New events this weekend


Dear players,
This Saturday at 9:00 p.m. +3 UTC a mysterious letter will be decrypted.

We encourage you to find some time to participate in this event. Search, killing, and fun are included.

On Sunday at 11:00 p.m. +3 UTC a Bomber event will be held.

The items that will be provided include 2 explosion bottles and 2 healing bottles., as well as a protective armor set.
All players will be placed in a special area. The main goal is to survive.
All players who die will be teleported to the waiting area.

All participants of the tournament will receive prizes:
20 Arena Coins
900 Zulu Coins

The last survivor will receive Premium Account and Looter perks, 1500 Zulu Coins, and 50 Arena Coins.

Twinks are forbidden at this event. If violated a 14 days punishment will be enforced.