Latest improvements and fixes

1. Bard’s spells and Songbook: Faster cast and less mana required. (Previously, more mana was used than a mage would have to with Codex). The duration of Musical Shield, Song of Defense, and Song of Protection is longer.
2. All the chests have new weight.
3. The number of gems delivered to the Jeweller vendor is increased from 15 to 30.
4. All the treasure chests drop gems and Bard’s reagents.
Treasure chests levels: 1 = 1, 2 = 2, 3 = 3, 4 = 6, 5 = 7, 6 = 8. (The 4th level of treasure chests has higher loot than in the spellbook).
5. The color of the VIP guild can color the stone too.
6. Dragon’s and Ostard’s eggs do not work in cities anymore.
7. New clothes can be dyed into the VIP guild’s color.
8. The Musicianship skill restores the stats correctly.
9. The Poisoning skill used to save charges on the weapons with the help of any poison and would improve it with the strongest one. Now if the level of poison doesn’t match the previous one, the charges won’t be upgraded.
10. New rules for the owners who left their pets without supervision. If the untamed animal kills somebody within 10 min, the owner loses his karma.
11. Jewelry crafted with the Tinkering skill became a little stronger.
12. A corpse can’t be resurrected with Animate Dead if it has already come to life before. The maximum duration of the living dead is 240 seconds.
13. The Unlock spell requires 2 x more magery to open the treasure chests. If a chest requires 35 Lockpicking skill to open the treasure chest, then it would require 70 Magery.
14. The damage of an Animated Dead is reduced to 0.65 while combatting with monsters.
15. Weapons crafted from wood and ore now should work with reduced armor.
16. All the houses will have secured chests back.
17. During the PvP combat the following will be unavailable: Teleport home, teleport to a tile (local farming), and house building.
18. In the options, we added a choice of no notification of karma decrease while looting a corpse.
19. Meet a completely new mount Zulu Kookabara that provides all 20 stats while riding it. There will be only 1 respawn with a random time of appearance (up to 24 hours). The respawn location will be announced later.
20. Crafter’s items require fewer resources to fix them when broken. Any looted item can be fixed for Zulu Coins.
21. We assume, there is no longer an issue with Your True form (A mage would turn back to a human before the polymorph runs out. Please let us know if this problem still exists.)
22. The properties of Leech no longer freeze. (Again, let us know if you encounter this issue).
23. The security of the treasure chest depends on the loot’s level.
24. Corpses by the treasure chest guards don’t disappear anymore.
25. The coordinates of all the treasure chests have completely changed. Whoever has open chests, can trade them to new ones. Ask the administration about this.
26. The difficulty of unlocking the treasure chest is 35 x (level). The lockpicking skill is required.
27. The color of the main chat has changed.
28. The .guards command requires 50 gold from the character’s backpack only.
29. It costs 25,000 gold to switch your race.
30. It will be allowed to place vendors inside the buildings at the market square.
31. The poisoning bomb is added to the game. Use the poisoning skill on a poison bottle and the explosive bottle, and you will receive a super cool bomb.