Updates & Fixes

  1. Animals can now stop following your commands and even leave you. (You should feed animals to prevent this. For example, Pack Llama and Pack Horse eat fruits and vegetables).
  2. We have checked and corrected stamina decrease when the actual weight has not reached its maximum.
  3. The number of fishing rods sold by NPCs has been increased from 5 to 10.
  4. Tasks that are performed on training dummies should now be completed even if your skill is above 75.
  5. The character’s hunger has acquired new properties: now the character can die from starvation.
  6. Axes and Pickaxes break less often.
  7. The Snooping skill can now be trained on NPCs.
  8. Mage scrolls, which do not require mana to use now check the amount of mana for the spell. If your mana is 0, you won’t be able to cast the spell.
  9. Some items (for example clothes that were weightless before) have some weight. Some objects have become passable. Update your game files.
    (If some of you have a STEALTH update notification, save the stealth files separately, update the files and then place the saved stealth files back in the folder. Update only if it is required to update some other files).
  10. Vampiric weapons reduce mana by 25% per hit.
  11. The Mind Blast spell had a bug that increased damage. A 5th circle spell worked like an 8th.
  12. The effect of poison from the Thief’s Poisoning skill has been changed. It now is based more on the level.
  13. The error in growing plants has been fixed. Now the crops are obtained in a smaller amount.
  14. All lanterns have 5 charges from now on and work only for 1 lvl Crafters. With their help, you can find any hiding character within the radius of 2 tiles.
  15. Loot level increased to 4. (Of Power).
  16. All skills purchased for ZulUSD are increased to 110.
  17. Crafter weapons (Exceptional, Perfect and Legendary) can be fixed again if needed.
  18. Premium Blesser cas is increased. Level 0 = 35 and with each character level +5 will be added to each stat.
  19. We fixed a bug where weapons could depict incorrect parameters (+6, +12). All weapons will now add not +1 to the skill, but +2. (For example, it was +1 to Fensing, it will become +2 to Fensing).
  20. Thief now ignores protection from poison starting from level 1.

We are aware of some issues with physical damage in PVP.
Step by step we will check and correct it.

Very soon, there will be a restart to implement the updates. Some of them are active already and there are some that require the restart, which will take place around midnight (12 p.m.) +3 UTC and won’t last long.