Minor fixes

Hi everyone!

1. We’ve adjusted the text on the scrolls that upgrade skills and stats 1-75.
2. Also, we fixed the depiction of poisoning after you cure it with the antidote potion.
3. From now on you can’t heal monsters with bandages.
4. Mining and Lumberjacking don’t break the tools completely now.
5. We’ve added a list of tasks under the “Quests” panel to the character’s menu. There you can check all the tasks you have.
6. You have more time to fulfill the tasks.
7. Any character can switch his/her race for free for 5 days from the moment of the creation. Use the pole on the Market square.
8. If you buy skills for ZulUSD, your initial skill level is 90 instead of 75.
9. You may now use small bombs in the Newbie dungeon.
10. We changed the depiction of the timer from 14 to 12 as it was supposed to be when healing with bandages.
11. The .sleep command no longer restores stats.
12. Some mobs didn’t inflict any damage, so we fixed that too.
13. Crafting arrows now depends on your parameter set in .options (change the number of the items)
14. If a killer and the killed character are in a group at the moment of murder, the killer’s karma does not decrease.
15. The books of skill unlock are always 100% now.
16. Your bank cell correctly depicts max weight.
17. You can find more arrows and reagents in monsters loot now.
18. The 4th spell circle provides a decent increase.

Some fixes will be activated after the restart, which is planned for Monday, 16th of October at approximately 7:10 a.m. +3 UTC. (Time or date might change).