The Alchemist event has started.

Dear players,
The event has started.

The Alchemist states that the remains of the Great Mage can be found on the territory of the Minoc city. A greedy miner said that his remains were found by his friends (he calls them brothers) and collected in various miners’ chests like trash. Although they forgot about them some time after and put them at their homes along with their loot.
It is reported that the traps will be activated if any of the brother miners are gone missing.

Get the remains of the Great Mage and bring them to the Alchemist in Newbie Town.

P.S. In every chest, you will find an impressive reward.

The territory of the Minoc City has No loot, No Guards, and No Gate.
You’ll find teleports to the Minoc City at the Market Square and in Newbie Town.