Zuluhotel game rules

By registering at Zuluhotel.com you agree to follow our rules.

All the players are recommended to read this section from time to time.

The administration reserves the right to change the rules without any previous notice.

Any additions and changes begin to take effect from the moment of the publishment. Unawareness of the rules does not exempt from liability if the rules are broken.

I. General rules

1. The server is open for all the willing to play without any place of living restrictions.

2. Registration at the server is free. Using the registration form fill in all the required information. We insist on using your real e-mail as it will simplify the process of resetting lost passwords.

3. Players are allowed to create as many accounts as they need but only 4 characters online at a time, there is a limitation on the server. If the restriction is bypassed, all accounts belonging to the proxy server will be blocked without the possibility of unblocking.

5. Inactive accounts for the period of 90 days may be deleted including the characters and items without any previous notice.

6. A proper Screenshot can be used as evidence of the rules violations. However, Game Master can decline any of the screenshots without explaining any reason. We advise you to keep your Game Journal open during making a screenshot to help clarify the situation.

5. Using this shard, it is forbidden to:
5.1. To use obscene or provocative language. Also, it is forbidden to use nicknames or positions of the server’s staff as the names of characters, guilds, and animals.
5.2. To offend players and their close ones.
5.3. Extreme usage of bad language.

6. How to call the server’s staff.
6.1. Use only English! E.g. “Hello, my trash barrel is gone, please help.”
6.2. When calling, specify your problem. Calls such as “GM, I have a problem” or “Come here, please” may be ignored as such calls do not contain any useful information and are not effective when Game Master is busy.
6.3. Don’t call more than once. Please, keep in mind there are lots of other players waiting for the Game Master’s reply.
6.4. If the information provided by the player is intentionally false, your account may be blocked depending on how complicated the situation is.

II. Sever Connection.

2. Your account may be blocked when third-party programs are used to gain an advantage over other players which is not intended by game mechanics.

3. It is strongly forbidden to use such programs as Speedhack and similar to it to increase your character’s moving speed. Your account will be automatically blocked.

III. Game World

1. Bugs usage is forbidden:
1.1. Intentional usage of game errors and bugs will be punished with a long period of jail and decreasing your skills or account block.
Therefore, if any errors or bugs are noticed notify Game Master asap. Your help in discovering serious bugs and errors will be generously rewarded. Note that testing any bugs is equivalent to their usage.
1.2. It is forbidden to litter the game world with various things, including in your own home. The accumulation of items in a huge amount on 1 tile will be considered a violation of this rule.
1.3. Any modifications of the game client to gain access to closed locations or to receive resources out of inappropriate locations are forbidden.

1.4. Any advertising of third-party servers and resources is forbidden. The first violation is punished with 7 days of Jail. The following violations will be punished with a ban.

2. Attack on invulnerable NPCs.
2.1. You are not allowed to attack invulnerable NPCs.
2.2. It is forbidden to pit an invulnerable NPC against any other NPC to train skills. If violated the skill is reset.

3. Players may put their houses only outside the Guard Zone. It is forbidden to put houses in front of the entrances of mines and caves and on the roads where they could block traffic, near the houses of NPCs or merchants. It is forbidden to block the way by setting houses on the roads and in the caves or mines. Also, it’s forbidden to place houses next to dungeons (closer than the distance of 3 screens). Note that “a green tent” and “a blue tent” are houses without a door, therefore it is not allowed to block the entrance with any objects. Houses/tents will be removed with all the items in them if violated.

5. It is forbidden to restrict access to any part of the world with houses or any other ways (except for magical spells). It must be always possible for other players to be able to enter the location by sea or by land.

6. It is forbidden to put houses and tents and leave boats in dungeons. You may leave your boat in a dungeon only for 5 min while hunting for monsters and to take it back after (using the command drydock). Also, you are not allowed to “camp” the spawns with bots(ghosts). The first violation is punished with 3 days of jail for the characters of the bot’s owner, the second violation – 7 days of jail, and the third violation will lead to a ban.

7. Any acts of violence or loot in presence of Game Master are forbidden, except for the previously agreed issues, e.g. a quest held by Game Master.

8. Players are forbidden to use any automatic programs, or scripts that allow them to loot from monsters, treasures, bosses, etc.
AFK monsters farming is prohibited. Violation of this rule will lead to the ban account.

10. Players are allowed to put vendors in houses and at the Market. The following acts are forbidden while putting a vendor:
10.2. Not following the rules of the Market (see market rules below) while putting a vendor.
10.3. Complete absence of any goods (except for the states of complete filling with the goods. In this case the hiring character must be standing near the vendor and can not be AFK).
10.4. Fraud (intentional cheating). eg. selling empty bags called a full set of hell armor etc.
10.5. Merchant’s complete lack of money (in this case the vendor may quit and it is rarely possible to get a refund).

IV. Anti Harm zone

1. The Anti Harm zones are Newbie Town (including its mine and dungeon)and the Market. All of the tournament arenas except for the part where battles take place. Ban on kills, loot, and theft in the arena lasts only for the time of a tournament. Usually, you cannot kill or steal from anyone in such areas. 2 The following is forbidden in Anti Harm zones:
2.4 To constantly put walls to prevent other players’ access (Wall of Stone and Energy Field).
2.5 To cast mass spells if it bothers other players e.g. Chain Lighting, Earth Quake, etc.
2.6 To summon creatures (the punishment depends directly on the number of creatures).
2.7 To bring after you more than 2 creatures (the punishment depends directly on the number of creatures).
2.10 In Newbie Town’s Dungeon / Dungeon with APK zone. It is also forbidden to farm or hunt monsters using macros scripts. If violated, hunting and quest points are reset, all of the character’s items are removed and 7 days of jail are pursued.

3. Market rules

Each character can place 1 merchant only at specified points on the market.

V. Tournaments

Foreword: The tournaments take place in a specifically clarified location. To get there you should stand on a teleport (tile) and say Market. After relocating stand on a red tile and say Arena. Teleports in the Market are on the left from the central bank in Britain and on the right from Buccaneer’s Den (in a case when Guard Zone prevents you from taking part in a tournament). Participants who leave the place of the tournament to fix their equipment are not allowed to do it again, so prepare beforehand. You are allowed to be recalled only in a case when a player holding the tournament permits you. You should arrive at the arena 10 min before the start. The players are not admitted to participate if they are more than 15 minutes late from the time of start.

General Tournaments Rules

1. The one holding the tournament has the right to change or complement the event.

2. It is forbidden:
2.1 To steal.
2.2 To attack.
2.3 To cast ANY spells except for Night Sight.
2.4 Mark of runes in the Arena is strictly forbidden!
2.5 To open Gate Travel.
2.6 To flood.
2.7 To use speech macros.
2.8 To use offensive language.
2.9 It is strictly forbidden to interfere with GM’s work!

3. The decisions of whoever is holding the tournament are not negotiable. 3.1 Masks are allowed in all the tournaments including the ones that provide equipment to players. 4. Questions off the topic are ignored.

5. All GM’s commands must be obeyed without any discussion.

6. It is forbidden to pre-cast immediately after the appearance of the fence. The battle begins only after the command “GO GO GO” and the disappearance of the fence. It is strictly forbidden to teleport from the box. You must walk out of its borders and may teleport there.

7. During the battle you are not allowed to use::
7.1 Mass spells.
7.2 Earth Quake spell
7.3 Chain Lighting spell
7.4 Explosion potions.
7.5 Hiding.
The rules may change according to a specific event. Pay attention to the detailed information considering a tournament.

8. If a duel between PP vs PP, PP vs Warrior, Ranger vs Ranger, Mage vs Mage lasts for too long, GM commands “No Heal”, which means you are not allowed to heal in any way!

Tournament’s features:

9.1. No loot – in case of loss you keep all of your equipment and items.
9.2. With Loot – in case of loss you lose all the equipment and items you came with.
9.3. No Heal Potions – all existing healing potion bottles are forbidden (Lesser Heal, Greater Heal, Tamla Potions). 9.4. No heal – any kind of healing is forbidden.
9.5. Standard Tournaments are 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. You may not revive your teammate in 2 vs 2 tournaments.
9.6. Guild Tournament – 3-4 participants, all the team has to be in the same guild.
You may revive your teammate.
9.7. FFA (Free for All) – plain loot battle to be the last man standing. All dead are removed. The winner is given some time to loot from the dead.
9.8. Tournament with given equipment – GM offers you standard armor and weapons, do not bring any of your equipment.

10. You are free to ask GM any questions regarding a tournament using Discord or in-game chat(but Flooding the Page or .msg may cause disqualification. In some cases, a character can be even put in Jail)

11. Client crash will not be considered as a reason to stop or restart a battle. The player will be disqualified anyway.

12. Players who left “to have a smoke” will be disqualified, as it’s not a good enough reason to leave the battle.

13. Binding spells and testing them in Arena will be considered as flooding and the player will be disqualified.

14. Viewers are admitted to the tournament. The server’s employee will assign you a sit around the Arena. You can’t leave until the tournament is over. You can use .suicide and then .rescue to leave the arena at any time, but you will lose all your items.

VI. Server’s staff

1. Server employees have no right to retrieve any of the lost items, skills, stats, etc.

2. Server employees are forbidden to interfere with the player’s life (skills/ stats changing, changing clothes color, etc.) except for a very few occasions. Any employee who will break this rule will be immediately removed from the staff. 3. Server employees have no right to delete or remove a player’s item without giving previous notice to the player.

4. Server employees have absolutely no right to DEMAND a player’s password.

5. Staff uniform.
Counselor – bright blue robe
Seer – green robe
GM – red robe
Administrator – black robe
Developer – purple robe

6. Server’s staff is forbidden to put anyone in jail without any reason (only if the character is put there to clarify the issues). The reason to be put in jail is a violation of any of the rules.

7. Server’s staff may not delete or ban any accounts without evidence of guilt.

VII. Consequences for violators

1. No items will be returned after jail!!!

2. Depending on the server’s employee the following actions that may be implemented may vary in some cases.

3. Possible violations and punishments:
Section I
3.1 Improper character’s name (offensive language and insults) – the nickname is changed to a random one.
3.2 Insulting the player and his close ones – 1st violation – a warning, 2nd violation – 24 hours of jail, 3rd violation – 3 days of jail, 4th – ban.
3.3 Extreme abusive language – depends on GM.
3.4 Interfering with GM’s work – 24 hours of jail.
3.5 (Creating a character with a nickname similar to another character)- therefore, confusing other characters.
With the purpose to make money or indecent behavior – the twin is banned and the main character goes to jail for 3 days.
Section II.
Speed Hack – Account ban.
Section III.
1. Using bugs – ban or a long period of time in jail, decreasing of a skill which was trained this way.
1.2. – a prison for a period of 3 days, in the second case a prison for 14 days.
1.5 A higher level – resetting any of a class skill to 0 (it’s up to GM, which one to reset).
2.2 Skills training on Invulnerable NPC – 24 hours of jail and skill reset to 0.
3. A house in Guard Zone or a blocked tent – removal of the house/ tent
4. Obstacles in the world – their removal.
5. Attack or loot with a staff member nearby – 72 hours of jail.
6. ( Restricting access to Resurrection Gate, teleports, and accesses to “No Loot” dungeons – 72 hours of jail to all violator’s characters.
7. Watching the monsters or bosses spawn using bots – 72 hours of jail to the main character, and the twin characters are banned. If the rule is broken again – 7 days of jail, and an account ban one last time after that.
8. Gate on teleport – 7 days jail, if violation repeated – ban.
9. Vendor in the wrong place – vendor’s arrest.
9.2 Putting vendor in Market violating the rule – vendor’s arrest.
9.3 Goods missing – vendor’s arrest.
9.4 Fraud, using vendor – vendor is removed, his owner put in jail for a period of up to 2 weeks.

Section IV (Anti Harm Zones)
1.1 Attack or kill – 48 hours of jail.
1.2 Loot – 72 hours of jail.
1.3 Mass spell – 48 hours of jail.
1.4 Summon – 24 hours of jail for each creature.
1.5 Bringing creatures – 24 hours of jail for each creature.
1.6 Littering – 24 hours of jail for each item.

Section V. Tournaments

Violation of any of the tournament’s rules may lead to disqualification and loss of a viewer’s seat. In several cases, GM who is holding a tournament, and his assistant can put your character to jail.

Vendor’s arrest* – in this case, a player has an opportunity to buy it back during the next two weeks after the arrest. This service costs 1KK GP. Call any server’s staff member (send GM-page) and wait for the instructions.