Improvements and fixes

Here is the list of improvements that were applied after the latest restart:

1. Ranger catches more fish after 5th level (5 level +1, 6 level +2, 7 level + 3).
2. Crafter digs more ore and wood (5 level +1, 6 level + 2, 7 level +3). Perks like Miner and Lumber also provide additional material.
3. Some spells from the Codex and Holly Book deal less damage now (they used to deal double damage before).
4. Bard’s spell Song of Life restores less health.
5. Leech and Polymorph work correctly.
6. You can call guards for free now.
7. PvP mode regarding the walls and dragons is also fixed.
8. Some files in the Orion updates like Stealth were removed, so that they wouldn’t interfere with the configurations.
9. Mages deal less damage in short-range combat in PvP. No stamina can be drained.
10. A bug when Georgettes weren’t visible is fixed, please update the game files.
11. The loot level is increased to 8. Items +6 can be found in the game.