Kill monsters and get scrolls!

New Year does not come in the world of ZuluHotel, the reason for all this is monsters.
As usual, we offer activities to destroy monsters and invite you to continue this tradition.
Each monster can drop a New Year’s scroll, when used you can get a nice gift.

You can receive extra scrolls by killing monsters: 200 per day without any perks and 300 per day with a Premium perk.

Look for monsters with 1 loot level and higher.
The smallest chance is 1% and the highest is 65%.
The chance is calculated depending on the monster’s hp: health / 45. Thus, if a monster has 450 hp, the chance to get scrolls is 10%.

When used, you can get the following items with a certain chance:
1) a Tamla Heal potion
2) Taint’s Major Transmutation
3) Grand Mage Refresh Elixir
4) Magic Fish [Heal]
5) Magic Fish [Cure]
6) Scrolls of item improvement (Cast, Damage, Armor).
7) Zulu Coins from 1 to 1000
8) New Zulu Ingots from 1 to 500.
9) Zulu Logs from 1 to 500.
10) Wyrm Hide from 1 to 250.
11) Balron Hide from 1 to 100.
12) Celestial Scale from 1 to 100.
13) Golden Dragon Scale from 1 to 100
14) Paint with a random color for the animal.
15) Paint with a random color for the item.
16) Skill Unlock Book.
17) New mount that adds 25 stats. [a Zulu Raptor]

Chances of obtaining have been added to all specified items. The highest numbers have very low odds.
So for example, 1000 Zulu Coins has a 0.5% chance of being received.

The count of scrolls sets back to zero at midnight server time.

Only the one who killed the monster and picked up the looted scroll will be able to use the scroll.

Hurry up to get your scrolls!