Detect Hidden

Detect hidden is a part of the class skills set of a Thief.
This skill helps to find traps and hidden characters.

Skill’s efficiency

This skill is affected by “Detection Distance”, further (Distance), and “Chance of Detection”, further (Chance). Special formulas have been created for these factors. Moreover, the character class bonus is additionally used, which increases all bonuses by a factor that is calculated from your level.


Detection distance

Maximum distance limit = 17 tiles.
The distance formula is
Distance = Skill / 15.
In a case when the character has the Thief class level, the formula changes as follows:
Distance = (Skill/15) * Character class bonus.

Chance of detection

The minimum detection chance is 5%.
You may calculate your chances using the next formula
if the character has the Thief class level:
Chance = 50 – (Stealth skill of the hider – Skill of detection) – (level of the thief hiding – the level of the thief looking) * 10
Thus, if a thief is looking for a thief and their levels are different, the calculation is as follows in the example:
Chance = 50 – (120-150) – (4-6)* 10 = 50 – (-30) – (-2) * 10 = 50 – (-30) – (-20) = 50 + 30 + 20 = 100% chance
Take a look at another example when the levels are equal, but the skills are different:
Chance = 50 -(120-150) -(6-6)*10 = 50 – (-30) – (0) = 50 + 30= 80% chance.

If the thieves have the same skills and levels, the chance to detect each other will be = 50%.

If the thief discovers other characters, then the thief will have the advantage of 60% even being the same skill level. If the enemy is of the Human race, then the chance will be reduced to 55%.

Ways of leveling your skill

Skill refers to the commonly used ones.
This means in the settings it is necessary to assign a hotkey to the skill for its quick use.
Paperdoll – Options – Uo Icon

The delay before re-using the skill is 10 seconds.

Skill leveling method
Use the skill separately from similar skills. The skill grows every time it’s used, even with no hidden players or traps nearby.
Bags with traps help increased leveling. After finding the bag level will now increase anymore, so you will have to set the trap again.

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A full use of Detect hidden is shown in the video below. Take a look!