Begging is part of the Bard class skill set.

With this skill, you can beg an NPC for money. The skill is mostly used only to train it as gaining gold is much easier and faster by hunting.

Skill’s efficiency

A character receives gold if the skill is used on NPCs (town merchants).
The amount of gold depends on Bard’s skill and level.
Use the next formula to help you out:
Gold= Skill/ 10.
If a character has Bard’s level then use this formula:
Gold= (Skill/10) * (1 + Level)

Merchants can share a limited amount of gold – once every 30 min, so that players wouldn’t set a lot of characters to beg.

Ways of leveling your Begging

The delay before the next use of the skill is 10 sec.
Use the skill on an NPC, loop your actions and train your skill. You must be close to the NPC you are begging from.

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