Forensic Evaluation

Forensic evaluation is not a part of any class skill set.

Said skill is used to detect murder marks on corpses. It makes it possible to find out the name of the killer, the name of the searcher. Additionally, the specified skill allows you to get extra skin from the corpse.

When training this skill your main class level won’t drop!

Skill efficiency

Forensic evaluation can be used only on corpses and be close to them. When the attempt is successful, you will receive an appropriate pop-up message.
Chances to get an additional skin:
>120 chance to get 1 skin;
> 150 chance to get from 1 to 2 skins;
> 170 chance to get 2 skins;
> 200 (100 % chance to get 2 skins and if the skill is over 200 there is a 50% higher chance ( the closer to 250 the higher the chance) to get an extra skin.

Ways of leveling your skill

An easy way to train the skill is to create a second character and die from time to time so that a dead body would remain after.
Corpses disappear faster in no-loot locations (except monsters or animals), so it’s better to avoid such areas.
There is a 10-second delay for the repetitive use of the skill.
Training is simple but takes a while. Loop the script for your actions and train it automatically.

One of the most efficient ways is also train your skill by killing monsters and skinning corpses.

Here is a detailed video of how the skill is used: