Dear players,
After the server’s restart, the following updates have been applied:

  1. Angelic Aura spell for mass healing now works for monsters too.
  2. Stealing and Snooping are currently switched off until fixed.
  3. Ostard dragons’ eggs have 2 sec cooldown before the subsequent use.
  4. All PvP physical damage was decreased by 50%.
  5. All PvP magic damage was decreased by 50%.
  6. PvP attack with poison was decreased by 0.79 (in other words by 21%)
  7. Ranger has a new healing way by using alcohol pills. Recipe: Frying Pan, a bottle of Liquor, a bottle of Ale, a bottle of Wine, and Green Fish.
    These pills can be used only by Rangers.
  8. New bows are added to the game world and we are waiting for a perfect monster to drop them in the future. (Pending)

Items 4,5,6 are in testing mode for PvP

We also worked a lot on a quest, in which you can die from monsters or traps, on May, 19th at 10:00 p.m. + 3 UTC.
Keep alert for upcoming information.