Hello, our old friend!

Haven’t you been waiting for us? Here we are! This winter there are lots of heart-warming nights among friends for you.

A special new season of inseparable fun on Zuluhotel starts 22nd October 2021!

Your old buddies are waiting for you in our Discord.

The whole summer we’ve been working on a major update just for you. So, here is what we came up with:

1) We switched our server to the latest version of POL 100×64, which makes the data processing rate of the shard several times faster, therefore improved the general sustainability. Also, this gives us more opportunities to add new cool stuff to the world.

2) We are now using a newer version of the client, switching from 4.0.0 to 7.0.91

3) Plenty of new decorative items, weapons, armor, clothes, ridable animals, and mobs were created and added to the world.

4) Now there is a new spell book Holly Book, as well as different looted items to protect you from it.

5) AI of the higher mobs was modified. They became stronger and smarter, thus they can easily kick your ass even in a game of checkers.

6) Pretty much all of the classes were reconsidered according to the players’ requests and wishes. Long story short, there is an impressive number of the classes’ updates, as well as of the whole shard itself. Feel free to take a look at them on our website in the News section.

We hope that this new season your most sacred wishes will come true.
Best wishes to all of you.
Forever yours,
ZH team

Thank you for choosing Zuluhotel.

New game season starts 22nd of October, 2021

Dear friends,
The Zuluhotel team gladly announces the start of a new game season which starts 22nd of October, 2021! We are happy to present you with the latest updates of the gameplay! We’ve been working really hard on them.

Since the Zuluhotel team values its players dearly, we took into consideration each player’s wishes and ideas to create the perfect formula of the gameplay that makes your gaming experience even more exciting!

Here are some of the upgrades to get you interested 😊:

  • a completely new spellbook “Holly Book”;
  • lots of new weapons, armor, artifacts, and ridable animals;
  • our new NPC Tutorialseller can offer you absolutely all skills for purchase;
  • various intriguing class changes and many more (look for more info on our website)

15.10.2021 – 22.10.21 the server will be turned off

15.10.2021 the server will be turned off till 22.10.21 to prepare it for a major update and the start of the new game season.

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