Dear players,
Here are the updates that were implemented after the last restart.

  1. The Thief’s skills like Snooping and Stealing work according to the same timing as before.
  2. PvP damage is increased by 10%. Now the total damage is 40%
  3. Damage caused by poisoning is increased by 10%. The total poison damage compared to the previous level is 84% now.
  4. Ranger’s damage has increased by 15%.

The found treasure

The treasure has been found.

The reward goes to УТРО. The encrypted coordinates were 1852 1625.

Since only one coordinate number was correct, 40 locations had to be checked. We thank everyone for your participation and your patience. The next event will be more effortless 🙂

P.S. Dear players, We’d appreciate you sharing your ideas about the following events. The plan for the event is usually like this:

  1. The background story (encrypted message or a history).
  2. The plan of the event from the beginning until the end.
  3. Rewards and prizes.


Dear players,
After the server’s restart, the following updates have been applied:

  1. Angelic Aura spell for mass healing now works for monsters too.
  2. Stealing and Snooping are currently switched off until fixed.
  3. Ostard dragons’ eggs have 2 sec cooldown before the subsequent use.
  4. All PvP physical damage was decreased by 50%.
  5. All PvP magic damage was decreased by 50%.
  6. PvP attack with poison was decreased by 0.79 (in other words by 21%)
  7. Ranger has a new healing way by using alcohol pills. Recipe: Frying Pan, a bottle of Liquor, a bottle of Ale, a bottle of Wine, and Green Fish.
    These pills can be used only by Rangers.
  8. New bows are added to the game world and we are waiting for a perfect monster to drop them in the future. (Pending)

Items 4,5,6 are in testing mode for PvP

We also worked a lot on a quest, in which you can die from monsters or traps, on May, 19th at 10:00 p.m. + 3 UTC.
Keep alert for upcoming information.

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