Updates and improvements

1. Thief can no longer perform a surprise attack using external concealment factors (any other method of character’s stealth, except for the Hiding skill, and Stealth items).
2. Damage to monsters with the “Slayer” weapon was decreased from 2 to 1.25. Weapons targeting people (Assasins) and armor (Bounty Hunter) now work against players. Increase 15%, decrease 25%.
3. Every day at 10:00 +3 UTC there will be a restart of the shard.
4. Critical Strike now hits a little differently. Previously, it gave a bonus of 40%, now there will be 3 types of bonuses:
Power Strike +20%
Critical Strike +40% (same as before)
Deadly Strike +60%
5. We’ve added lvl 8 characters!
To reach a class character, all skills must be 170 + 80 skills. Thus, you can gain +30 from the focus skill plus another+50 can be equipped with items.
For PP you need the total skill of 7500.
6. We added additional damage for hitting the same character again with the same character. Max bonus +50 damage. For each repeated strike, you’ll inflict +1 damage if the strike was made no later than 20 seconds after the previous strike.
If a character is attacked by another player, the counter is reset to zero.
7. All dungeons are open. Additionally, the “Path of Death” (an area with a lot of monsters) and a portal in the square are open.

Updates: spells, weapons and pension plan

Dear players,
All events and anti-loot zones will be returned to normal. Thus war broke out again in the British territories.
1. The Wraith Form spell from Codex now deals more damage and does not pierce players and monsters through walls. (Soon it will also receive a separate increase in its properties, just like the polymorph).
2. The timer for a sudden attack of the Thief is back from 1 second to 1.5 seconds. Now only 1 hit should be dealt. (Whoever checks and notices anything weird regarding this, please let us know).
3. All staves: Black Staff, Quarterstaff, Shepherds Crook, and Gnarled Staff changed their damage properties and attack speed.
4. Newly created ropes like Rope with Hook will have a number of uses of 100 instead of 10.
5. It is forbidden to set houses and boats in Ilshenar PVP.
6. Throwing knives (Thief’s knives) changed their standard speed from 50 to 40.
7. All items will now additionally display which part of the body this item belongs to (Layer).
8. As you know, from the previous server all players level 5 and higher received a pension in Zulu coins per day online. We raised the amount for players. Previously it was like this: 5 lvl 15 ZuluCoins, 6 lvl = 20 ZuluCoins, 7 lvl = 25 ZuluCoins.
Now it is like this: 5 lvl = 30 ZuluCoins, 6 lvl = 50 ZuluCoins, 7 lvl = 80 ZuluCoins.

Updates and improvements

Updates and improvements:
Rope with Hook’s movement time changed from 1.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds.
Mana Vampire Spell can now extract a maximum of 150 mana. (Previously it was about 400).
Thief can now cast Wall of Stone and Energy Field spells.
We fixed a bug where a disassembling table could not be created by a crafter.
A sudden strike from a Thief and Adventurer must now be carried out within 1 second (previously 1.5 seconds).
Piercing weapons have an increased damage multiplier of 1.5 (previously all damage was multiplied by 1.3). This weapon will be further modified for a more convenient level increase.
Leech weapon draws a max of 30 mana (previously it was 50).
Void weapon no longer deal additional damage.
Thief has a longer time to cast the teleport spell.

In the near future, the “Fierce Lion” armor will be added to the game like on a previous server but it will be significantly changed. All information about this armor will be provided on the game website in the Wiki section.
A new location will be opened in which this armor can be upgraded.
This location will have new monsters and will be a permanent loot zone.
Soon, players will also have access to new artifacts, so-called GM weapons.
New bosses and monsters will be added too.

We will change the attack speed and damage of all magic staffs.
Besides, we will reconsider the damage of all weapons with Piercing effects and other weapons that change the damage of weapons.

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