Auction. Lot # 2

Another auction has started!

A new lot is placed at the Auction Pole at the Market Square:

A Gothic-style castle with no inner walls, no interior decorations or furniture but spacious with a full bathroom and sewerage lined to the city garden.
The starting price is 10 ZulUSD and the final price is 200 ZulUSD, which immediately stops the auction once the price is reached and the winner of the auction receives the deed for the castle.
Participation in the auction costs 1 ZulUSD and is paid once, with no need to pay extra when you make your bid.
Do not place your offer if you have no money to pay the lot off!

The auction will last until Tuesday, Nov 7 at 8:00 +3 UTC.

There are two possible ways for the auction to be finished:

1. Once the lot reaches its final cost.
2. Once the auction time runs out, even if the cost is less than the final one, let’s say 15 ZulUSD.

P.S. We do help with the arrangements and placement of the lot, like removing objects that are on the way of placing the deed on the map.