Castles of Britain

There are four free castles that can be seized once every two days.
No Loot and No Mark area is set on the territory of capture

Once the castle is taken over, you receive 25 Zulu coins and property rights for it.

Friends can be added to the castle with .addcastlefriend command.

There is a dungeon in the castles, the appearance of monsters is 24 hours.

The capture of the castle schedule

The Castle siege takes place every 2 days starting from 13, October 2022.
The server’s time can be checked with .time command.
Ice Castle at 05:00 a.m. according to the server time.
Forest Castle at 11:00 a.m. according to the server time..
Despise Castle at 17:00 p.m. according to the server time.
Minoc Castle at 21:00 a.m. according to the server time.



Despise Castle, is located inside the mountains next to the Despise Dungeon, just above the city of Britain.


Minoc castle is located just above the city.


The castle is located in the forest, just a bit lower and to the left of Eve city.


The ice castle is located on the white snowy mainland.

Each of the castles has great benefits: a safe dungeon, a safe field for farming, and a safe area for mining ore.

Seige scenario

Announcement of the beginning castle capture

A red-colored system message with the title of the captured castle and timer for preparation appears: 

“Preparation stage. Castle Ice Sidge starts in 15 min!”

This means that the castle owner or his friends with access to the castle have some time to protect the castle: the creation of barricades, blocks, and fortifying the doors.

During the first event ever, the castle has no owner, so this means letting the timer finish in order for the second system message to show up.


The battle for the castle will start after the next message, approximately 15 minutes after the first message. You will see a notification in the in-game chat:

 “Castle Ice Siege started!”

Castle siege

To capture the castle, you need to find a statue in the very center, or at the very top of the castle. It must be destroyed. Try to attack the statue from up close.
Warnings will be posted before the destruction of the statue:

“Castle Ice totem could be destroyed in 90 min!”

The capture of the castle begins 40 minutes after the first message:

“Castle Ice totem is vulnarable!”

After this message, the statue becomes vulnerable and can be destroyed.

The final part of the castle siege

The owner is announced and the rest of the characters left in the castle are sent to a safe zone.

Only the characters who were added by the owner of the castle can enter the castle grounds after its capture. Use the command .addcastlefriend to add characters to the castle.
On the castle grounds, there is a mine and a dungeon available to the owner and his friends.

Castle protection


Barricades can be crafted using the Tinkering skill.
The barricades are made of logs and the doors are made of iron.

To install the barricade-door use the door on the backpack. You must be on the castle territory to do so.

You can enhance the barricades/ doors.
In order to increase their durability, use the blacksmith’s hammer on the door then click on the type of ore you’d like to use.
You can improve each of your castle’s protection 5 times MAX.
The more complicated the material you use to craft a door, the higher the door’s HP bonus.
All the barricades/doors last for 5 hours only and vanish after that.

Siege weapons, cannonballs and gunpowder.

Siege weapon inflicts instant damage from a long distance.

You must have a license to use a siege weapon.

Use gunpowder to charge your weapon:

This license gives you the right to use a particular weapon for some time.

There are three types of cannonballs.
Red cannonballs damage the area and set it on fire.

Green cannonballs poison the area and leave a poisonous cloud around it.

White cannonballs damage and avoid any type of protection.