Updates in March

Updates 06 March, 2022:

1. We’ve fixed a boat bug that previously made the character get stuck on it from time to time.
2. Some of the commands when you click the left button on an NPC (bank, buy, train, etc.) are back. In order for everything to work fine update the game files in Orion Launcher.
3. Heavy load animals Pack Llama, Pack Horse must remain with the owner, even if the owner does not have animal training skills.
4. The Carpentry skill is displayed in a new way.
5. We’ve started editing the Wiki info vault.
6. Fixed some bugs with the missing text.

Updates 08 March, 2022:
1. We’ve fixed a bug because of which it was impossible to get off the ship (It is necessary to update the game files to apply the update).
2. There is no more delay when interacting with any object.
3. The boarding time on the boat was reduced.

Updates 24 March, 2022:
Changes have been made to the Blacksmithy skill. A bug in the creation of the Decorative Armor has been fixed. Training Dummy in the starting location allows you to upgrade the Stealing, Snooping skill to 90.

Updates as of 25 March, 2022:
1. Fixed a bug that made the Enchanted Meteor obtained from monsters yield ingots twice as much.
2. The Healing skill, when used successfully, increases the Anatomy.

The latest updates

  1. The keys that are created when setting up a house or a ship will now have Newbie properties.
  2. Shadow Lord, Greater Shadow, Lesser Shadow monsters can no longer walk on water.
  3. We’ve edited the properties of excessive overload. Your stamina will be greatly affected in case of overload.
  4. Also, there are some updates in Hiding and Stealth skills. You will be reported how many steps are available for you when using Stealth. You may fully use Stealth through Hiding. Using Stealth through invisibility bottle, magic fish, invisibility spell is limited to 5 steps.
  5. Items with Newbie properties will further have a detailed description of their properties on them.
  6. Mobs’ speed is lowered. Mutants will have +25 speed to their level at the time.
  7. The amount of resources obtained (Logs, Ore) is twice as low as previously.
  8. We’ve updated the file in the installing files on the website. Update them via Orion.
    All the updates will apply after the files upgrade.

Resources bug fixed

Hey guys!
We’ve figured out the problem with the re-spawn of resources. Once you’ve edited the coordinates on the map where the resources were, there appeared a great number of the same tiles. That generated some bugs, so the amount of the resources collected was infinite. Now, we’ve fixed that and only one tile will remain. You can obtain up to 25 ordinary resources (less if it’s colored) from one tile. The respawn time is 30 minutes.

If you lack resources, add some new coordinates on the map.

Let us remind you that skill leveling has been greatly increased recently, which makes it much easier to train your skills, including crafting skills.

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