• Bosses update

    Dear players,
    It was required to restart the server earlier.

    After the restart Margrena, Miradna, Apocalypse bosses will provide you with more items compared to what you could loot from them before.

  • Updates

    Dear players,
    the following changes have been applied after the restart:

    1. Skill and stats scrolls have been fixed and now perform properly.

    2. The overall image and colour of the stats and skill scrolls have been changed, as previously they would visually blend with other scrolls.

    3. We’ve launched a test server to check all the upcoming updates.
    IP address:,2598

    Game characters were saved there at the 01/27/2023 – 01/28/2023 time period.
    Further on, all the changes might be transferred to the main server after the tester’s approval.

  • Important note

    Dear players,
    Please take some time to read this post.

    Regarding the previous updates:

    January 17, 2023 Update #7 (CHANGES REGARDING POISON) will be reset to default soon due to an issue with monsters that deal low-level poison damage (skill leveling issues appear).

    About the upcoming changes and updates:

    All changes and updates, including suggestions or additions, will be posted in our Discord channel, the link to which is available on our website.

    All changes will be subject to player voting excluding critical bug fixes.

    All critical changes and bug fixes will be reported to players.

    There will be no more changes on the main server without prior testing on the “Test Server” that will be launched shortly and announced.

    Before updating the main server files, players will be given the opportunity to check and test all changes on the test server during the week after the announcement of these changes. In the future, if no one finds errors, all changes will be transferred to the main server.

    Thus, we will give the opportunity to players to test these changes and decide whether they are necessary separately from the main server. (Before applying any updates all game records will be transferred from the main server. This means that all players will be able to log in with the character that is on the main server).

  • Updates and bug fixes

    Dear players,
    Later today there will be a restart of the server. It is scheduled for 11 p.m. +3 UTC or a bit later after all the events come to the end. Here are some changes to be applied:

    1. The number of Dark Sister boss items is increased according to the difficulty of the boss.
    2. New items are added to the game: Skill Scroll 0-90, Skill Scroll 0-150. Stats Scroll 0-90, Stats Scroll 0-150. The specified scrolls have been added so that it would be easier to train the characters with skills and stats from 0 to 150. These scrolls can be found only in monster loot.

    More detailed info about the scrolls is below.

    Scrolls from 0 to 90:

    Attribute = or < 50, adds + 30 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute = or < 85, adds +5 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute = 86, adds +4 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute = 87, adds +3 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute = 88, adds +2 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute = 89, adds +1 Skill or Stats.

    You can find this type of scroll in monster corpses in Newbie Dungeon with a 5% chance. (You can also sell them for 300 gold at the shop).

    Scrolls from 0 to 150:

    Attribute 80 и = or lower than 110, adds 10 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute > or = 111 and lower or equals 135, adds +5 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute > or = 136 and lower 147, adds +3 Skill or Stats.
    Attribute > or = 148 and lower or equals 149, adds +1 Skill or Stats.

    These scrolls can be found in monster corpses with a 1% chance or HITS / 300 (but not higher than 15 % in Deceit Dungeon and Fire Dungeon.

    1. We fixed a bug that allowed MaceFighting weapons to steal stamina from monsters. Now the stamina can be stolen from monsters (except for bosses) only with GM Artifact Eric Big Basher.
    2. Heroes Blesser NPC that allows buffing a character has been increased to 100.
    3. Home Case collection can not be used from outside the house or by a character that has no access to the house.
    4. You can not teleport on a ship from somebody else’s house.

    All the information listed will be applied after the restart of the server.

  • Lottery winners clarification

    Dear players,
    Please, be attentive!

    In the previous post, you probably have seen the news about the lottery winners. Take a close look at the line “Don’t worry if you see a mistake in your name, the most important is that you have your token number right.”

    We are sorry if your name was listed among the winners by mistake. Since every player received the token number, which was attached to the account and saved in the game logs, the prizes were given out according to this number. Thus, all the players have received their gifts.

    To sum up, we’d like to emphasize, it’s not the name of the character that matters, but the token number that guarantees you receive your prize. Take a look at the picture for an example.