Blacksmithy is one of the Crafter’s skills. You may create a variety of weapons, heavy and light mail armor, shields, and decorative items. You can also repair metal weapons, bows, and armor.

This skill is difficult to train, as it needs a constant supply of ingots.

How to use the skill:

To use the Blacksmithy skill you must have the following:

1. Blacksmithy skill level > 0.
The skill can be selected during character creation or learned from any blacksmith by sending a request to the “vendor train” chat.

2. Smithy’s Hammer.
You may buy it from a merchant or craft it yourself with the help of Tinkering school. You will find more information about Tinkering in the specific Wiki article.

3. Ingots.
Iron ingots may be obtained with the help of Mining. You will find more information about digging ore in the specific Wiki article about Mining.

4. Be close to an anvil.
The anvil can be found in the forge, in the mines, or crafted by yourself using the Carpentry skill. Read more about Carpentry in a specific article on the skill.

Armor, Weapons and Decorative items


TitleResourcesSkill required
Female Breastplate2054
Platemail Gloves1269
Platemail Gorget1066
Platemail Legs2079
Platemail Arms1876
Plate Helm1572
Close Helm1548
Nose Helm1548
Unicum Breastplate2585
Unicum Arms1876
Unicum Legs2079
Unicum Gloves1269
Unicum Helm1272
Woodland Breastplate2585
Woodland Gloves1269
Woodland Gorget1066
Woodland Leggings2079
Woodland Arms1876
Carbon Helm1572
Carbon Gorget1066
Carbon Gloves1269
Carbon Breastplate2585
Carbon Arms1876
Dragon Gorget
Dragon Legs2079
Dragon Arms1876
Dragon Helm1572
Dragon Gloves1269
Dragon Tunic2585
Chainmail Coif1024
Chainmail Leggings1846
Chainmail Tunic2049
Ringmail Gloves1022
Ringmail Leggings1629
Ringmail Sleeves1427
Ringmail Tunic1832
Hide Gloves1022
Hide Chest1832
Hide Legs1629
Hide Gorget825
Hide Arms1427
Plate Jingasa1272
Plate Kabuto1572
 Bronze Shield1210
Kite Shield1625
Metal Shield1415
Amazon Shield1834

Weapon “Fencing”

TitleResourcesSkill required
Short Spear645
War Fork1248
Throwing Daggers1666
Qol Dagger41
Qol Kryss846
Qol War Fork1248
Qol Spear1249
Qol Pike1249
Hoz Kryss846
Boz Dagger14
Flag with Spear1249
Old Dagger41
Elven Spell blade41
Assassin Spike41
Elven Machete846

Weapon “Macefighting”

TitleResourcesSkill required
War Axe1649
Hammer Pick1835
War Hammer1644
War Mace1438
Je War Hammer1644
Hoq War Mace1438
Hoq War Hammer1644
Hoq Maul1029
Qol War Hammer1644
Qol War Axe1649
Qol Mace624
Hoq Hammer1438
Old Hammer Pick1835

Weapon “Swordsmanship”

TitleResourcesSkill required
Battle Axe1440
Double Axe1239
Executioners Axe1644
Large Battle Axe1438
Two Handed Axe1643
Viking Sword1434
Qol Cleaver1450
Qol Battle Axe1440
Qol Bardiche1855
Qol Daisho1754
Qol Katana854
Qol Scythe2665
Qol Sickle1856
Hok Scimitar1041
Hoq Scimitar1041
Hoq Long sword1238
Hoq Broad Sword1045
Hoq Double Axe1239
Hoq Two-Handed Axe1643
Hoq Axe1444
Old Claymore2043
Soz Double Blade2044
War Scimitar1751
Rune Blade2236
Radiant Scimitar854
Ornate Axe1126
Noz Double Blade2044
Hoz Katana854
Je Cleaver1450
Je Scimitar1041
Old Daisho1754

Weapon “Wretling”

TitleResourcesSkill required
Iron claws2265
Qol Tekagi4485

Weapon “Archery”

TitleResourcesSkill required
Heavy Rifle2265
Fortified Gun1860
Light Gun2680

Decorative items

TitleResourcesSkill required
Decorative Armor90120
Decorative Weapons60115

Skill and item specifics

When crafted, the quality of the item and the name can be changed. You will see a message in this case. The names will be changed to Exceptional or Perfect, Legendary.
The chances to enhance items are 20% and 2%, 0.4%, depending on the skill the item is crafted with and the Arms Lore skill that upgrades the item’s stats.
Use a free Perk for detailed information about the chances of a crafted item. Help – Perks – Medium menu that is available to all players.

How to fix an item:
Use Smithy’s hammer to fix an item crafted from iron.
When fixing an item created by the crafter the ingot of the material from which an item was crafted is spent.

There are 8 game classes that are limited in a way of wearing armor and iron shields. This means that not every class can wear any kind of armor.

Here are the limitations of wearing armor:

“Bard” and “Ranger” can’t wear heavy armor or shields.

“Thief” can’t wear heavy and mail armor, and shields.

“Mage” can’t wear any shields or armor made from ore.

Armor and shields have both beneficial and negative effects.

Armor is a protection from physical damage and specific damage.

Ore properties. Smelted ingots have a certain amount of element protection that is transferred to a crafted item. The amount of the element protection transferred depends on an item.

Magic Penalty gives a magery bonus to spell efficiency and magic damage.

Dextery Penalty lowers your dexterity.

Ways of leveling your skill

Learn the skill from a Blacksmith using the Vendor Train command or click the left mouse button on the NPC and select what you’d like to do.

Crafted items can always be smelted into ore with Tongs tool. Use Tong on an item and then on the smelter.

Create items that require fewer ingots and have a bigger chance of successful crafting.

To save some resources, use simple iron ingots for as long as possible.

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