Meet the new type of coin – Zulusd!

Besides lots of new stuff and updates that we have prepared for you, there is a special surprise for the players waiting for them in the new season.

Meet the new type of coin Zulusd!

This is a coin that can be found in loot and can be withdrawn as REAL MONEY!
50% of the gathered donations will be returned to the Zuluhotel players in Zulusd! Zulusd can be withdrawn or used to purchase perks. On the website, there will be an additional bank count.

The Bank depicts the number of Zulusd coins that haven’t yet been found by the players.
Every time the Zulusd coin is obtained, the name of the lucky player is announced in a common message throughout the server as well as the mob it was found in.

… And yes, the Looter perk and Premium perk increase your chances for the “cashback”. How do you like it, Elon Musk?