Lifehack of the day

Lifehack of the day to make your leveling easier:

Upon adding funds to your personal account on the website, you can enter the in-game perks and purchases menu.
In the profile of your character click Help –> USD –> choose what you’d like to buy.

Regarding purchasing the skills, you should keep in mind that when you buy any skill and any number of skills in the menu, they are set to 75 at the beginning. Automatically, with no extra charge applied further on, they are trained until 130 as soon as the purchased limits of the skill training are increased. The limits are set according to the skills trained by other characters and the whole process is done this way, so as not to give supreme benefits to the ones who bought the skills.

Let us kindly remind you, that 50% of the total donations are put back in ZulUSD coins that can be found in mobs’ loot. Any player can gain ZulUSD coins and cash them out as REAL MONEY or spend them on Perks.

Also, note that all perks have a free demo period for everyone to try them out.