Dec 8 – Monday 11 – NO-LOOT WEEKEND!

It’s time to get out of your basements!!!
From Dec, 8 Friday to Monday 11, Dec there is No-Loot in on Zulu lands!

After the restart, the following updates and fixes were applied:

  1. We updated the map and now you can find a new location for different events. Update files via Orion to see the update.
  2. The chances for a Crafter to create exceptional items are increased x2.
  3. You can now dye the hair on your head, beard and backpack in the hairdresser’s menu.
  4. Spells used via scrolls no longer require reagents.
  5. We changed loot too, making the difference between maximum and minimum less visible. For example, level 5 loot included things from +1 to +4. Now from +3 to +4.
  6. We fixed a bug when treasure chests were empty.
  7. The chances of obtaining good items in a loot were increased.
  8. The characteristics of summoned creatures now depend on the Spirit Speak skill. Thus, the characteristics of the summoned creature will be multiplied by the amount of skill by 100.
  9. The damage of all magic cannons was corrected.
  10. There is a new perk (basically returning an old one) was added to the game to reduce the cost of resources spent.
  11. Stats can be trained up to 170.
  12. There is a table that can show you the location of monsters and mutants.
  13. Now there is a bigger amount of archery weapons.
  14. Gems are found in loot again.
  15. The recall spell is allowed during PvP mode. The casting time of the spell is increased by 2 times during PvP mode.
  16. You can use rope in any mode of the game.
  17. Red status characters can now move freely via Recall.

We encourage the players to let the administration know ASAP if there is any bug or in-game inconvenience.