Winter holidays update

Dear players,
Check out the winter holidays updates that we’ve prepared for you:

1. There is a Christmas tree and Santa with gifts at the square.

2. Each player who has been online for more than 15 days can receive the following small prizes:
a) A Christmas tree that you can place in the house.
b) a set of all available perks: Premium, PH, Looter, Miser, Miner, Lumberjack, and a New Image with which you can change your race, gender and name.
c) Players whose level is above 4 and do not belong to the Crafter class, will receive 250 New Year’s scrolls. This is to make up for those days when farming was impossible the next day.

3. Slayer weapons now only work against monsters. This weapon does not harm the other players.

4. AngelicAura magic is holy book magic, and should not treat the undead. Now this type of magic deals damage to the undead, including the player in the form of Leech.

5. Santa scrolls were added to the ZulUSD store at the price of 2 ZulUSD = 40 scrolls.

6. All crafting skills have been added to the ZulUSD store. You can purchase skills up to 150. (In case a player needs to upgrade skills above 150, it is necessary to use scrolls for each skill from 130 to 150) Thus, the player can buy skills and will not be able to upgrade them further until he finds skill unlock scrolls. The cost of acquiring skills has been reduced from $13 to $10.

7. You can also purchase crafting skills via the pole and pay with Zulu Coins.

8. ZulUSD hasn’t dropped from monsters for a long time. The odds became a little higher, to make it easier for you.

A truce has been declared during all holidays in Britain. Until January 10, 2024 there will be no-loot in all zones.

In the future, we will create special areas where no restrictions will apply, which means there will be no no-loot.

We’ve forgiven all the naughty ones and whoever was on a chat’s blacklist is no longer banned.

From the 1st to the 10th of January the chances to loot ZulUSD is increased x 3!
Skills can be trained x3 faster too!