• The missing Caravan

    The Missing Caravan Since ancient times Lord Richard from Yew has been engaged in trading with other lords of Britain. His merchants would bring valuable goods from various parts of the world. The merchants were famous for mighty and invincible steeds in their caravan. One time a horrible incident occurred during the journey. A well-known group of horse thieves of Kalaberden inserted their spy among the caravan guards. Shortly after they acquired the information about the merchants’ map root. During an uneven battle, half of the best horses were stolen. The other half spread in the nearest woods. Find the missing horses, but beware: the woods are full of mutants and robbers.

  • Friday 13th.

    Friday the 13th What to say? Whether you believe it or not, stay aware of troubles on this day!

    Barely having recovered from the pumpkin invasion, an unpleasant surprise shook the Royal Guard. Recently imprisoned troublemaker turned out to be a follower of an ancient cult of Sargon. During the search, a message was discovered. It says about a conspiracy between the cult and the filthiest creatures of two worlds: living and dead. In the message, it was also mentioned that an attack on a fair city of Skara Brae was being prepared on Friday. For that reason, the Lord of Britain encourages all heroic warriors, mages, and even always drunk bards to defend the city from the foe!

    The mages of the kingdom will protect the city with an invisible dome that won’t let looters and greedy assassins steal your goods during the battle. Its powers should last for about 2 hours. The battle begins at 7 p.m CET. To get there, use a blue Moongate in the Market.

  • Dark Magic. Part 1.

    Dark Magic. Part 1.

    After the celebration of Halloween the darkness has fallen onto the world… The Greatest Mage of the tower has dropped the bell. Rumor says that people encounter invisible obstacles that immobilize them. The Mage is sure that dark and dangerous powers are rising. The entire guild has been sent for the search of Dark Matter. The messengers who were sent by mages have arrived but not even one of them could show the meeting point on the map. Mysteriously, all men have lost their memory and couldn’t even tell their names.

    Task: Find the participants of the expedition and bring the information to the Greatest Mage by sending him the message “QUEST”. Pay attention, you may be haunted as the reward forces people to take desperate actions.

  • Moving to another host.

    The shard has moved to another location, re-direction to the new location should do everything automatically, but if you still can not log in using previous settings, please change shard’s IP Address to the direct one: the port remains the same – 2593

    If you still cannot log in, you can easily get our assistance in Discord

  • The ground has been broken!

    As you have heard, Zuluhotel started it’s work on October 16, 2020. At this moment there are more than 200 active players from all over the world. A week after the start we implied automatic updates of the client’s files via Orion Launcher. (By the way, we recommend using the Orion Launcher only, which is also a part of our installation pack.) Several map bugs were fixed. The website was launched and all its functions are fine now, including the Info vault. This informational section contains all the server’s game knowledge among which you can find the answer to every question you might have during the game. Also, the shard’s stuff helps all new players in our Telegram. Everything on the website is functioning both in English and Russian. We are currently working on a Spanish version of the website. Another thing we did is launching targeted advertising in our groups on Facebook and Instagram.

    Some simple quests were held this week. Every day we give away 2 skills to the players (one skill per winner at a time). The winner is picked randomly on the server and if the player is by the computer at the moment of drawing, the player receives any skill raise that he/she wants. The first week from the start the skill level can be increased to 80, the second week to 90, the third week to 100, the following weeks up to 110.

    We kindly remind you, that we have built Newbie-town for an easy game start. It’s a completely self-standing and safe place. It has everything you need: a mine to dig ore, a forest to chop logs, a pond for fishing, and even an easy dungeon. There your skills can be trained up to 90 and the training speed is 30% higher than in the main world. No one and nothing can harm your character in Newbie-town, since all the aggressive actions are turned off there. Moreover, if you accidentally die in Newbie dungeon, all of your items are put back in your backpack.