The Alchemist Shop May, 26 at 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC


I work at an alchemist shop in Newbie Town. Many different travelers come to me to get various items. One ordinary day I decided to finish up earlier, as I wasn’t that young anymore and just couldn’t sit by my desk with all the flasks.

I spent my days in the shop. I was everything I had. After locking the doors I sat down to rest when my eyes caught a view of a peculiar book. It was a present from a strange wanderer wearing a cape. The book was about dragons. I was aware that most dragons inhabit Destard but the book enlightened me about their kinds and helped me find out more about these majestic and cruel creatures. Having read half of the book I noticed the pages had been torn.

Several weeks later I realized that somebody was watching me. It was that same wanderer. I just had to ask him about the book so I invited him over.

– I was intrigued by your book. Would you like to tell me more about it?

-I had been studying this book for many years. When I found it in a burnt house between Britain and Minoc it was lying in the center of the fire but remained absolutely untouched, as if it had a protective shield from the fire, as if it couldn’t harm the book. When I picked it up it wasn’t even warm. Working over it I couldn’t figure out what kind of magic it had, though it looked like a plain book. My research came to a dead end and I had nothing else to do except to give it to you hoping you could have some fresh thoughts about it.

We had been talking for a while but hadn’t reached a conclusion.

I don’t remember how much time has passed since then. The book was always on my table and having lost sharp interest in it, I started to use it as a burner stand. I had lots of customers who asked to enchant their armor with the alchemist’s symbols. That one time I had to apply for dragon protection on a shield. I created a chemical reaction from a dragon’s flame and the enchantment potion which went out of my control. I spilled a drop of the potion on the book and suddenly it grew wings and a tail that made it look like a small dragon. The book dropped down on the table and the pages started flipping until they reached its middle. Mystic shining was glowing from the center of the book. I knew for sure there was a living soul in it. I tried to touch the shine flowing from it and saw where the missing pages were.

Later on the 26th of April at 8:00 +3 UTC, the Alchemist will share some information about where to look for the missing pages.