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Changing your email address

Enter a new e-mail address, then re-enter to confirm that the new address was typed correctly. Confirm the change by entering the password from the game account.. Read more

Changing your e-mail address takes place in three stages: 1) You enter a new e-mail address and click "Change e-mail address" 2) An email is sent to the old address with a link to confirm the e-mail change. 3) After clicking on the link from the letter (point 2), a letter is sent to the new address confirming the change of the email address, for which you must click on the link in the letter. After that, a letter is sent to both addresses about the successful completion of the e-mail address change.

Current e-mail address

Change password

The password can consist of Latin letters and / or numbers. The password must be at least 3 and no more than 10 characters.