Search quest: The Curse of a Silver Spark


Search quest: The Curse of a Silver Spark
Starts on 12, Mar 2021 at 7 p.m. CET

Rangers of the “Silver Spark” have always been considered to be the most accurate shooters and to have remarkable skills among all the rangers. One time, during the training hike, their Commander was ambushed and killed. Rangers are looking for the guilty and announced to have started the search for the Commander’s killer.

The Demonic Blood Cult admitted to be responsible for this crime since they have always fought against Rangers, although they were never of causing great harm. Only this time, when the Blood Mage Cult had helped them, the Demonic Blood was capable of fulfilling their plan. Rangers require your help.

You have to track the location of the Commander’s death. Collect the puzzle to enter the secret lair of the Demonic Blood Cult.