Additional Halloween items updated

We’ve changed some of the requirements for the Halloween Pimkins.

Use “Halloween Pumpkins” to get the following rewards:

2Anti Darkness FeyIt clears the missed hits off the character
100Color Your PetTo color your or someone else’s pet, use the item, enter the text and point to the object (pet)
1Energy DrinkRestores health when used. Works separately from all possible healing.
700Hair ColorTo dye the character’s hair, enter the color you choose.
5Loot Bonus PotionIncreases the chance of finding a magic item by 15%. The current potion is removed with Dispell or upon death. Works along with the Looter perk and Premium perk summing up all the bonuses.
1MilkshakeRemoves poison when used.
2YummyIncreases all of your stats when used.

The above-mentioned items will work only during the event, so there is no point in saving something for later.

The event takes place from the 28th of October 2023 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC until the 2nd of November 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC.