Minor fixes and updates

1. We fixed a way of depicting Weapon Damage Upgrade scrolls in Home Case.

2. Adventurer has a casting speed bonus +1 per level.

3. Adventurer can cast spells while moving.

4. Items that vary in their effects will be displayed with the help of a specific color. For example, poisoning armor is green.

5. The quantity of the Mutant monsters was increased from 15% to 20%.

6. The arena looks much different now! Update your files to see the changes.

7. The Wondering Vendor has dropped his prices on books. (located between the rocks at the cemetery). 8. Improved Quest tab in the character’s menu.

9. In all locations of the events, e.g. Arena, poisons have more charges.

10. Earth Blessing’s temporary effect on the armor is the same as the Arch Protection spell.

11. We corrected the Abyssal Flame. The damage element is Fire instead of Necro.

12. We adjusted the damage properties in Wraith Breath spell when damaging with the Lower element.

13. The damage that depends on stats is different. Previously, short-range damage was affected by the strength stats. Damage in long-range battle was affected by Dexterity stat that didn’t match with the additional bonuses that would have been received.
Now if a player wants to increase the damage, he has to increase his strength. And for a higher hitting speed – dexterity.

14. Adventurer has higher physical damage in PvP.

15. Damage that Elemental Fury weapon inflicts changed.

16. The time of scrolls respawn that Wondering Vendor offers (located in between the rocks) is random from 150 minutes to 300 minutes.

17. The increase of all stats is now boosted by x3 (strength, dexterity, and intellect).

18. Adventurer now can hit while hiding.