Hunting all weekend

We remind you that this weekend has been announced of intense hunting and complete chaos. Time is limited starting from now and until Monday, December, 4 at 08:00 a.m. +3 UTC. NoLoot mode is enabled all over the world, which means that if you die from hunger, alcoholism, mushroom poisoning, heart failure, and even from mobs, other players, or simply from suicide, all your things are automatically moved to your bank after the corpse decomposes. Do not die in the house as your items will stay there. Make sure that you have plenty of space for them in the bank. Otherwise, you might lose them.

And yes – during this event, mobs also do not loot, but you can get what they looted earlier 🙂

P.S. Dungeon Hytloth is open.


1. LifeStream doesn’t restore health anymore.
2. Scrolls that increase your skills work as follows:
0-75 = +15;
75-95 = +10;
95 -110= + 5;
110 – 120 = +2;
120 -160 = +1;
160 – 175 = +0,5;
175 – 200 = 0.1;
These scrolls can be obtained for quest items or purchased from the Books vendor (in between the mountains higher than the city of Britain)
3. Adventurer (PP) inflicts a much lower damage to monsters.
4. Hunter received +5 to Magic Efficiency per level.
5. Bard and Thief have a bug fixed (damage would sum up instead of multiplying).
6. No more accuracy decrease if attacked from the back.
7. Menu .options has a tick button with no description. It allows the player to use the old walls mode if ticked.
8. The quest feathers can be traded for other items.

“The Fallen Angel” event was prolonged until Wednesday 29, Nov

Dear citizens of ZuluHotel!

We can’t seem to defeat the spirits and definitely need more spirit dust.
Great crafters attempt to create a new material that is capable of protecting us.

The event is prolonged until the 29th of November, Wednesday.

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