Enchantment scrolls

There are many ways of improving your items on the server. One of them is to use Enchantment Scrolls. You may find them in monsters’ loot.

The max level of enchantment is 5.
How to use the scrolls:
Double-click on a scroll and then on an item. The item receives the scroll’s feature if the attempt is successful. The chance of success for the first time is 60%.
The next try to enchant is 40 %. The third attempt is 25%, the fourth is 10, and the fifth is 3% of success.
If failed, the item stays with you, but the scroll disappears.

Types of Enchantment Scrolls

Cast speed – Only jewelry can be enchanted. If successful, gives +1% to cast speed.

Hit Chance – Only weapon can be enchanted. If successful gives, +2% to hit accuracy.

Magic Bonus Damage +5 – Only all types of weapons and Meage’s book Secret Of Elemental can be enchanted. If successful, gives +5 to fixed magic damage.

Upgrade Armor – Improves armor with a sequent effect. The sequence of weapon upgrade is Damage Relfect, Dodge, Damage Absorb:

1. Damage Reflect

If successful, +1 damage unit is returned to the attacker.
The damage is fixed and doesn’t rely on how much damage is inflicted per hit.

2. Dodge

If successful, gives +1% to physical attack dodge from monsters.

3. Damage Absorb

If successful, +1 damage unit is absorbed.

All the effects are summed up with race effects.

The effects of races and upgrades work exclusively against monsters.