Bowcraft is one of the Crafter’s skills. You can create bows, crossbows, and ammunition with this skill.

This skill is difficult to train as it requires lots of logs to craft.

How to use the skill

Check out the list of the requirements to use the skill below.

1. Bowcraft skill level is >0.
You may choose the skill when creating a character or learn from any Blacksmithy NPC. Type “vendor train” in the chat.

2. You must have Fletching Tools to craft these items.
You can buy them from a vendor or craft them yourself with the Tinkering skill. Read more in the article about Tinkering.

3. Logs, that can be obtained with the Lumberjacking skill, are necessary too. Read more information about Lumberjacking in a separate article.

Small arms and ammunition.


TitleCostSkill required
Elven Composite Lo1230
Hoq Bow1230
Old Bow1230
Magical Short Bow1230

Element bow:

TitleCostSkill required
Fire Bow3285
Old Fire Bow3285
Ice Bow3285
Old Ice Bow3285


TitleCostSkill required
Heavy Crossbow1680
Steel Crossbow1565

Long bows:

TitleCostSkill required
Long Bow2085
Old Long Bow2085

One-Handed Crossbows:

TitleCostSkill required
One-Handed Crossbow1255
Reinforced One-Handed Crossbow1565
Heavy One-Handed Crossbow1975
One-Handed Fire Crossbow3285
One-Handed Ice Crosbow3285

Skill and items specifics

Items’ quality may change when crafted. You will receive a message in this case. The name of the item will be changed to Exceptional or Perfect, Legendary.
Use the free Perk function to see detailed information. Help menu – Perks – Medium.

Item reparation: when a hammer is used on a wooden item, it can be fixed. The cost of it can be different either in logs or gold.
If an item was made by a Crafted, the type of logs that were used during the craft will be spent too.

Logs have their own elemental protection, a certain amount of which is transferred to the item being created. The amount of Elemental protection mostly depends on the item itself. For example, weapons with magical properties will provide additional magical damage.
If a shield is crafted from wood, an element protection will be applied too.
Read the article about resources for more information.

Ways of leveling your skill

Learn the skill from a Logger NPC with the “Vendor Train” command or left-click on an NPC to select skill training.

Crafted items can be disassembled back into logs with Chisel. Use the Chisel on the Wood Worker Table and on the item you want to disassemble.

Craft items that require fewer ingots and have a bigger chance of success. Use the simplest logs as long as possible to save resources.

In case you have any questions feel free to ask them on our Discord channel.

Here is a detailed video of how the skill is used: