On this server, you will find a pole that offers to complete different tasks, such as “Craft a required number of items”. In Britain, Buccaneer’s Den and Newbie.

The tasks are split into several categories:
Making includes such skills as Blacksmithy, Bowcraft, Carpentry, Tinkering, and Tailoring. In this category, you must craft an item according to the recipe and bring it to an NPC.
Hunting is all about killing monsters. You must kill a specific number of a specific monster to complete the task.
Skills include using class skills and skills that don’t affect classes. There are tasks like:
– use a skill on a target;
– repair an item;
– craft an item;
– skin hides and loot a specific number of a specific item (there is an automatic item pick-up with no need to search for an item. A system message will appear to let you know that you found what you’ve been looking for).

When the task is completed, there is a separate window “Put Quest Item” that allows you to place an item in the pole. You may specify your backpack, so the pole selects what is needed automatically.

Each task has a button by clicking which you will see all the detailed information.

Each task has a time restriction to complete it. You can start again in 7 days if you can’t finish it on time.

The reward for tasks is given in quest points, which can be spent on the following items:

  • 100 Gold coins;
  • A random scroll that unlocks a skill by 1 point (after 130 skill).
  • A scroll that improves skills
    (if the skill is less than 75, then it increases by 15,
    if the skill is less than 95, then it increases by 10,
    if the skill is less than 110, then it increases by 5,
    if the skill is less than 120, then it increases by 2,
    if the skill is less than 140, then it increases by 1,
    if the skill is less than 170, then it increases by 0.5,
    if the skill is less than 200, then it increases by 0.1)

Important note:
The purchased scrolls can be used only by the character who got them and can’t be given to someone else.