The Alchemist’s Quest May, 19


The Alchemist requires the help of all Britain’s citizens this Friday the 19th of May at 10:30 p.m. +3 UTC.
The Alchemist has decyphered the previously found pages. They tell about a great Mage who is long gone. The Alchemist decided to resurrect the Mage. However, there was no corpse in the discovered grave. What was left is a lot of miners’ equipment. The Alchemist suspects miners to be blamed for having moved the body.
The task is to find the Mage’s remains and bring them to the Alchemist.

After the official announcement of the start of the event, the location of the quest will be protected (No loot, No Steal, No Pvp, No Guard Zone). Look for the updates here in Discord or in the Telegram channel.

Besides the abovementioned details, the Alchemist warns that the search will be very difficult.