Updates and improvements

Dear players, after the restart the following changes were applied.

1. The MiserSmith perk now affects alchemy.

2. Registration of game accounts has been changed. Now, in addition, you can simply enter a non-existent login and password in the game. After re-entering the game you will be offered to enter your email.

3. WarHammer weapons now have an attack range of 1 tile.

4. The number of hides obtained with the Forensic Evaluation skill has been increased.

5. We added a new mount “Zulu Raptor”. You can get it in the New Year’s event.

6. Bug fixed: Changed the required amount of protection from paralysis from 25% to 100%.

7. Paralysis now works separately. If magic can cause paralysis, protection against paralysis is required.

8. Bow damage for the Adventurer game class has been reduced by 30% (PVP only).