The evil was defeated


The evil was defeated. All the participants who were in the area near the boss received 1000 Zulu Coins and 150 Arena Points.

Today (Sunday, April 2nd) at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC a Bomber event will be held.

The items that will be provided include 2 explosion bottles and 2 healing bottles., as well as a protective armor set.
All players will be placed in a special area. The main goal is to survive.
All players who die will be teleported to the waiting area.

All participants of the tournament will receive prizes:
20 Arena Coins
900 Zulu Coins

The last survivor will receive Premium Account and Looter perks, 1500 Zulu Coins, and 50 Arena Coins.

Twinks are forbidden at this event. If violated a 14 days punishment will be enforced.