Animal Lore

Animal Lore is a part of the class skill set of a Ranger. 

To control all types of tamed animals, you must have the specified skill. Only two types of animals can be controlled without Animal Lore: a pack llama and a pack horse.

There are two types of tamed animals: mounts and non-mounts. Ranger, with the help of an Animal Trainer NPC can transform a tamed beast into a scroll. Further on, this scroll can be given to other characters, who can use it as well, giving it to Animal Trainer to unroll. If you don’t have enough Animal Lore skill, the animal will stop obeying if a text is typed in the radius of view of the animal.

The higher your skill, the more animals you may control and make them obey your commands.

Ways of leveling your skill

This is a commonly used kill. This means that you have to assign a button to it in the settings for prompt use.

The delay between each use is 10 sec.
Way of training your skill:
Use the skill on any animal. In case of a failed attempt to use your skill, you will see the following message: “Hmm… you’re not sure…”

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Here is a detailed video of how the skill is used: