Character’s races in the game

To diversify the characteristics of the game character, the following races were created on our server:

Barbarian. Battle madness of Barbarians makes them desperately look for weaknesses in their enemies, therefore the chance of crit increases by 10% in short-range combats.

Elf. The ancient art of Archery and perfect elves’ vision allow a chance of crit with the long-range weapon to increase by 10%.

Orc. Creatures that got out of the depths of the caves, learned to adapt to any conditions, having learned to survive, acquired the ability of 5 damage reflection.

Goblin. They were once human but were exiled for their dishonorable crimes and had to hide underground. Later they became goblins, as a result of which they have a +5% Casting speed and +10% Intelligence.

Dwarf. These short people get 5 units less damage from any attacks and magic because of natural resistance and their physical and spiritual strength.

Dark Elf
. The ancient traditions of using both dark and light magic among Dark Elves allow them to use magic more efficiently. And as simple as that, their magic increases by 15%.

Human. Raised in big cities they are used to paving the way without being noticed. As a result, the chance to hit a human decreases by 5%. Also, hit accuracy in long- and short-range combats is increased by 5%.

Race bonuses: Dodge, Damage Reflection, and Damage Absorb are effective only against monsters.