Recent Updates & Fixes

1. When a character turns while hiding, it doesn’t count as a turn.
2. “Sand” and “Clay” have corrected description (Tinkering Reagent).
3. We fixed a long crafting of an item with the Carpentry skill.
4. Piils for healing Ranger now correctly works with .eat rangheal command.
5. Drink. command has Mind Refresh Potion among the list of potions that can be used with it.
6. The Magic Fish effect now depends on the Taste Identification skill. The skill is additionally trained while eating this type of fish.
7. Weapons with Stygian effect (Legendary) now damage as much as Swift with 2 points higher speed.
8. Some corrections in PVE and PVP were made. The characters with the Parrying skill trained now block the damage better.
Stats do not increase damage now. Casting spells and wearing items improve only main stats like health, stamina, speed and mana.
9. The Inscription skill requires fewer scrolls: Spellbook – 1 scroll, Earth Book and Song Book – 2 and more, Necro Book and Holly Book – 3 and more.
10. Lockpicking requirements have changed too: 25 for the 1 level treasure chest, 50 for the 2 level, etc.
11. We corrected the criminal status for Ranger (with pets) and Thief (and poison). If there are any issues with the criminal status, feel free to send a private message to the administration of the shard.
12. Skills purchased for ZulUSD are increased to 115.