Arms Lore

Arms Lore is a part of the class skill set of a Crafter.

It provides a chance to craft an item with special features. The higher the skill, the more the properties of the item are expressed (its elemental protection and damage).
In addition, you need this skill to repair items.

Skill efficiency

Use a tool on an item to repair it. You must be close to an anvil or a table.
There are several types of resources required for reparation: the same material the item is made from or Zulu coins.
Only the items created by the crafter can be fixed.
The higher the skill, the higher the chance to successfully repair an item.

Ways of leveling your skill

This is a commonly used kill. This means that you have to assign a button to it in the settings for prompt use of the Hiding skill.
Paperdoll – Options – Uo Icon

The delay between each use is 10 sec.

Way of training your skill:
Use your skill on any kind of weapon or armor.
If an attempt to use the skill is failed, you will see the following message: “I can’t quite tell . . .”

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Here is a detailed video of how the skill is used and the weapon fix: