Dear players,
There have been some changes applied to the game server.

1. A new “Arena Coin” currency was added to the game. You can get it in Tournaments, trade Zulu Coin or Quest point for it in the shop.

2. You can purchase a variety of items for Arena Coin. You may learn about the whole range of items in Zulu shop on Market square. (More information will be added to the Wiki pages further on).

3. A new item has been added to the loot—dye for living creatures (the same we offered during the winter holidays).

4. Killers and intruders (players with a red nickname) will not be able to use the stone tiles of teleporters in the market square (except for BucDen and Arena).

Let me remind you that previously all killers couldn’t use bankers and casters. (The whole category now can use all services, including banker’s and caster’s services in the BucDen zone).

5. The armor graphics (that was bought in the transmogrification shop) was fixed.

6. The damage of magical explosive potions in the territory of the automatic FFA and the Arena was Increased.

7. Now you have x3 higher chance of obtaining scrolls for skills and stats.

8. In the “Fight to Death” automatic event the players will be rewarded with arena points

1st place: 5 arena points
2nd place: 3 arena points
3rd place: 1 arena point