 600 gold coins or 5 Zulu Coins in Zulu Shop.
    3. You can no longer exchange Zulu Coins in Zulu Shop.
    4. Automatic sale of items for Zulu Coins at the Market (big pavilion) is switched off.
    5. To all the characters who receive pension allowance from Lord British for full 24 hours playing online: The amount of Zulu Coins allowance depends on the level of the character that you log in.
    6. You can place Home Dummy only in a house using the character’s coordinates. Home Dummy limits are increased to 2x.
    7. Mounts have intellect now if they are used with VIP Guild.
    8. Premium Blesser has started trading with simple citizens. His cast costs 5 Zulu Coins.
    9. Alchemy as well as similar skills are fixed.
    10. Physical protection of the Leech spell won’t crash now.

  • Zulu Coins allowance from Lord British

    Starting from Wednesday 26, Oct Lord British began paying all players a pension allowance for the time spent in the game starting from level 4 characters. Here is the amount of Zulu Coins you can receive according to the character’s level:

    Level 4 – 15 Zulu coins for every 24 hours spent in the game.
    Level 5 – 20 Zulu coins for every 24 hours spent in the game.
    Level 6 – 25 Zulu coins for every 24 hours spent in the game.
    Level 7 – 30 Zulu coins for every 24 hours spent in the game.

    After the restart, all ways of withdrawing Zulu coins credited to the account will be disabled. You can spend coins on perks only after they are credited to the account (double-click on Zulu coins). If you need Zulu coins in cash for player-to-player trading, just don’t credit the Zulu coins earned from hunting or selling GM items to city vendors to your account.

  • Reminder to follow the rules

    Dear players,
    we encourage you to respect each other and follow the rules of the Zuluhotel server!

    Let us remind you that
    7. Watching the monsters or bosses spawn using bots – 72 hours of jail to the main character, and the twin characters are banned. If the rule is broken again – 7 days of jail, and an account ban one last time after that.
    If a violator claims to play with his innocent brother/sister/mom/dad/grandma, they will be punished the same way. No complaints are accepted after the ban is applied. For all the smartypants, be aware that figuring you out isn’t as difficult as you might think, even if you are playing with 100 proxies.

  • Please check your macros

    Dear players,
    Please check the delay settings in your macros scripts (e.g. for loot). It shouldn’t be any bigger than 1000 ms (1 second). Many players have 100 ms (1/10 sec) set as default. This makes the server have to process more data with no benefit to the players. Because there are technically established delays on the server and that means you won’t perform an action faster than those delays. In the worst-case scenario, we will have to kill the characters who create additional useless server inquiries.

  • Fixes and updates

    1. All skills that require a tool now have a chance not to break it. You may calculate the chance by multiplying the character’s skill level by 7.
    2. Skinning now depends on the Forensic skill, which is available to any game class without any level loss. When your skill is 200, the skinning knife does not break.
    3. Reaper no longer breaks when skinning.
    4. Upgrade Magic Damage can be used on weapons.
    5. Only one Home Dummy can be placed in each house.
    6. Now you can mark runes in the center of the Market.
    7. A banker is installed on the market.
    8. The character will not be able to enter the teleport created by other players if any damage from a player was received.
    9. Players’ vendors at the market now charge 2k per day for their services instead of 6k, as it was before.
  • Skill training tips

    Some players have claimed that it’s impossible to train the skills after 120. So here are some useful tips on efficient skill increase.

    1) The higher your level, the faster the skill is increased. We’d recommend training your skills evenly, instead of trying to reach 150 on one skill and then moving to the second skill training.

    2) Don’t try to set your skill training as the main goal. You can start hunting with a character who’s got medium skills. The damage inflicted by monsters depends directly on the character’s level, thus noobs receive less damage than a trained character. On the other hand, well-trained characters of a higher level can absorb more damage. This is how the hunting difference between the new players and more experienced ones is balanced out. Besides, you may obtain Zulu Coins while hunting (by killing monsters) that you can spend on Power Hour Perk for faster skill training. The last but not least, is that during hunting you may loot top items that will help increase your level. Don’t be afraid to die hunting. Within about 20 min your items will return to the bank if nobody loots your corpse. The Despise dungeon is anti-PC, so there no player can harm you there.

    3) There is no sense in trying to train your fighting skills on Spector monster. It is immune to physical damage, so that’s why the combat skills won’t raise with him.

    4) Do not forget that the skills in the Newbie Town may be trained only up to 90 and there is no increase whatsoever, which means you have to change your location.

    5) In order to understand in which way it would be better to train your skills, use the Medium Perk. You can use it absolutely free in paperdoll>help>perks menu. It will show you how many skill points you will receive for a specific action to help you choose a strategy.

  • Updates starting from 17, October

    In the morning (17, Oct) after the reboot the following updates will be applied:

    1. You will be able to use the Runebook from the ground.
    2. The name of the character who has killed somebody won’t turn red.
    3. The price for casting Heroes Blesser and its enhancement will be lower.
    4. We’ve changed the Wiki icon in the game menus of all the skills like Blacksmithy, Carpentry, etc. Often when a player would click on create button, the Wiki pages link had opened.
    5. Tinker tools and items for bows, armor and cloth processing have been fixed and will lose durability.
    6. Stealing isn’t available during combat. Although, this is not relevant for using Snooping and Stealing skills in houses.
  • Few minor fixes

    1. Almost all crafted items are now stackable
    2. You now earn less gold from fishing to balance out with other skills.

  • New Location

    Hi All!

    Shard is moving to new location, if you can’t login please use direct ip address,2593 instead of,2593 in orion server profile settings. or just wait for DNS update, usually it takes 1-2hours, but for some providers it may take up to 24hrs.

  • NEW donation-free server is open!

    Dear players,
    We are happy to announce the opening of a new Zuluhotel server: no commerce and donations!!!

    Zuluhotel is not about life-time macroing. All skills grow very fast. For example, you can easily train up a 4-level warrior in 1 day.

    Here is some useful information for new players.

    1. You may use the previous UO client with the updated files or download a new one:

    2. Login server:,2593

    3. Create a new account and sign in:
    Important note: After you’ve created your account, please log in once on the website to activate it. Right upper corner of the page.

    4. Get familiar with the new Zuluhotel Wikipedia:

    5. Tips to new players:
    Perks are available for free. Use them wisely to train your character faster. If you run out of resources, create a new character, select the desired skills and transfer the items between the characters:
    This is not prohibited, but keep in mind that hunting monsters and loot in Newbie Land is much easier, as lots of cool stuff may be found there, even magic scrolls.

    6. Soon, you will find a Wiki article with scripts.

    7. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask them on our Discord channel.

  • Updates
    1. A market is added to the game. This shop has all the main items from the dozens of poles in Britain.
    2. Now you can activate the altars in a different way. Previously, the hunting points would be subtracted from the character to activate it. Now you can do that with the Activation rune which is sold at the market for a price of hunting points.
    3. Enhanced items do not break now, though they disappear if the attempt of enhancement is failed. The chance of a successful improvement is lowered from 100% to 80%, 80% to 60%, and from 60% to 40%.
    4. A Crafter now can create Legendary items. The chance to craft something Legendary is 20% from Perfect.
    5. Perks work for 48 hours instead of 12. Use the menu Help- Game perks to find out more.
    6. When a weapon is crafted, you can see the name of the character who made it. If a character uses a weapon with his own name on it, the damage is increased by 20%.
    7. Enhancements and race bonuses do not protect you in PvP battles, but they keep protecting you from monsters.
    8. A new .eat “magic fish name” command is added. More detailed information will be on our Wiki pages and in the game in the “help menu – commands-eat fish”
  • New shard GRAND OPENING 7 October 2022

    Dear friends,
    The team of the Zuluhotel project is happy to announce that we are preparing a whole new game world full of endless battles and fun!!!
    The start is on October, 7th, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. +3 GMT.
    A huge present awaits all Zuluhotel fans.

    Fresh and new shard with no commerce, donations, or staff!

    Before the start, all items, characters, and accounts will be removed. A new registration is required. Clean start where everyone is equal.
    The shard will be started from scratch, which means all items, buildings, as well as all characters, will be removed.
    Of course, that’s not the only thing we’ve prepared for you!

    Here is what we could offer you on the new server:

    • Your pocket doesn’t matter anymore. The new server is totally commerce and donations-free. Just you, your abilities and knowledge! If you think you need more help in improving your knowledge, we have gathered all the up-to-date information оn Wiki.
    • No staff! From now on playing staff is forbidden, just as non-playing ones who might have any relation to guilds. The staff has no opportunity to become invisible to players and interfere with the game in any way, except for consulting players and solving disputes.
    • Some incredible work has been done on improving game classes. They are well-balanced, and all of the classes allow the players to battle monsters and other characters equally. Well, not for the Crafters, unfortunately, though they have a special mission in the game. Besides, AI NPC has been improved greatly. Monster’s intellect has been modified in a better way and tons of game menus have been systematized and are now more logical.
    • We also made sure that the shard finally became NEWBIE-FRIENDLY. When creating a character, it will be placed in a safe area separately from other players. Nevertheless, animals and monsters may still kill you. However, even if you die, you will not lose any items as they will be moved to your bank. There, your skill grows x3 times faster! This way you will be able to reach the maximum level possible on the island (skill up to 90) and go meet the real world fully prepared. You may enter and leave the safe zone as many times as you want, no limit on that whatsoever.
      Thus, placing a character in a safe zone allows all characters to gain basic experience of the game.
    • The other world has also been altered in a way by adding a huge number of new locations. By the way, your skills grow in the other world 3 times faster!
    • Bunches of new items have been added too. You can find them in your loot or create them as a Crafter, or even buy them from merchants.
    • We all know that for many players having their own home in the game is super important, so we offer you an opportunity to build houses yourself. You may find more information about this on Wiki pages on our website.
    • As mentioned above, a lot of work has been done on the information page of Zuluhotel (Wiki pages). Now the information is clearly systematized and structured.
    • Many of you are aware that the game currency “Zulu Coins” was added to the world earlier. Zulu coins remain on the new shard, but now you can get them only by looting from mutant monsters, receiving them as a reward for events, and selling GM items to city merchants. You can always exchange Zulu coins for perks later (for example, for enhanced Bless). Just like we said, no commerce, everything happens only in the game and does not go beyond it.

    We kindly ask all players to share this message with their friends. The number of players, therefore how fun it’s going to be, depends mostly on the players themselves! It’s quite easy to send a message to a friend and invite him or her to recollect the past years with their favorite game together.

    We are waiting for all of you at the grand opening on October 7th, 2022!

    Best regards,
    Zuluhotel server administration.
  • Recent game updates

    Dear players,
    There have been some changes applied to the game:

    1. The game files were changed, so please update the game via Orion Launcher.
    2. A new Fire Dummy NPC has been added to the game. It is placed in the Dungeon for new players and can be used to train the Resisting Spell skill.
    3. A new “Rare Dye” item has been added too. It can be obtained only from loot and has a random color from 1 to 2999. This item can be used to dye anything that a character has in the backpack.
    4. The Architector NPC’s purchase menu is different now. Now you can buy houses for gold and for Zulu coins.
      In addition, in this menu, you can immediately see what the house looks like in its mini version.
    5. Now you can build a house yourself! Firstly, you must purchase a building permit and build grounds on the land that will allow you to continue building on it. All the additional information about it will be shown in a special video, as well as in a separate topic on Wiki pages.
    6. From now on you can see the color of the item in its description whenever you point the mouse cursor at it.

    Later on, we will upload all updated information on the Wiki and an up-to-date game installer will be prepared for your convenience. Ads and announcements of the starting date of the new gaming season are coming soon.
  • Bonus update!

    Ahoy to all the players!
    We would very much like to support that fire in your hearts and help you recollect the memories of the game mechanics. We are waiting anxiously for you to return by the beginning of the new gaming season that starts in late September. The new server will offer everyone equal opportunities.
    To do so, starting from today the server has been updated with all possible perks available for 28 days to all the players.
    Besides, a new artifact “Fishing Rod” has been added that can not break and doubles the number of caught fish.
    Just so you know, all of you are more than welcome to our new server in the following gaming season.

    The number of participating players depends on each of you! Tell your friends about us so they can spread the news too!
    Let’s all make this event unforgettable!

  • Most recent updates

    Dear players,
    There have been some changes applied to the game world:

    1. Now you have an opportunity to transfer your gold into unique sacks. The sacks can be purchased from any provision merchant.
    2. Lockpicking training has become easier. The merchant who sells Thief’s items also sells varied difficulty chests with keys. The level of difficulty is from 30 to 100 and is specified on the chest.
    3. A new item has been added to the game “Home Case With Collections”. It can be crafted from Logs 400 and with Carpentry skill of 120. The specified item can contain a great number of items and allows to take a desired number of items from it, from 1 to 60000 (except for gold). An unlimited number of gold can be transferred to a check. This item may be placed only in a house even if nobody lived in it. So watch out for the robbers 🙂
      To create the item from logs use the Carpentry skill, in the Chest section at the end of the menu.
    4. A previously useless magic fish “Nightsight” restores mana now.
    5. Irrelevant links in the Help menu have been removed.
    6. Mage and Scribe merchants can help you evaluate magic items for a decent price. Use the “Identify” command for that.
      Watch the video to see the updates in action:
  • New server’s launch!

    You might be tired of us, but we don’t feel the same about you.
    So, we’ve decided to make a final present to Zulu fans.
    We all realize that Ultima doesn’t become popular and every year can be the last one.

    In September we’ll launch a second non-commercial shard. No donations and purchases. Just you and your skill.
    The shard will start from scratch so that nothing will distract you from the wind of change that’s coming.
    The leveling speed will be X2 from the current.

    Only consulting positions among our staff to help out the players.
    Quests and Tournaments will be held.
    We are pretty sure that Perks will remain in the game although they will be purchased only for ZuluCoins that you can obtain while playing only. Zuluconis drop will be increased.

    To make it even better, occasionally we will offer money giveaways. Try your golddigger’s luck!
    The number of players participating depends only on you! Share this news with your friends. Let’s make this event unforgettable!

    Join our Telegram channel:

  • Latest updates and fixes

    Dear players,
    Some changes and fixes have been applied to the game world as follows:

    1. Spells of the bosses Margena, Miradna (fire snake) as well as the frost spell of the boss Sargon’s minions have been fixed.

    2. The depiction of the weight of most items has been fixed too.

    3. The champion altars have been reconsidered. More detailed info will be specified in the wiki later.

    4. The Heating Stand for the Alchemy skill has been returned to the Tinkering skill.

    5. From now on gaining levels in Animal Taming skill has become easier.

    6. Items Omeros Pickaxe and Xarafaxs Axe have no charges now as they used to be. Also, they give a bonus to the skill and increase the chance of obtaining higher ore and wood.

    7. We have also fixed Spell Book in the Inscription skill, which previously showed all spells, whether you have them or not.

  • Recent main game changes

    The server is launched.
    Main game changes:

    1. “Spell Book” Scrolls now provide an increase to the “Magery” skill.
    2. Shovel can now be put in hand with appropriate animation and the item stacking has been removed.
    3. The amount of sheared wool from sheep has been reduced.
    4. A new NPC “Shepherd” has been added.
    5. A new NPC “Logger”, a lumberjack, has been added.
    6. There are some changes regarding trees in Grand Castle. It is forbidden to plant any trees inside the premises. It is allowed to plant trees in open areas following the game rules. Planted trees have some charges for looting. After the destruction of the tree, there is some chance to get the seeds of this tree.
    7. All types of knives have lost the ability to cut the hide from prey. A new item “Skinning Knife” has been added to the game, which is sold by NPCs “Butcher”, “Tinker”, “Provisioner”. From now on “Reaper” has charges.
    8. Teleports in houses can only be used by the players who are allowed to live in the house.
    9. To transfer the house to another player, you must delete the created teleports.
    10. A shovel for treasure isn’t created after deciphering anymore. NPC “Mapmaker” has it as a charged item permanently.
    11. Game command .options has been slightly improved. Now you can change the number of items created at a time from 1 to 20. This function only works on those items that can be created in batches like “empty bottle, blank scrolls….”.
    12. NPC “Animal Trainer” no longer buys animals.
    13. A large number of skills have been improved and changed. Tools with charges, new menus and features have been added.

    Skill changes:

    1. Alchemy skill:
      “Mortar” and “Heating Stand” are the tools used in the skill and now have charge usage.
    2. Blacksmithy skill:
      “Smithy’s Hammer” and “Tongs” have charge usage.
    3. Bowcraft skill:
      “Fletching Tools”, “Chisel” have charge usage.
    4. Carpentry skill:
      A new crafting menu has been added. All tools used with the skill have charge usage.
    5. Cartography skill:
      A new tool with chargeable usage “Pen and Ink” has been added to the skill with the description “It Is Needed For Writing Maps” and is sold by an NPC “Mapmaker”.
    6. Cooking skill:
      A new tool with charge usage “Frypan” has been added to implement the skill.
    7. Fishing skill:
      “Fishing Pole” has charge usage.
    8. Herding skill:
      “Shepherd’s Crook” has charge usage.
    9. Inscription skill:
      A new menu has been added to “Spell Book”. A new “Pen and Ink” tool has been added with the description “It Is Needed For Scribing Scrolls” and is sold by NPC “Scribe”. The tool has chargeable use.
    10. Lumberjacking tool:
      The amount of received resources has been significantly reduced. To use the skill there are only “Hatchet” and “Xarafax” left. The mentioned items now have charges. “Xarafax” has a x3 resource gain and 6000 charges and now provides with +40 skill increase.
    11. Mining skill:
      The amount of the received resources has been significantly reduced. Only “Shovel”, “Pickaxe”, and “Omero’s Pickaxe” are left to use the skill. These items now have charges. “Omero’s Pickaxe” increases resources gain by x3 except for Paradise, Hell, and Void gems. It also has 6000 charges and provides with +40 skill increase.
    12. Musicianship skill:
      All musical instruments have charges now.
    13. Peacemaking skill:
      Now the skill uses a charge of the game tool.
    14. Provocation skill:
      Now the skill uses a charge of the game tool.
    15. Tailoring skill:
      A new crafting menu has been added to the game. All tools in this skill consume charges.
    16. Tinkering skill:
      A new crafting menu has been added to the game. All tools in this skill consume charges.
    17. Fishing, Mining, and Lumberjacking skills have a limited number of uses in the beginner area.

    There is a video with some changes and updates.
  • Updates from 29/04

    Hi to all the players!
    Updates from 29/04:

    1. Items that do not drop after death are called Newbie. These items have their own depiction available to all players once you move the mouse arrow to “A Blessed Item”.
    2. Merchant Bard, now sells a type of bard’s scrolls from his music book which allows you to restore mana.
    3. Bottle of NightSight was removed from the game. Instead of it, there are minor mana restoration potions that are approximately equal to Greater Heal Potion.
    4. A new Dispel Potion was added to the game world. Its effect is exactly like a spell. To create it you must have the required skill of Alchemy at 06 at least and the following resources:
      1 empty potion
      4 Pumices (0x0F8b),
      1 Pig Iron (0x0F8a),
      2 Obsidian (0x0F89).
    5. All potions have been changed regarding the way of their usage and the time of the next appliance.
      Brief description:
      Heal, Mana, Cure = Total cooldown (10 seconds);
      Refresh = Separate cooldown (30 seconds);
      All Bless Potion = Separate cooldown (80 seconds);
      Invisibility Potion = Separate cooldown (30 seconds);
      Dispel Potion = separate cooldown (120 seconds);
      Poison Potion = separate cooldown (10 seconds);

    All specified timers are displayed at the top of the screen.
    If it’s a total recovery time, then from the indicated group you can only drink 1 bottle every 10 seconds.
    If it’s a separate cooldown, then each bottle has its own cooldown time.

    1. The provocation skill is available for training in the initial city.
    2. Stealing and Snooping Skills have been changed:
      The distance to the available area for opening someone else’s bag was reduced (not more than 2 tiles).
      The time to the next attempt to open the bag has been increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
      To use the skill the character must be wearing thieves’ gloves and be unarmed.
      The visibility of items in the victim’s backpacks is back in the game.
      Although now a Thief will not be able to see all the items in his opponent’s backpack. Items will be shown depending on the amount of the Thief’s skill, dexterity, and game level, as well as some characteristics of the victim. such as the character’s game level and intelligence.
      The time of the next try to steal has been increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
      To use the skill, the character must be wearing thief gloves and be unarmed.
    3. The Apocalypse spell (Holy Book) has been improved in terms of dealing damage with different elements.
    4. The spell Animate Dead (Codex Damnorum) doesn’t resurrect bosses anymore.
    5. The Fire Ball spell (spell book) when hitting a target creates a wall of fire under it.
    6. Fire Field (spell book) now deals damage if the target is standing on a wall.
    7. Poison Field (spell book) now poisons the target if it is standing on the wall.
    8. Spell Poison deals damage depending on magic skill level. Previously, there was a bug causing very big damage to the target at 50 Magic level.
    9. The Anatomy skill, when used on a target, takes into account the maximum limit of physical protection.
    10. The item’s weight is now depicted.
  • Updates in March

    Updates 06 March, 2022:

    1. We’ve fixed a boat bug that previously made the character get stuck on it from time to time.
    2. Some of the commands when you click the left button on an NPC (bank, buy, train, etc.) are back. In order for everything to work fine update the game files in Orion Launcher.
    3. Heavy load animals Pack Llama, Pack Horse must remain with the owner, even if the owner does not have animal training skills.
    4. The Carpentry skill is displayed in a new way.
    5. We’ve started editing the Wiki info vault.
    6. Fixed some bugs with the missing text.

    Updates 08 March, 2022:
    1. We’ve fixed a bug because of which it was impossible to get off the ship (It is necessary to update the game files to apply the update).
    2. There is no more delay when interacting with any object.
    3. The boarding time on the boat was reduced.

    Updates 24 March, 2022:
    Changes have been made to the Blacksmithy skill. A bug in the creation of the Decorative Armor has been fixed. Training Dummy in the starting location allows you to upgrade the Stealing, Snooping skill to 90.

    Updates as of 25 March, 2022:
    1. Fixed a bug that made the Enchanted Meteor obtained from monsters yield ingots twice as much.
    2. The Healing skill, when used successfully, increases the Anatomy.

  • The latest updates

    1. The keys that are created when setting up a house or a ship will now have Newbie properties.
    2. Shadow Lord, Greater Shadow, Lesser Shadow monsters can no longer walk on water.
    3. We’ve edited the properties of excessive overload. Your stamina will be greatly affected in case of overload.
    4. Also, there are some updates in Hiding and Stealth skills. You will be reported how many steps are available for you when using Stealth. You may fully use Stealth through Hiding. Using Stealth through invisibility bottle, magic fish, invisibility spell is limited to 5 steps.
    5. Items with Newbie properties will further have a detailed description of their properties on them.
    6. Mobs’ speed is lowered. Mutants will have +25 speed to their level at the time.
    7. The amount of resources obtained (Logs, Ore) is twice as low as previously.
    8. We’ve updated the file in the installing files on the website. Update them via Orion.
      All the updates will apply after the files upgrade.
  • Resources bug fixed

    Hey guys!
    We’ve figured out the problem with the re-spawn of resources. Once you’ve edited the coordinates on the map where the resources were, there appeared a great number of the same tiles. That generated some bugs, so the amount of the resources collected was infinite. Now, we’ve fixed that and only one tile will remain. You can obtain up to 25 ordinary resources (less if it’s colored) from one tile. The respawn time is 30 minutes.

    If you lack resources, add some new coordinates on the map.

    Let us remind you that skill leveling has been greatly increased recently, which makes it much easier to train your skills, including crafting skills.

  • Updates


    1. We’ve worked on Bowcraft/Fletching skill. So, here’s what’s new about it:
      A. You can’t use Dagger on Logs anymore.
      B. We’ve added a new item for the skill, Fletcher Tools, which you can create with Tinker Tools. How to make it: Tinker Tools – Ingots – Tools – Fletching Tools.
      C. This tool is crafted with a certain number of charges depending on the ores you use and its charges will be depicted on the tool. This means that the tools will disappear after they run out of charges. For now, it’s the only skill that requires a tool with the necessary charges to craft it.
      D. There is a new menu with a description of items.
    2. NPC Mutant. We’ve lowered its speed to a reasonable level. We’ve also lowered the speed of movement for regular NPCs, so they are much slower than characters riding their animals.
    3. The number of ingots you get by melting all kinds of ore has doubled. (1 Iron Ore = 2 Iron Ingots)

    As usual, all the updates will apply after the restart.

  • Classic UO Launcher

    Recently we’ve received some questions and some of them considered the opportunity to use classic UO client. We’ve set the “Classic UO Launcher” on our server. You can find some useful info about its setting by clicking on the link below:
    Given the fact that you can’t update the game files using this client yet, there is no way for us to provide any scripts for it so far 🙂
    Besides, you can install the game on your mobile phone using Classic UO Launcher. The instructions are here:

    You will still have to update Zuluhotel game files via Orion Launcher. Don’t hesitate to upgrade them while launching the game client.

    Taking into account that previously there were some troubles while using the Classic UO Launcher, we kindly ask you to report the errors and bugs in Discord: (ask-for-help)
    In the nearest future, UOC will be added to the file update and will be installed on your computer without any of your assistance.

  • Skill gain is increased

    In Newbie town skill gain is increased from 50% to 300% in dungeons and the town itself (compared to regular skill training). Note, that skill can be trained up to 90.
    Outside the Newbie town, skill gain is increased from 10% to 20%.

  • In-game upgrades

    Hi everyone,
    Here are the in-game upgrades:

    1. While using the Anatomy skill, a pop-up window will appear on the enemy with the following properties: Name, Race, Gender, Class, Level, Strength, Dexterity, Health, Stamina, Armor, Physical Protection.
    2. When using the Evaluating Intelligence skill, a pop-up window will appear with the following properties: Intelligence, Mana, Air, Earth, Fire, Necro, Holy, Poison, FreeAction.
    3. The Hiding skill gain is increased by 40%.
    4. The auto-mode of moving in stealth was removed in Hiding skill.
    5. The Camping skill fire graphics was switched to the standard one.
    6. Blacksmithy skill has a new menu now. Some of the requirements of the New items have changed.

  • Make a tutorial video to earn rewards!

    Dear players,
    We really need your help.

    Anyone who’s willing to help new players can make a tutorial video on training a skill. We are going to add detailed information on complex skills (except simple basic skills) to our Wiki Zuluhotel Info Vault with a link to your guide videos.
    One video per skill. It would be better if the videos weren’t too short. Try to put all the important information about skill training in there. Show the difference in Raw Points and a usual skill improvement. You can also write your guide under the video.
    The reward in Zulu Coins is guaranteed.

    Send the videos directly to @occiderevultus (Telegram chat), e-mail or upload them to Youtube using the name of our server in the title. E.g: “ Arms Lore Guide (from Lord British)”

  • Updates from 30 Dec, 2021

    Dear players,
    Here are the updates that started from 30 Dec, 2021:
    1. We’ve changed the effect of strength on additional damage by 0.2% per unit of strength. Previously, it was 0.3% damage per strength. Strength affects close-up damage.
    2. Hitting accuracy has changed: damage from the back is inflicted with an accuracy of +20%. If the character stands with his back to the enemy, then the accuracy is reduced by 20%.
    3. Also, there are some changes made to the creatures that appear from “statue” mounts and can be found in the loot. Now they obey commands and may stop loving you as a master.
    4. A chance of statues mounts drop has been increased.
    5. The following sets are removed from loot: Ryous, Elven, Darkness, Drakon, Infernal, Sylvian, Woonders, Zephyr, Sargon, Plasma, Rock, Fairy Blood, Templar, Fortune, Sacred Star, Damned, except for the following items: Shield of Rock, Shield of Templar, Shield of Fortune, Shield of Damned.
    6. The following items have been added to the game: Enchanted Meteorite ( legendary meteorite ore, after smelting which you can forge your armor).
    7. The following items have been added to the game: Enchanted Dye Tub (paint for legendary armor). Enchanted Rune (a rune for creating armor bonuses).
    8. A new NPC merchant has been added to the game, that sells items for creating legendary armor.
    9. A chance of the Elemental Lord of Pentagram drop has increased.
    10. Elemental Lord has been moved to other safer locations.

  • New Year is time for gifts!

    New Year is time for gifts!

    The main Zulu Christmas tree has been installed on the main square. Santa Claus left presents for everyone under the tree.
    There you can find everything you need: treats and GM weapons or armors 🙂
    But in addition to items, in the presents, you will find a set of perks for a week: looter and premium. Additionally, if the character is a crafter, then the perks are miner /missersmith /lumberjack. If the character belongs to another class, he/she will receive a looter perk.

    Besides, Santa Claus forgot his bag. By clicking on Santa’s sack each player will receive several GDs as a gift.

    Also, Lord British asked the mages to enchant one of the small Christmas trees, which can also give you gifts from the king.

    From Dec 25, 2021 to Jan 10, 2022 the respawns are doubled.
    Happy holidays and have a fun game!

  • Lifestream

    Given the fact that the cool-down of lifestream lasts 60 seconds, the effect of this enchantment won’t spread on friendly creatures in a way of healing, stamina and mana. You can still resurrect your friends though.

    Have a great game!

  • Here is what’s new since the last restart

    Here is what’s new since the last restart:
    1) We’ve added a portal to the new lands. They aren’t completely inhabited yet, but you can go ahead and take a look, and maybe mark some runes.

    2) Healing protection now affects healing with magic fish. We hope Rangers will be pleased.

    3) Since the amount of Zulu Coins that drop from mutants has changed, they obtained protection from necro magic and ordinary magic up to the seventh magic circle. Be cautious.

    4) We’ve slightly improved the intelligence of the casting mobs. Now they can come from up close and heal themselves if necessary.

    5) After using the hiding skill, a character can become stealth for a couple of steps before using the Stealth skill. The number of steps the character can do in stealth depends on class bonuses and how much the Stealth skill is trained.

    6) We’ve significantly improved ourselves in creating customed GM armor. So very soon we will present new opportunities. 🙂

    7) Only exceptional items that don’t have scripts on them can be enchanted. No target or action is shown after the double-click.

    Enjoy the game you all!

  • Here is what we’ve got new

    Here is what we’ve got new in the latest game update.

    1) Damage from mobs in a close-range fight is lower now.
    2) Archer’s damage is lowered too (tainted one).
    3) The effect on damage of mobs’ stats is limited to 600 max. Thus when a mob becomes a mutant, the increase in stats on damage has a limited impact.

  • Celestial leather upgrade

    Several changes have been made to Celestial leather. Now it gives you the following protection:
    Holy Protection,
    Physical protection,
    Free action.

    Enjoy the game!