The Insurance Perk was changed

The Insurance Perk has been slightly changed.
Previously it could be purchased only for ZulUsd.

The cost of this insurance is 6 USD Zulu or 750 Zulu Coin.
This insurance is only spent in loot zones where you can lose items.
By purchasing this insurance for ZulUSD, the character who killed receives 3 Zulu USD, and the monster who killed receives 1 USD, which can be looted and is not Blessed.

By purchasing this perk for ZULU COIN, the character who killed receives 450 Zulu Coin, and the monster receives nothing.

This insurance protects your belongings and your mount 1 time.
No-Loot events won’t be held soon.
To earn Zulu Coin you need to take part in the events or hunt mutants. (Use Wiki to see the Mutant zone search map)