Improvements and minor fixes

After the restart, the following changes will be applied:

  1. SpellBookSalesMan from now on will sell a small amount of necro reagents.
  2. There is a small increase in the chance to find Upgrade Scroll.
  3. Monsters like Great Wyrm, Balron, Behemoth, Celestial Dragon, Golden Dragon, and Flaming Wyrm have a slight change as per the damage they inflict.
  4. Dispel potion is back. The time of the following use is increased to 40 seconds.
  5. Magic Efficiency is added to the books and shields that are crafted with Carpentry.
  6. A bug where pants wouldn’t disappear is fixed.
  7. The Magery skill lowers when set so.
  8. The Looter Perk affects the first 10 treasure chests. Increases the loot level +1. There is an increased number of treasure chest guards.
  9. The price of the Scholar Perk is reduced to 25 Zulu Coins.

We have been checking non-magic damage inflicted by the players in short-range and long-range battles and have come up to this: Damage inflicted to a character with 70% physical protection is too low, therefore we have decreased it to 50%. As this high damage severely affected the players who forgot to put on their physical protection.

Besides, the Deceit dungeon is open with new inhabitants. It is forbidden to use mounts in all the dungeons. Also, the fans of PvP will have an opportunity to use teleports as a fast way to get to the city. Don’t forget, the teleports are unavailable in PvP battle mode.
For now, there is only one dungeon open until we check how re-inhabiting it affects the loot.
In this dungeon, we will hold a search quest soon (you will have to find a specific item in the monsters’ loot).

Another thing is that we are going to reduce the spawning time of monsters.

We are working on the class improvements for mages, rangers, and PP, as well as the reconstruction of the quests and creating events.