13th of October 2023 the updated Zuluhotel is launching!

Dear players,

Tomorrow, on the 13th of October 2023 at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC we are launching the updated Zuluhotel!

We’ve improved and updated lots of stuff.
Click here to find out more: Game Updates

The main course of this feast is an opportunity to cash out the in-game currency! ZulUSD Coin is on board, you can find it in your loot and withdraw it as REAL MONEY! The exchange rate is 1 coin = $1 USD!
50% of all donations from the players will return to the game as ZulUSD Coins in mobs’ loot!
The starting bank found in the loot is $1000 USD!!!

We will also hold a giveaway for all registered accounts. Simply create a character and receive a raffle token. The results will be published just an hour after the server’s starting time.
Prizes for 3 lucky players:
25 000 Gold Coins, Premium Perk for 7 days, PH Perk.
Don’t forget to join our community in Discord and Telegram channels.

Follow our advice:
No. 0. Choose your in-game character name wisely, offensive names will be changed.
No. 1. Acknowledge the rules of the game: RULES
No. 2. Read the tasks: TASKS
No. 3. Check out the new currency ZulUSD, which can be cashed out from the game with the help of the administration. (1 ZulUSD = $1 USD): USD
No. 4. Complete tasks: killing monsters, skinning hides and getting items TASKS
No. 5. Kill monsters in the Newbie Dungeon and loot scrolls, clothes/ armor. Try to sell everything possible to receive gold.
No. 6. Don’t rush to upgrade your main character right away, try out the game changes and only settle with your main character and the main features.
No. 7. Use free bonuses like Premium Perk and others.
No. 8. Don’t kill your opponents as it will be more difficult for a player with bad karma.
No. 9. Be polite and do not break the rules of the game.