Latest updates

1. Items break depending on magic too.
2. Items like Orc Mask and Skull are no longer received when skinning hides.
3. The scroll that increases skills (purchased for gold or quest points) is temporarily out of service until fixed
4. Items like Crossbow Bolt, Throwing Daggers, Gunpowder, Arrow, Ice Arrow, Fire Arrow, Feather, and Blank Scroll have lower prices.
5. There is a new item that improves a weapon or an item carried in the other hand (shield or carpentry book). The description of the item itself is incorrect and will be corrected soon.
6. Fewer reagents are found in loot now.
7. Balron can no longer teleport.
8. The Archery and Fishing skills gradually and more persistently increase strength.
9. Tree seeds weigh 1 stone instead of 5.
10. Security guards are back starting from Saturday at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC.
11. The charge for calling guards (use .guards command) is 50 gold if you have gold in your backpack and 100 gold if taken from the bank. The delay between the following guards’ call is 10 seconds.
12. Temporarily you have an opportunity to see the loot that can be received from the monsters when you point your mouse arrow at them.
13. We fixed the color change of the character (becomes grey when killing monsters). We encourage you to report this problem whenever you encounter it.
14. The corpse icon no longer freezes when it’s being looted.
15. The Auction Pole is added to the game world.
16. The Leech spell adds 25 health instead of 125.
17. The Poisonous Bomb is added to the game world. More details will be published later.
18. The duration of magic buffs now depends on the Evaluation skill and is increased x 2.
19. Loot level is increased + 5.