Castle siege

Castle siege is held by the administration and it’s not an automatic event.

The teams are divided randomly into 2 teams: Blue (castle defenders) and Red (castle’s offense team).

The time of the event and prizes are announced beforehand.

1. The entrance to the siege.

2. A teleport randomly assigns players to teams.

3. The equipment poles for each team. Click on it then select the class that refers to yours.

4. The poles that increase your stats and restore your health.

5. Start location of the attackers.

6. Start location of the defenders.

7. The location of the two bases – top view.

8. Siege Protective Stone. Can be destroyed with physical attacks (from up close).
The HP level is set according to the number of participants.
A cannon
Cannon License is required to use it.
Black Powder – gun powder.
Cannon – napalm – series of fire shots
Cannon – Piercing cannon shot
Cannon – VX – poisonous shot
GUIDE – Cannon License (if wasn’t used before)
Use Cannon → Black Powder > Cannon (napalm, piercing, VX) – TARGET!!!!! FIREEEE

9. Exit teleport for the defending team

10. Siege Protective Door can be destroyed with physical attacks from up close.
The HP level is set according to the number of participants.
Blue portals bring the defenders in and out of the castle through the obstacles.

11. Castle Obelisk. The Blue team protects this stone preventing the opponent from getting it within a certain amount of time. You should either push off the opponent for a distance of three tiles and more or kill him. (Then the capture’s progress is cleared and you have to start over.)

To capture, any of the attackers must click on the statue twice. You’ll see a notice, that a certain character is trying to take over the obelisk. The Red Team’s duty is to protect the conquerer by all means.
The conquerer’s task is to stay alive within 3 minutes and not step back for more than 3 tiles.
Otherwise, you’ll have to start over again.
For the capture of the obelisk, you’ll have 1 hour within which you’ll have to destroy all the obstacles and capture the statue.
While the defenders will be trying to get in your way.
Good luck!