Latest updates and fixes

Here are the updates and fixes that haven’t been published before.

1. Lesser Mind Potion is added to monster loot.
2. Archers monsters now shoot on the run and don’t run like warriors do and then hit.
3. The charge for the skill switch at the pole is 5 Zulu coins now.
4. Monsters drop more gold.
5. A bug, during which fish would be cut into 4 pieces with an equipped knife, was fixed. (Without a knife you could cut it in 1 piece as it is supposed to).
6. You might encounter some difficulties while looting off your corpse and this will be fixed shortly. Soon you will be able to loot corpses with no delay if the killer is on your friends list.
7. Hunger significantly lowers your stats.
8. Musical instruments restore a small amount of the stats properties of the listeners.
9. A bug when a thief could steal from a logged-out character is fixed. 🙂
10. Previously, some magic staffs would incorrectly affect the stats on the matter of damage and attack speed, so we fixed that too.
11. The more difficult it is to kill a monster, the faster you will level your character. For example, training your skill on a Balron occurs 3 times faster.
12. Mutants do weaker damage reflection.
13. Since almost all players have been playing for more than 3 days now, the .rescue command from now on sends you to Buc Den (Buccaneer’s Den). Moreover, all NPCs in Newbie Land send you out into the world, as the playing time is more than 3 days.
14. Killing monsters provides you with more karma points.
15. We have returned the items’ ability to break when used with Mining or Lumberjacking skills because when they didn’t break, they would remain in the backpack.
16. All purchased skills are limited to 103 increase.
17. Now you need 1 frying pan, 1 bottle of wine, and 1 green fish to create pills.