Minor Updates


1. New graphic image for “raw fish”, “fried fish”, “raw ribs” and “fried ribs”.
2. Items that protect from paralysis “Free Action” became normal at 20% instead of 5% offered by a Vendor in Britain.
3. Now planting vegetables and reagents provides 2 to 3 times more crops than you can buy from a Vendor for the equivalent price.
4. Now “Strength”. “Dexterity” and “Intelligence” stats can be bought for ZulUSD.
5. Loot items level is increased to 5 lvl. Chances to loot 4+ items are much higher now.
6. All stats and skills up to 130 can be purchased for ZulUSD.
7. Potions dropped from monsters have proper names.
8. We fixed a bug where Crafter’s Torch didn’t check if it was on. Now to reveal, the torch must be on the character. Charging time is 25 sec.
9. Veterinary skill works separately from Ranger’s pills.
10. Teratan hide can be obtained from all types of spiders.
11. In addition, players are allowed to rent land for construction below the tiles near the Britain city.