Quest April, 7th


On the 18th of March, an Oklo vessel with precious metals, fabrics, and gems was supposed to enter the port of Britain. It never arrived on the expected date. The Lord of Britain ordered to start searching for the vessel. Here is the report of a British ship’s captain Sir Wiysiz from April. 6th:
“I was instructed to organize the search. I have chosen the fastest ship on the property of the Lord of Britain. We set off as soon as the crew was equipped. Wandering through the empty waters we encountered different ship racks. None of them was proved to be under the Oklo’s flag. Near the shores of Trinsic, we noticed a pirate’s flag. Later we saved a man overboard who turned out to be a pirate. Nevertheless, we fed him and gave him water, and interrogated him after. From what he told us we understood that the vessel we were looking for was captured and taken to the settlement of Buk (a settlement of pirates, robbers, and murderers) Returning to the city of Britannia we brought the found pirate to the city guards.
A month later the ship’s crew was discovered in the swamp area near the Destard dungeon.
We fought the pilates but had no chance. Although we were able to drown one of their ships. When they captured our vessel we stayed in its hold all the time. we were almost never visited all by ourselves. Occasionally we would hear the yelling and sinning of the drunken pirates. It all changed after one time. They sailed to some island and let us go not even giving a damn about like. Like we’ve always lived there. Many strong men were among us. Some of them started fishing, some went hunting. We were just trying to survive and later we managed to swim across the waters to the nearest island. The goods remained with the pirates. It is no secret that they were the Rotten Leg Pirates. . “

Announcement of the Lord of Britain:
Find the pirates and return the goods.

The quest starts on 7, April at 9:00 p.m. +3 UTC
You should search the whole world and find the Rotten Leg Pirates, their house, or anything else related to them. There is no point in starting your search before the beginning of the quest.