Zuluhotel game rules

By registering at Zuluhotel.com you agree to follow our rules.

All the players are recommended to read this section from time to time.

The administration reserves the right to change the rules without any previous notice.

Any additions and changes begin to take effect from the moment of the publishment. Unawareness of the rules does not exempt from liability if the rules are broken.

Clause 1. International strife.

Inciting ethnic hatred is punishable by a game character ban or jail at game master’s discretion.

Clause 2. Insult

Statement 1. Any insulting statements towards the player or his close ones (family) are punished by the game character jail or temporary mute at a game master’s discretion.
Statement 2. Insulting a server employee is punishable with the account ban.

I. General rules

Statement 1. The server is open for all the willing to play without any place of living restrictions.

Statement 2. Registration at the server is free. Using the registration form fill in all the required information. We insist on using your real e-mail as it will simplify the process of resetting lost passwords.

Statement 3. Players are allowed to create as many accounts as they need but only 3 characters online at a time, there is a limitation on the server. If the restriction is bypassed, all accounts belonging to the proxy server will be blocked without the possibility of unblocking.

Clause 5. Character’s name.

Statement 1. Any attempt to deceive that can lead to evasion of punishment, pursuing any illegal goal, or other deceptive actions, is punishable by the game character ban for 3 days or account blocking.

Statement 2. Failure to comply with the rules of the market, like cheating with the price of the goods, or the contents of the container, is punishable by the removal of the merchant and banning the game character for 3 days or blocking the account.

Clause 6. Programs and apps.

The use of third-party programs not related to the following: (Orion Launcher, UOClassic, Stealth Client, UoPilot), which allow you to gain advantages over other players, unplanned by game mechanics, is punishable by the game character ban for 5 days or blocking the account.

Clause 7. Game bugs.

Regardless of the harm caused, intentional usage of game errors and bugs will be punished with a ban of the game character for 8 days or an account block.
Your help in discovering serious bugs and errors will be generously rewarded, depending on the possible harm. The reward is based on the character’s wish and the opinion of the whole shard crew.

Clause 8. Using your property as a dumpster.

In the case, if inside the players’ property such as houses, or boats, are found items that exceed the reasonable number/amount, the character will be punished by the confiscation of the property and the game character ban for 2 days the account block.

Clause 9. Advertisement.

Advertising of third-party resources and servers is punishable by blocking the account.

Clause 10. Invulnerable NPC.

Any indecent actions (attack, sick against others, use in any inappropriate way) towards the invulnerable NPCs, are punished by deprivation of the received from these actions benefits, the game character ban for 8 days or account blocking.

Clause 11. Placing private property.

Statement 1. Placing houses (buildings, foundations) in a city, near city houses at a distance of 8 steps, on a road, next to houses of NPCs or other merchants, in caves and around the entrance to caves at a distance of 30 steps, blocking any passages, is punished by the removal of the placed object.

Statement 2. Restricting access by any building like «a green tent» and «a blue tent» is punished by the removal of the placed object.

Statement 3. If you leave your boat away from the pier or the property (house) shore the placed object will be removed.

Clause 12. Leaving a character to lurk.

Statement 1. The presence of a dead character for more than 5 minutes in the monsters’ or bosses’ spawn place, is punished by the 5-day block of all game characters that belong to the offender or by blocking all accounts.

Statement 2. Finding a live character, that is not equipped for hunting (at the discretion of the administration), is punished by the block of all game characters belonging to the offender for 5 days or by the account ban.

Clause 13. Auto-loot.

Automatic hunting, loot (exclusively from monsters) set with a script, even if the owner is online, is punished by blocking the account.

Clause 14. Safe zones: Anti Loot and Anti Harm.

Statement 1. Leaving a lot of animals, flooding, attacking, and/or other disturbing actions are punishable by the game character ban for 2 days or account block.

Statement 2. Placing walls, closing the passage, casting mass spells, and attempting to harm other players, are punishable by the game character ban for 3 days or account block.

Clause 15. Tournaments.

Using any kind of script that leads the battle in automatic mode, chasing the player, and/or any other automatic actions that give an advantage over other players are forbidden. The violators of these rules are punished with the ban of the game character for 1 day with disqualification from the tournament.

Clause 16. Server’s staff.

Statement 1. Server employees have no right to retrieve any of the lost items, skills, stats, or do any other interference within the game process. If done so, the employee will be removed from the held position.

 Statement 2. Server employees have no right to delete or remove a player’s item without giving previous notice to the player if a rule violation is suspected. If done so, the employee will be removed from the held position.

Statement 3. Server employees have absolutely no right to demand a player’s password. If done so, the employee will be removed from the held position.

Statement 4. Staff uniform.
Counselor – bright blue robe
Seer – green robe
GM – red robe
Administrator – black robe
Developer – purple robe
. If the color of the uniform doesn’t match the position, the employee will be removed from the held position.

Clause 17. Blocking passages and objects.

Clause 1. Blocking the entrance, exit, teleports, and the area of 8 steps around the teleports, is punishable by the deprivation of playing time of all game accounts of the character restricting access to the game for 4 days.

Clause 2. The rules violator is obliged to compensate for the harm or damage done by the violation.

Clause 3. Blocking the resurrection portal is punishable by deprivation of playing time for 4 days.

Punishment types

Deprivation of playing time is placing a character in jail (all the character’s belongings present with him are kept safe in a bank).

Blocking the game account is putting restrictions on access to the game until the punishment time runs out.

Being removed from a position means having the game account blocked on the server.