Auction. Lot #4

Due to numerous requests, a new auction is launching!

A magnificent 31×31 square tiles three-floor mansion in the English. There is a magnificent lawn by the entrance area for walking your Spitz puppies.
The mansion can accommodate up to 20 guests and unlimited servants.

The starting bid is 10 ZulUSD.
The max (sold out) price is 150 ZulUSD.

The auction will last until November 11, 2023, until 8:00 p.m. +3 UTC, or will end sooner if someone offers the maximum price of 150 ZulUSD.

The auction is located at the square (former Market).

P.S. To participate in the auction, you must have 1 ZulUSD on your balance, which is taken as a deposit during the auction and will be returned after its completion.